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  1. What do you need painted? I know a guy. DM me.
  2. Couple shots from the other weekend coaching.
  3. Swapped around some wheels and tires. Doesn’t look too bad with gold wheels.
  4. Congrats! I'll never see a podium again now that I'm an expert .
  5. Some people have normal work schedules PAUL. And some of us don't have street motorcycles. Details... details...
  6. It's amazing how even some A group riders still do shitty with signaling to pit in. I signal early.
  7. Ah yea thats probably for the crank position sensor. Good call.
  8. I went with the SH847 and got it from Jack at roadstercycle. So there are still 2 quick connectors in my charging harness, the ones that are directly off the stator that plug into the harness. All of the quick connectors coming off the r/r are now soldered. Will finish the install after work today. I'm now debating soldering the ones right off the stator, but there are 2 plugs off the stator. A 3 wire plug (I know where that goes) and another smaller one. Idk what that one is. So I was hesitant to cut those quick connectors off.
  9. Yea you should be able to. Idk if you have to flash it if you want to switch back and forth or not. I'd only have it set to one setting in my use-case anyway.
  10. Even some track guys use it instead of the tech air race. Because the a*'s are having production issues with getting enough tech air race's produced due to microchips (or so I've heard). STG offered to do a swap with my tech air race (ordered in December) to the tech air 5. But considering I spent $1600+ on a suit I want my LED's to work and have my 2 deployments.
  11. Congrats! Welcome to the thunder dome!
  12. Yea man, I was wanting to work with you too but my day was cut very short.
  13. A common issue on the triumph daytona's is the charging harness melting at the connectors because of the increased resistance of those shitty quick disconnects. I've had the hardware fail before on my other 675 but it never caught fire. This time I came in from coaching the first session of novice on sunday morning and was talking to a student and catch what looked like smoke out of the corner of my eye. I look down and there are flames coming out from under my bodywork. I put it on the kickstand (thank god this bike has one) and started trying to rip my helmet off while in my mind I was
  14. Not I. I'm waiting on a new r/r and stator as my bike caught fire at pirc last weekend.
  15. With that wait time I woulda ordered 2 lol.
  16. Picture from NCBike in honor of PIRC this weekend.
  17. If you parted the TRS that would go pretty fast tbh. You'd still be stuck with the trailer but at least youd have some cash in your pocket faster.
  18. Did a bit of riding this weekend. First pic is Jester and I.
  19. Sounds good man! We'd love to have you out again! Hmm, you sure you had the correct date selected? You can PM my your N2 account ID and I can look to see maybe why that happened.
  20. What is your level of track riding experience? It's a good program. You have classroom sessions in between on-track sessions where you work with a coach dedicated to the ATP class (low student to instruction ratio) go over video, etc. It runs as an add-on to the track day. So you'll have to purchase the track day as well as ATP. Lmk if you have any other questions. In case you didnt see this: https://www.n2td.org/atp/
  21. It's not full - not even close. It will be full since it's a Friday before a endurance race weekend. Did you create an account to give yourself access to the online portal? Yes we had lower than average numbers last weekend at PIRC (totally a cheap place to rent ) and still ran the day. Unlike Mid-Ohio.
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