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  1. Tonik's maiden voyage. 7-22-17

    Don't make me bump down to novice and stuff you into every corner at Mid Ohio. You'll never want to ride the track again....
  2. Tonik's maiden voyage. 7-22-17

    You get lean angle Nivin idk what you are talking about.
  3. FS: Track day gear sale - stands, genny, etc

    Damn that vest would be mine if it werent for the situation I am in right meow.
  4. QSL Valley View

    my landlord always calls me at the worst times to tell me the dumbest shit....
  5. Random Thoughts thread

  6. Tonik needs sporty tires!!

    Thats how I get my chicken strips off
  7. Ricer1 in trouble

    Good news for sure.
  8. Tonik needs sporty tires!!

    Sandpaper works better
  9. Please advise me on what bike to buy.

    I'm just pissed there is no evidence of it besides my rashed up fairings and dented exhaust can.... and my shoulder.
  10. Please advise me on what bike to buy.

    Literbikes = high-side city
  11. Tonik's maiden voyage. 7-22-17

    Oh shit, did I say tow? I meant tug. Some people prefer a gentle tug instead.
  12. Tonik's maiden voyage. 7-22-17

    Some people get nervous while getting swept. Some prefer a gentle tow instead....
  13. Tonik's maiden voyage. 7-22-17

    Get caught staring into Jim's bedroom window once and forever labeled a creep. This is bullshit.