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  1. Someone hits my clutch side, eh I may loose some drive or something. Someone hits my brake - I could go over the bars. It's more common than you think at the budget club racing level.
  2. Few shots from last weekend.
  3. LOL obviously wont be being held there anymore! That stinks.
  4. One of the zippers on mine came off the rail and I need to take it to a cobbler or someone to get it back on there. I've been meaning to do that for a couple months - at this point it's sounding like a winter project.
  5. I'll be honest - I'm the last one to ask for updates/info for Mid-Ohio. I stopped riding there in 2016 and won't be back until they repave the damn place.
  6. I also have an r6 master + stock calipers on my sv and it made a world of difference. I've had an r6 master + r6 calipers on my 2009 gsxr 1k and that setup was nice for the money.
  7. Thats a track whore thing to do 😁
  8. You could've easily taken the bike and dog(s) pic today!
  9. 1. Yes the entire thing. 2. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHHAHAH
  10. Speaking as someone that rides a lightweight in a sea of 600's and 1000's - it's much more fun when there are other sv's, fz's, and kramer's out in the same session that have riders of similar pace.
  11. I know how much 300's/400's are raced lol. But no track org is going to cover track rental costs at a big bike track only allowing 400cc and under bikes as participants.
  12. Yea thats called go to a mini track
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