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  1. bigbluebird

    Knife feeler

    i will post up some pics later today, as far as shipping goes i honestly do not ship things all that often and am open to suggestions, as for pricing i am going to be a bit on the high side as i paid retail for most of these and am just looking for some ammo money so no offense is intended.
  2. bigbluebird

    Knife feeler

    So I am thinking of maybe selling some of my knives if there is any interest I will post up some pics. Most of them are discontinued and all are without boxes. The knives Boker arbolito Bowie (the curvy one) Benchmade mini ambush Benchmade monochrome Spyderco delecta 4 ss Spyderco solo seki city Spyderco meerkat
  3. shit are we being nice now? lame lame i proclaim. i demand he buy us chicken wings before we are nice to him.
  4. wait patches on my vest and on my face but how will i shift with me peg leg me fellow buccaneer's we can all be like this guy
  5. wait i can join a mc. can i make my colors out of ziti and dried basil glued to my jacket?
  6. bigbluebird

    Ammo Deals.

    not the best price ever but cabelas has 5.56 10.99 a box of 20 brass not steel independence brand
  7. bigbluebird

    FS mossberg 500 24" rifled barrel

    depends on the circumstances and the need but bowdog has dibs on Saturday.
  8. bigbluebird

    FS mossberg 500 24" rifled barrel

    shipping will be via international airfreight and will only be in the fifth Tuesday in may if that works for you let me know.
  9. bigbluebird

    Another Mossberg barrel

    is my thread not good enough for you anymore. it was good enough for you last night. so now i find you here in the morning with a newer less full thread. it was the bacon, that was it. well take your thread and be happy but when it fails and we both know it will i wont take you back. this is the last time i find you with another thread. i thought we had something. GLWS bump
  10. bigbluebird

    FS mossberg 500 24" rifled barrel

    i can say from personal experience Todd is a stand up guy. maybe a bit gun hungry but then can you fault someone for that.
  11. bigbluebird

    FS mossberg 500 24" rifled barrel

    it will be cooked over the finest hickory planks heated using a electric burner to prevent the wood from imparting bad flavors all of the heating and smoking will take place in the family bacon vessel that has the essence of over 200 years of bacon dripping seasoned into it hallowed walls. the bacon will be cooked to perfection then painted with it renderings to provide a complete flavor experience. (or it will be soggy from the microwave if i am lazy)
  12. bigbluebird

    Funny picture thread.

    i am just gonna leave this here
  13. bigbluebird

    5yr old terrorist busted

    here is a full auto assault bubble machine not a silly pistol
  14. bigbluebird

    FS mossberg 500 24" rifled barrel

    to help with confusion 1) is this still for sale both BARRELS are for sale 2) does it have a barrel yes it has a barrel as it is only the barrel not the whole gun. 3) is bacon included if you want to buy my barrel i will toss in 3-4 strips of bacon ( i have clarified the random picture of a bacon barrel) 4) if 1-3 are yes, how much? even though 1-3 are yes i think you don't want just the barrel as you are looking for the whole shotgun. as this will not go bang unless you get really creative and possibly have a lack of common sense. however if you want to buy my whole damn new 500 i will sell it to you for more than i paid for it by 10 dollars but no bacon.