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  1. TimTheAzn

    How are we

    I know @jhughes will have a very clean daytona for sale with all the goodies come spring.
  2. TimTheAzn

    Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    My knee's have been cracking and popping for about a year now. Sometimes with mild pain. To the point where I don't really weight train my legs anymore, I don't want my knees to blow out. I do a lot more cardio now, than I used to. Its just rowing, elliptical, and bikes along with some higher rep stuff. I used to try and bulk during the winter.
  3. TimTheAzn

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Well done, Jim. "And Jacob Hawkins is here...........he is not......"
  4. TimTheAzn

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Hows that legislative aid tho....
  5. TimTheAzn

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Interesting play getting a handy in the hearing room, this could discredit your testimony, or make it that much stronger in the person's eyes. Example of risky tactic:
  6. TimTheAzn

    Random Track Talk

    Figured this can be a thread for random track shit that doesn't really deserve in it's own thread. Saw on Instagram a few days ago that PIRC is also doing some curb work along with the re-paving. If only Nelsons could get their process rolling.
  7. TimTheAzn


    What did you eat?
  8. TimTheAzn

    Today(or recently) in Weird News Thread.

    What a dumb name holy shit. At least Kanye and Kim Kardashian used a word that's actually in the dictionary.
  9. TimTheAzn

    Random Track Talk

    99% of me is thinking this is a troll. But for the sake of the exercise, PM me if you are actually serious about wanting to do a track day next year, if you think youre up to it.
  10. TimTheAzn

    How are we

    Hey John, Welcome to OR! Lot's of us here ride on-track only and even more go between the street and track. This is a good time of the season to browse around, just about every track day organization is offering some kind of deal. We posted up about some of them here: Let me know if you have any interest in joining N2 for some track days. I'll be able to get you taken care of.
  11. TimTheAzn

    Random Track Talk

    I'll text you.
  12. TimTheAzn

    Random Track Talk

    "I may be your coach next year" is not an indication of me holding the current status of control rider it was more of a joke than anything.
  13. TimTheAzn

    Random Track Talk

    I believe I said I'd like to coach at some point.
  14. TimTheAzn

    Random Track Talk

    Yea you don't get one as you've been on track before.
  15. TimTheAzn

    Random Track Talk

    Back-end customer support. Bumps/certs/coupons/packages/memberships/gear reservations/customer issues/general questions/etc.
  16. TimTheAzn

    Random Track Talk

    How was that gearing change?
  17. TimTheAzn

    Random Track Talk

    Typically its use it or loose it. Email into support, I'll see what we can do. support@n2td.org
  18. TimTheAzn

    OR NEO Dinner Thursday December 27 @ 7:00PM

  19. TimTheAzn

    Black Friday Trackday Deals

    It’s that time of the year!All N2 2019 packages are officially on sale now through December 15th.Starting Black Friday, N2 memberships will be discounted by 20% through December 1st.N2 Basic Membership: $65 -> now $52N2 Elite Membership: $249 -> now $199All packages and memberships may be purchased directly through your N2 account at https://my.n2td.org.To purchase a 2019 package, click the “Purchase Packages” in the upper left corner of your screen and our systems will handle the rest (packages are offered in limited quantities and are provided on a first come, first served basis).Members that have purchased 2018 packages will automatically receive a 10% discount on their 2019 purchase!At midnight on Thanksgiving day, memberships will be discounted by 20% through December 1st. Our memberships are based on 12 months (not calendar year) and will “stack” if you already have one.Please note, N2 memberships will not include partner events for 2019 and we'd like to thanks those that have partnered with us this year.Should you have any questions, please contact our support group by sending an email to support@n2td.org.Once again, we thank everyone for making N2 the successful organization it has become and we look forward to serving you again in 2019!Happy Thanksgiving! This thread is for any deals. Post em up! I know other organizations do similar things with their packages.
  20. TimTheAzn

    Black Friday Trackday Deals

    Yup, I believe this is the tentative schedule. More days will be added as we get closer.
  21. TimTheAzn

    Random Track Talk

    N2 Trackdays also discounts track day packages, and you wont be stuck going to one track either. You will have the option to attend any of the track days N2 runs, from PIRC to Road Atlanta, NCBike, VIR, etc (lots of choices). There are 6 day/12 day/18 day/ and season track day packages available. When the days are averaged out, you pay less per day than you would buying them individually on 95% of the tracks we run. The 12 and up track day packages also include the Elite Membership (Normally $250) and allows lots of flexibility, my favorite benefit of the Elite Membership is the ability to cancel up to 8AM the day of the track day and you get your day back. More info here: https://www.n2td.org/ Let me know if you had any other questions. The packages aren't available for sale yet, but will be very, very soon.
  22. TimTheAzn

    Windows 10

  23. TimTheAzn

    What did you do to your bike today?

    The hooning has begun!
  24. TimTheAzn

    Random Thoughts thread

    You got it!