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  1. TimTheAzn

    Hey Tpoppa

    Those laps were measured in hours
  2. TimTheAzn

    2019 deals gap dates

  3. TimTheAzn

    Hey Tpoppa

    I don't see much neutral throttle on that off-camber left after china beach... trailing in and then back on the gas. May sound like that on the video hes at neutral throttle but I know Dan is trailing into there, off brake when he gets direction then GASSSSS Ideally, there should be no neutral throttle anywhere. (All of us do it to a degree at our level.) This is perfect study material Dan posted for literbike riders.
  4. TimTheAzn

    Hey Tpoppa

    "There are varying levels of how much you need to slow and varying "degrees" of direction which would get you out of the corner efficiently". Excluding things like kinks where you may not have to brake at all (like the one at Mid O). I'll use an example like yours when you said, " I'm not going to square off my corners if I'm just going to be slowing even more for another turn right after the initial one." Coming into China Beach at Mid Ohio. Yea, the line is to kinda blow the corner so you carry more speed on entry. You can drop more time with that fast entry and kinda blowing that apex than you can drop trying to go into that next off camber left hander fast. T5 is a slow corner, you must respect the slowest part of any corner and you must respect that slow corners are, well, slow corners. BUT, you still needed to slow and get direction in t4 to setup t5's entry. If you set direction up early enough, you get on the gas between 4-5 and trail into 5 yadda yadda. You can only get on the gas there if you have direction, if you don't your still trying to find direction. All else the same, who is going around the track faster, the guy that doesn't get direction out of 4 and cant get on the gas for the additional 1-2 seconds between 4 and 5 or a guy that gets direction out of 4 early and is able to get on the gas between 4-5? You need proper direction out of any given corner. Really, you need to do this on any bike, but liters especially as they have more power you need to put down and getting pointed means you can begin to stand the bike up and driveeeeee. My point: To go fast you need throttle, wide open throttle. You need to do this as long as possible around any given track. To get to wide open you must start to open the throttle. Common sense is, the faster you get to wide open, the longer time you'll be at wide open. To start to open the throttle you must be pointed the right way (aka direction). Or you'll have to back off the throttle to get better direction and this will murder your drive. You can't have proper direction early without a proper entry. In the liter bikes case, the best way to do this is to get it "stopped" and "pointed".
  5. TimTheAzn

    Hey Tpoppa

    Any corner requires a change in direction. An efficient change of direction requires you to get your bikes slowed so it can be pointed correctly for exit so you can be on the gas as fast as you can (so you can WOT as long as you possibly can round any give track.) To get any bike especially a liter bike to get direction is to properly slow it so you have the ability to point it faster than anyone else. Meaning you can begin your drive sooner. Once you have direction you can begin to stand the bike up and apply more throttle. There are varying levels of how much you need to slow and varying "degrees" of direction which would get you out of the corner efficiently, so yes that part depends on the corner. All corners require getting a bike at the correct speed to get the correct direction. However minute the inputs may be.
  6. TimTheAzn

    Hey Tpoppa

    Gotta keep that front wheel on the ground but lets be real, people better than you and I will still out-drive us on one wheel. If you get slowed and pointed correctly for a liter-bike exit, you should be able to still get a good drive if your front is floating or not. I don't need to tell you that's where the money is made riding a liter, getting slowed, pointed, back to WOT asap. What is this thing called corner speed? PIRC's surface is sublime on or off line. When the hell is that daytona rebuild going to be finished?
  7. TimTheAzn

    Hey Tpoppa

    Big guys can get drives on smaller guys at our level every time if you got your bike pointed for exit properly. Happens to me with guys on 1k's all the fuck'n time. Alternatively there are times (not really anymore since the bump) where I got drives on bigger bikes (600/1000) on my sv and they didn't think about coming around me until after the first kink at PIRC, where they had just enough roll speed to get in front of me and then park it through the second kink into the carousel. But that was in intermediate, no one plays that game in advanced.
  8. TimTheAzn

    Hey Tpoppa

    I think most of the memories of riding with Tony is that exact memory.
  9. TimTheAzn

    Today(or recently) in Weird News Thread.

    I don't think either of your kids are quite at the age where they start realizing their parents were right..... about everything. When that day comes, they will be eating humble pie until they work up the courage to pick up the phone or come see you in person to tell you "you were right...... about everything." I had that moment, I think most kids raised right do.
  10. TimTheAzn

    Hey Tpoppa

    Or someone is getting a better drive on someone else
  11. TimTheAzn

    Back Protectors

    I have an A*'s back protector. I like the idea of a chest protector but I plan on going to an air vest or an airbag suit in the future. Neither will replace a back protector but could replace the need for chest/neck/protection from a system like you mentioned. However, the air vest didn't save @blue03636's collar bone at Mid Ohio in 2016. Probably one of the more broken bones in our sport and I don't see CE armor really saving that break. I'm not an engineer but in my mind air (vest or suit) has a better chance of saving a collar bone than CE armor. But that's coming from the logic of CE armor is harder than "air". So take that for what you will. None of the options are going to get your internal temps down . The vest will save you the potential issue of fitting inside your suit as it goes on the outside.
  12. TimTheAzn

    How are we

    I know @jhughes will have a very clean daytona for sale with all the goodies come spring.
  13. TimTheAzn

    Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    My knee's have been cracking and popping for about a year now. Sometimes with mild pain. To the point where I don't really weight train my legs anymore, I don't want my knees to blow out. I do a lot more cardio now, than I used to. Its just rowing, elliptical, and bikes along with some higher rep stuff. I used to try and bulk during the winter.
  14. TimTheAzn

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Well done, Jim. "And Jacob Hawkins is here...........he is not......"
  15. TimTheAzn

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Hows that legislative aid tho....