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  1. A few sets of takeoffs. (Race Slicks)

    Brands/models/manufacture dates?
  2. Mid-O - June 5

    Thanka Rick.
  3. Mid-O - June 5

    I think I'm ok. Monitoring myself closely.
  4. Mid-O - June 5

    1st one and it was a doozy lol.
  5. Mid-O - June 5

    I may or may have not had brakes going into 10a down at Road Atlanta. I also may have high sided the shit out of myself at NJMP yesterday. Bike is a little banged up. I'm a little banged up. Sore as shit.
  6. Mid-O - June 5

    Hey now, it was only the very end of my time with her did she ever see the trailer. I rode that bitch everywhere up until then.
  7. Moto America August 25-27, 2017 at Pitt Race

    Yup. I'm parking my truck near the site I grabbed. I have my tent, another person's 4 person tent, and 2 smaller single tents going on the 10'x30' plot so far. I called MotoAmerica today since they are responsible for all of this. If you buy a camping spot, you don't need a parking pass. But like Tracy said, only 1 support vehicle per camp site.
  8. Moto America August 25-27, 2017 at Pitt Race

    I am camping. I bought a spot to. I'm not exactly sure where the camping grounds are. I requested that Friday off. I am going to try and show up as early as I can to get a spot, possibly claim some space on spectator hill. Maybe I'll hide in Craig's luggage Thursday night. @MidgetTodd cool! You'll have to introduce me to Gavin! @blue03636 You'll have to introduce me to CJ!
  9. Who's going? I believe myself and a few others are going to be there Saturday and Sunday and are camping. http://www.motoamerica.com/pittsburgh-international-race-complex
  10. My 2015 GT Mustang twin turbo build

    Waiting for OH2K18....
  11. Nicky Hayden Bicycle Accident

    Weird man. Does Lyns know this?
  12. Nicky Hayden Bicycle Accident

    Gonna have to keep an eye out for this....
  13. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2017

    You guys are welcome, I've given Mike so much money this year already he felt the need to give back.
  14. Beat myself up if I ever cross the center line... I consider it a large mistake because of the potential consequences. If I need more than 1 lane while street riding, I'm riding too fast.
  15. Mid-O - June 5

    hahahahah, I just realized what was under your list of "bikes".