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  1. TimTheAzn

    Random Track Talk

    Uh, those guys have more grip than mid ohio in the cold or wet.
  2. TimTheAzn

    Random Track Talk

    Shit they are still running days? Tracks with much better pavement have already closed up shop for the year. I'd consider that to be a trap at this point in the season.
  3. TimTheAzn

    Saturday the 19th

    I've probably ridden 100 miles on the street this year on the grom.....
  4. TimTheAzn

    Most Accurate .22 Rifle?

    I had a savage bolt. I forgot what model but as soon as I put semi good glass on it, it got so boring to shoot lol. I was hitting things at 100 yards standing and it was boring.
  5. TimTheAzn

    Track Newb

    No and Hell No. Had a partnetshit with EvolveGT. It's no longer a thing. Most all of our staff races, and when there are races at nelsons we ride with LEAN because they usually have TD's before the WERA weekends minus the N2/WERA 4hr weekend.
  6. TimTheAzn

    Lightweight bikes on the track

    Small bikes make you get better or keep getting frustrated. It's built-in motivation to get better.
  7. TimTheAzn

    Lightweight bikes on the track

    Won't really make a difference at your level tbh. Hell, probably wouldnt make a real difference for me either. We'd both notice the power difference mostly.
  8. TimTheAzn

    Lightweight bikes on the track

    All I know is the first word in my races I enter start with LWT aka Lightweight
  9. TimTheAzn

    Track Newb

    First part is true, but we are not affiliated with LEAN. We just ride with them occasionally to get Nelsons time. We are treated like any other customer for the most part. N2 runs way more than just PIRC though.
  10. TimTheAzn

    Lightweight bikes on the track

    FYI, sv650 is still considered a lightweight in racing terms. MotoGP riders don't weigh much more than that. If they even weigh that. Merits to riding a lightweight: Nothing feels better than you going around the outside of a $30k bike on your clapped-out $3k piece of shit. It will help you LEARN to ride and not rely on your equipment as a crutch. Cost of ownership is low. Parts are usually plentiful and cheap. Knowledge is usually everywhere and plentiful because of the above items. (Lots of people have these bikes.) SV's, ktm 390s, ninja 300/400 any bike like that are plentiful at track days. Very common. Downsides: Not nearly as much power as other modern super sports. Straight line speed (because of point 1). You know that jack-off with the $30k ducati you just blew away going around the outside or into the braking zone? Well guess who's zipping right by you in the straight if you didn't gap him or her enough.... THAT GUY. Any you'll be right back on his ass again when he decides to park it into a corner. It's frustrating but it makes you a better more strategic rider. Which will translate to bigger bike. No wheelies really lol. There are probably more Merits and more downsides that I didn't think of off the top of my head.
  11. TimTheAzn

    winter bike ritual

    Wanna down vote this so bad. Only because I'm jelly.
  12. There are plenty of non-SS's that are more than capable. Take a look at some FZ1's!
  13. TimTheAzn

    winter bike ritual

    I change the oil before strictly because of the abuse I put it through. Should be fine either way like Jim says. Also because I can just roll it out of the garage in the spring, switch to water and go!
  14. You never asked us if it was ok to disappear in front on a street ride. You just did
  15. TimTheAzn

    winter bike ritual

    When its time, I change the oil, switch back to antifreeze (would flush and refill I didnt have water in it), throw her up on stands, take my wheels and tires inside (I have slicks), take the battery out and put it inside on a tender, don't touch it til spring because road salt gets everywhere if you decide to ride "on a nice day in dec-feb". I also brim the fuel tank completely full so theres no chance of rust. I used to do stabil but it's not like my bike is going to sit for more than a few months. Havent had an issue in the past handful of years not putting stabil in the tank. If you do decided to start the bike when its fucking cold outside, let it get up to full operating temp or you run the risk of building condensation inside the motor.