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  1. I almost want to start a home library but fill it out with shit like this....
  2. Just riding my motorstickle the other weekend.
  3. Unless you have an improperly fitting helmet - vision shouldn't be a real issue riding the mean skreets imo. My RF1200 was fine for me until I started riding aggressively on-track and was cranked over trying to look up-hill looking for my next reference point.
  4. He looks like he's rethinking his life and forcing that down hahahah
  5. Hey man it was nice to meet you. Are you going to be at pitt in oct? I'm not coaching that weekend but will throw a shirt on to help you for a session if youre there. lmk. I'm sorry we didnt get to link up this past weekend. I hope you had fun.
  6. Helmets are a subjective topic. But typically the more race-oriented helmets have more vision (side to side and vertical). First thing to do is to ensure your helmet fits correctly. I ran into that issue when I switched back to one of my RF1200's at the track after getting used to my corsair x's. I would be leaned over in a corner trying to look forward and I would be staring at the brow of my helmet (in the RF1200). Or coming up out of t5 at PIRC (leaned over looking up hill).
  7. I live in cleveland and have a zuma. 👋
  8. I'm still applying a fair amount of brakes here, the forks are still compressed a good bit. Trail braking ftw.
  9. Shot from the other weekend at PIRC
  10. Hopefully this goes better than your go-carting experience :).
  11. Yea Friday's before endurance weekends have pretty much turned into race practice. Only the strong will survive.
  12. Sorry about the blank face I gave you the other weekend. I meet and speak to so many damn people those weekends... plus catching me that early in the morning I'm not even fully awake yet haha.
  13. Sorry about your luck. This is exactly why I'll never store my bike outside.
  14. I'll give you a mustache ride you'll never forget.
  15. That GP race was entertaining. You should see some of the MotoAmerica bagger class. There are a lot of people that would have their feelings hurt watching one of those go past them while riding a full on track bike.
  16. Yea it was too dry for rain tires and too wet to have much confidence on slicks. Luckily @blue03636 took one for the team and rode in those mixed conditions on a bum ankle.
  17. Glad I could help Still did more than you 3 by tagging someone that is very familiar with Grattan.
  18. Paging @TwiztedRabbit - He's a Grattan STT guy.
  19. Never been there but I know the pavement sucks compared to other tracks that are probably equal distance to you. Nelsons or Pitt immediately come to mind.
  20. Had a great time at Nelsons Ledges this weekend riding @Hoblick's ktm 390 in the ultra lwt endurance race. Last 15 min was a freak'n battle! I think both of us did really well - just couldn't do anything against the hp of the top finishing bikes.
  21. For the record its not a race school. It's a riding school that anyone at any level can attend and get good take-aways. I don't care if you've been riding 30 years - you will learn something that will not only improve your understanding of how a motorcycle is designed to be ridden it will make you safer. Not track focused it just happens to be on a track since that is the safest most controlled place. It's controlling your motorcycle focused. Techniques can be applied to the street or the track. The bike doesn't know what it's on whether its a road or a track. https://ridelikeachampion.com/champ-street/ I'm going through the 2-day school on tues/wed. Been waiting about 3 years to do it.
  22. Don't make me reach out to my pal's at YCRS to give you a hard time monday
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