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  1. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    Dang, you don't exercise and lost 8lbs? Amazing what a good healthy diet alone can do.
  2. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    Nice! What kind of work out regiment do you have?
  3. Robbinsville, NC 9/6 to 9/9

  4. 50% off Arai Corsair-X Sale

  5. 50% off Arai Corsair-X Sale

    How old is it? What model? I have 0 issues throwing down my hard earned cash for a good lid. I went all out in 2016 and got the top of the line corsair. Shortly after I had a big high-side at NJMP. I thrashed my suit (had holes that I ended up fixing this winter), my gloves, and parts of my boots. I also thrashed my arai. There are some deep gouges in the top of the helmet as well as a few spots that are nearly flat because it was dragged on the pavement. I coughed up blood for the next 3 days. My head was the ONLY part of my body that didn't hurt in the slightest. I'll never think twice about buying a good lid lol. I'm also 3/3 for not paying MSRP for any of my arai's. Edit: It was the one in my sig. RIP
  6. 4th annual NEO driveway shitshow

    Ah yes. Now it's a Gay Garage Gangbang.
  7. What did you do to your bike today?

    Bled the brakes and switched to water on the track bike. Also put the bodywork back on. Also did the hubs and rotors on the truck. What a pain in the ass that was.
  8. Random Thoughts thread

    Heeeessss aaaaaliiiiiveeeee!
  9. Gavin heading to Round 1 Road Atlanta

    I mean, I passed Gavin once. On my GSXR 1000.
  10. Dainese Full Metal 6 Leather Gloves

    Looks like a venti latte macchiato would fit perfectly in the palm of that glove. Coincidence perhaps? Or because Dainese = Ducati.
  11. 4th annual NEO driveway shitshow

    You better look up Sam's definition of duc before agreeing to any terms. Tricked me with that one too. I was never the same.
  12. @nebbish What do you do again? Cuz I wanna do that too! A new toy hauler, and 2 new motorcycles and we aren't even half way through the year yet! lol
  13. Day trip riding from central Ohio