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  1. mmmmm. Speaking of surprise toppings, Angelo's up in Lakewood puts a sprinkle of cinnamon on their bbq chicken pizza and it is heaven.
  2. Man I've been craving a buff chicken pizza for some time now...
  3. Someone get these outta my house!
  4. Well looks like my form 4 got to OR before my sheriff notification got to downtown Cleveland . How bad is that gonna f me in this process.... yes I mailed them the same day.
  5. Yup. There's one around the gulch area that will spit you out where the old track and new track come together.
  6. Hope it's my rider Gary on the Mosites Motorsports zx6r!
  7. The fork swap's that I'm familiar with require the triple to be swapped too, so you gotta figure that out as well (most likely) so the forks can actually be held in place properly. Good luck, hope you didn't sign up for the forum to make this one post from California to only ask that question.
  8. PM'd. Sorry I did not see this.
  9. Cruising around in a lit city/highway at night is enjoyable sometimes. Any type of aggressive riding - nope.
  10. HMMM so THATS what they were tearing up last time I was there. Thats a reason I love that place. They are constantly improving and updating their facilities.
  11. You trying to meat me in the hot tub?
  12. Isn't the goal to be in a position that is stable enough you could let go of the outside bar mid-corner? So.. yes. The ability to let go of a bar mid corner means you are light on the bars aka you arent supporting yourself with your hands/arms. They probably told you that so you would be light on the bars. But to be light on the bars you must engage your core. A great thing that Dan told me after going through YCRS was "pull the tank into the ground with your outside leg." That is much easier to think about and actually execute than "be light on the bars". What pulling the tank into the ground mid corner does is makes you use your legs and it automatically engages your core thus making you lighter on the bars because your core is working to hold you in position as well as your lower body which leaves you light on the bars. It gives you more feeling, helps prevent unintended inputs into the bars, - and yes if you feel confident you could take a hand off (I wouldn't suggest it tho). Looking at his right arm.. it is 90⁰ to the bar. That is an awful lot of leverage. Straight across the tank is more parallel, thus reducing force and total available travel. A straight arm can't get straighter. That bent elbow can punch a hole right through his available traction. He is already past the point of where you really need a ton of leverage (which would be turn in). Leverage really comes into play in rapid back-to-back corners where you are flipping the bike from side to side in a quick fashion. Also a factor: he looks like he is using stock clip-ons at a somewhat stock angle. My clipons are pushed as far forward as I could without hitting my levers when steering in the paddock/ moving the bike around. That provides a lot of leverage and forces the outside hand out a little more which would automatically start straitening that other arm I think. My buddy that's been riding on track longer than I have but with stock clipons/angle just moved his out last weekend and said it made a world of difference. Power has probably been sold out. There wont be any pavement to park on, so if he doesnt mind parking in the grass there should be space. Make sure to buy your camping and spectator passes. If you see me zoom'n around give me a shout! I'll see if I can find that monster out in the camping area and stop by.
  13. Needs some biscuits and gravy in my life.
  14. Looks pretty good! Could focus on getting your outside arm straight across the tank which will help you get your upper body further down and out which will stand that bike up more to reduce risk. Take a look at the picture below and look at my outside arm. My bp isnt perfect but you can kinda see how straightening that outside arm will get the upper body a little lower and further out.. BP isnt the end-all be-all of track riding. I know plenty of people that are fast as fuck and don't have picture perfect body position. I focused on BP a lot initially - I had to look cool in pictures. Luckily some of the good habits stayed as I switched my focus from bp to stop being a bitch on the brakes.
  15. If you're using Mid-Ohio as a gauge for what a nice track is (excluding surrounding facilities). Literally every single one you go to around here except maybe Grattan will be an improvement.
  16. I wish I could drag knee...
  17. https://tickets.motoamerica.com/event/motoamerica-superbikes-at-pittsburgh--august-7-9-2020 Says the check-in box closes at 6?
  18. Yes that's what I meant ahha. 7-9.
  19. Anyone going to MotoAmerica at Pittsburgh the first weekend of Aug?
  20. I had a KR-Tuned on my 06 600rr. I liked it. Never had heard of that manufacturer until I got that bike.
  21. You've got baby feet like me?
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