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  1. Thank the lord for your lowering seat on your GS 🤣
  2. My tiny hands have made me a lot of money over the years. Anything I hold with them makes whatever I'm holding look bigger.
  3. 404 Error: Slim Shady Not Found.
  4. Yea that particular weekend trip blows all-around. Horrible timing. So bad- it's basically become a tradition for the org lol. Still people desperate to get one more in for the season come, so here we are.
  5. Yea I'm torn. I want to ride but I also blew a bunch of money since Oct so need some time to recoup 🤦‍♂️
  6. Really want to be doing this again....
  7. This is fucked up on multiple layers.
  8. Makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sad we won't have Lean, but happy for Sam and Holly getting to do their own thing.
  9. Nice! Wish I could've made it down. That weekend is just a pita to get down to due to thanksgibbins.
  10. Did you just assume it's gender?
  11. Worth every penny. Also Nelsons is good too.
  12. Yea sure... let's blame it on that...
  13. Need to carry more speed through t1 then. Nelsons is fast, but knowing there's like zero run off prevents people from going faster. Myself included. This means you need to move your body over to the left as soon as you finish the kink. You should not be moving your body by the time you go to the brakes - that should already be done. We ride triumphs, not r6's- we have a completely different power band. I will say I was going to experiment going into 5th right before the high-speed kink I just never got back to Nelsons to try it. Here's a vid of me following my buddy Nick at a track day this year. I wasnt riding at pace but my gear selection is still the same. 7:17 is a good example of how to signal for pit out without rolling off btw.
  14. Bro you downshifting before the high-speed kink makes me and your valves cringe. Just roll through there. Catch 2 downshifts into 12, catch 1 more in between 12 and 13 which should put you in 3rd gear onto the front straight. Also dont downshift into t1. You are killing so much roll speed by doing that.
  15. That's weird, its like you hit a bump in the track. Didn't seem like you were carrying excessive lean angle, or applying excessive throttle. Your head could come further inside and down but I don't think that's why this happened.
  16. https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a38053459/new-cross-country-cannonball-motorcycle-record/
  17. To prevent any possible issues with the slicks cracking. Plus gotta remove em anyway to pull the forks and shock. Winner winner!
  18. No pics but ripped the bodywork off the bike. Cleaned it. Changed the oil and swapped water back to anti-freeze for the winter. Might flush the brakes in the next coming days. Need to pull the forks and shocks to get them refreshed. Then pull the wheels and bring them inside. I hate winter.
  19. I mean even on it's best days, that track surface is less than desirable. Post the vid, we'll see if we can get anything from it.
  20. Do you roll a camera while you ride? Could try and dissect it.
  21. Couple shots from the season closer at PIRC.
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