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  1. Still selling the klx110?

  2. Automotive News July 30, 2009 - 8:52 pm ET WASHINGTON (Reuters) --The Obama administration will suspend a $1 billion program intended to spur U.S. auto sales after it surprisingly approached its funding limit after only a few days, government and industry sources said.
  3. Four pages of posting for a friggin fork tube cap, jeez Wait till he gets to the internals.
  4. Six days into the official start of this program and they are out of money! Another billion $$$ government program, This was supposed to last 12 weeks looks like it will only go one week. The bean counters under estimated the demand for this. I'm sure they will do better spending our $$$ on health care. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=axu76hQpdRAA
  5. He got what he had coming to him, stupid ass
  6. haha looks like I found a use for my piece of crap Chinese scooter!
  7. The big four O, wow your catching up to me.
  8. I wanted to get a feel for the R6 before I put her on the track, so he was the lucky kid yesterday. BTW that R6 is a lot of fun. Yeah I watch him real close on these rides and he seems to keep it to his level.
  9. I rode a DRZ 400 once, not impressed.
  10. Have fun at Mid O on the KTM rentabike, get the good insurance on that thang. :D

  11. Yeah I've got two dirt bikes on craigslist, listed pretty cheap IMO, I don't mind someone making an offer on something, but at least come out and LOOK at it before you lowball me!
  12. Chevy Silverado ext-cab FTW ! They last forever, decent fuel economy,and great for long trips.
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