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  1. Ask @Pauly about that one time he mounted a bicycle to his multistrada...
  2. 49 minutes later, this post didnt age well...
  3. LOL Ricky was all over the place in some parts.
  4. 20 track days over the course of how many years? That email is going to me for what its worth lol. I've seen what the groups look like at Mid-O these days... ehhhh.
  5. Do you have a race license? I should be there with N2. With it being your first N2 day you'll probably have to start in novice. If you want to try and petition into intermediate without an on-track evaluation you can send your complete track riding history including tracks ridden, lap times, other organizations you ride with and corresponding group, how often do you ride on track a year, etc. Email support@n2td.org
  6. Installed Racetorx Shift Support Adjusted Rearsets Installed RG Radiator Guard Adjusted Clipons Installed lap timer mount Installed rear captive caliper bracket New grips Installed number plates/ rider logos Brake lever guard Changed the oil Waiting on new front brake lines before I install speed bleeders and bleed the brakes.
  7. Looks great! I'm glad you're happy with it. See you out at Nelsons or PIRC this year?
  8. They are one in the same lol.
  9. Well if this couldn't get messy quick... Pauly Ninja Doc Al-z-heimer Jester_
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