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  1. Here it is Mine is left with fender eliminated With my friend Moe; Same bike, same year, same color and we live a block apart
  2. Hey buddy how have you been?

  3. Kosmo


  4. From local Barnes and Noble with Cell phone; Seriously In Lab for real Lab Poster
  5. This is just an off topic for this thread. Please don't flame :-) I had a 2008 zzr that is a 98-02 zx6r. I had race tech springs gold valve and compression kit installed and rear had just a race tech spring with stock suspension. I was pretty happy with the setup for my ability and was fine on the track in the novice group. Recently on a trackday as I was refining late braking into a corner, I went into a pathetic tank slapper and wrecked it. The turn was a 100+ mile sweeper but comes after a front straight of 140+. So late braking from 140 to say 90. What could have caused the slapper. Well I
  6. Awesome !!! I will tag this video as "The beautiful weekend in Florida when Kosmo wrecked at Jennings GP"
  7. That sucks to hear. Get better soon so you can get back on the track!

  8. Damn it before I could say hi, i took a spill at the 4th session before lunch and went to the hospital. Four broken fingers had to do surgery to fix them but nothing else. Except gloves everything held back. All good. Met your buddies at the gas station.


  9. Do I see you this weekend march 9 and 10 at Jennigs GP Florida ?

  10. Motul 5 wt for novice 10 for intermediate and advanced riders. 15 wt for race.
  11. I hear the Dexter torsion axles are great. I have dexter axle with a leaf spring, it is ok. The advantage of a torsion axle is that your trailer tires are usually not balanced torsion axle take care of that and reduce the vibration of the the conventional leaf springs.
  12. I lived in Mount P. when I first moved here. I live in Ladson and work in Mount P. off of Clements Ferry Rd. We will have to meet up for a ride sometime.

  13. Sweet set up !!! I will be at Jennings GP March 9 and 10
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