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  1. Yup all my stuff was packed in Gal zip locks as well. Lucky for me, we have beautiful weather the entire trip.
  2. Used them for the gap trip way back. Good condition. We’re Bad’s. No use for them now. Located in NEO/Lakewood. I have the rain covers as well $75obo
  3. I'm waiting on 2 things from BikeBandit. An air filter for my sv that I ordered on the 16th still hasnt been shipped.....
  4. The 675 has more low end grunt and doesn't require you to be constantly ringing it's neck for power. More forgiving if you aren't quite in the right gear for a particular corner - you can still get good drive. The 675 is definitely a look where you want to go kind of bike - super agile. You've got a lot of fork tube showing. I (and a lot of other's that run 675's) run them nearly flush with the triple. You just need to adjust your body position and your movements side-to-side to account for you not being able to move your leg's once you've turned in. Make sure you aren't riding with your balls completely against the tank. You want about a fist's worth of space there so you can easily go side to side without having to rotate your hips which is extra movement which isn't needed. You should be pretty much set up body position wise before turn in and not making major lower body position changes once turned in. Need to set up for the turn and have that asscheek off the side of the seat ideally before the braking zone so all you need to do at tip in is pretty much put that input on the bars and tip in. I'm rarely ever in the center of the seat - even on a straight away - I'm nearly always set up for the next corner. Less movement on tip in means less that can upset the bike on tip in and less to think about - you can concentrate modulating the brakes until you find your desired direction (get the bike pointed for exit). After you've got direction you can start standing her up again and getting back on the gas.
  5. Don't let Jim hear you say that. The Goldwing is a perfect motorcycle.
  6. I think its time to shake up the Mod's in this place. Make me a Mod - I wont close shit besides fs threads.
  7. Yea he wouldnt use the 2bro's junk.
  8. I dont even remember what it was anymore 🙃
  9. OH SHIT - I made it into the signature
  10. I'm glad you took that the way I meant it to be taken. As a joke. 👍
  11. Fuck yo safe space. We're on the interwebz and this is Ohio Riders.
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