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  1. daisywendi

    Mid O Aug 10th

    Jr wont stop talking about his first track day!! thx 4 the invite Twisted & Theresa!!
  2. I met you at bike night on wednesday

  3. daisywendi

    Cops on 315

    news other night said $240 for 1-9mph over speed limit...$280 for 10-15mph over & $360 for some speed i was too busy lol! be careful everyone!!!
  4. daisywendi


    i up 4 V-Ball. lets get it goin
  5. daisywendi


  6. daisywendi


  7. daisywendi

    Ride 3/17

    id love 2 but no sick days left @ work (cough cough) LOL
  8. daisywendi


  9. daisywendi

    Ohio riders pre-spring get together...

    i love that place but we are not all goin 2 fit!!
  10. daisywendi

    Looking for a bike...Need some help

    I will be selling my bike if you would be interested in an '04 GS500F Suzuki. Its yellow and has around 3000 miles. never laid down. good title. let me know
  11. daisywendi

    Party time in Cbus next weekend!

    I'm up for a crazy nite out!
  12. daisywendi

    Fair on Sat?

    Woulda but some girls and i are heading to Lake Cumberland for the weekend to cause trouble have fun!
  13. daisywendi

    Damn cagers!!!

    Wish I'd been there, lol. Next week will be better Safe Riding U 2