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  1. TimTheAzn

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Don't be surprised if you see that brake light stay on during/after tip in after a few track days lol.
  2. TimTheAzn

    What did you do to your bike today?

    How did he do!?
  3. TimTheAzn

    Random Track Talk

    Had a good time gridding up. Accidental wheelie during the first race start. Let the clutch all the way out and hammered on the gas debunking the myth sv650’s don’t do wheelies. The second start after the red flag was much better. Ran some decent lap times with my best coming in as a 16.8 on my sv. Was able to chase Chris and his 750 down and pass him on the last lap of my stint. A3898586-C722-4D16-9892-15A1443032E7.mp4
  4. TimTheAzn

    Live to ride...Ride to eat

    Now this is a thread I can get behind.
  5. TimTheAzn

    2019 Gap Trip.

    I'm sad that its not dry in any of those pictures.
  6. TimTheAzn

    2015 FZ1 ..lots of mods...excellent condition

    Dont we all!
  7. TimTheAzn

    2015 FZ1 ..lots of mods...excellent condition

    I think they are awesome bikes as well. I only gave MaxPower shit because he had just sold his and it seemed like he regretted that decision in his post lol.
  8. TimTheAzn

    2015 FZ1 ..lots of mods...excellent condition

    Oh here we go....
  9. TimTheAzn

    2019 Gap Trip.

    That the tank bag from the multi on the tail?
  10. TimTheAzn

    2018 Ducati Scrambler Icon

    you would be correct
  11. TimTheAzn

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Either Eat Ass or I Eat Ass
  12. TimTheAzn


    Weird it wont stay standing upright as long as you keep the bars straight.
  13. TimTheAzn

    Lettuce discuss washing

    Not enough meat or carbs for me.
  14. TimTheAzn

    Hey from Cuyahoga falls

  15. TimTheAzn

    Lettuce discuss washing

    See, you get it.