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    2002 YAMAHA R1
  1. yep i will be there thursday

  2. Sup mister. Sorry I missed your post. Busy week. My sister in law was in town from Colorado. How goes it? Are you going to Screamin willies on Thursday?

  3. I'm Tye, the guy with the red CBR 1000RR at sceamin willy's thursday night, are we going riding sunday afternoon? If so when and were? I'm looking forward to riding with you.

  4. Whats up?this bike rides really good...

  5. Yamaha Guy

    Bells will be ringing! October 2009

    congrats guys
  6. Yamaha Guy

    bike night 7/23

    I will be there if weather permits...should have a few buddys with me....New to the website here so it will be good to meet some people....
  7. Yamaha Guy


    thanks for having me...
  8. Yamaha Guy


    New from Columbus area