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  1. It's practically winter... drinking is about the only thing to do in Ohio
  2. Yeah... Maybe I should start doing lunch meetups again.
  3. I was thinking about this post today and thinking that I really didn't meet him from OR and that I didn't even know that he was on here (must have made quite the online impression)… but to be fair, the first time I met him was at an Applebee's lunch that was for OR peeps. I guess it counts.
  4. I've still got my '87 ex500. I've been slowly tearing it apart and plan to powder coat the frame and personalize the bike a bit. It's been put down quite a bit and it's pretty messed up, but fixable. I've had it since 2009 when I started riding.
  5. Yeah, probably. ? Ok. I'll get both. I can call Friday if you need any info from me! Happy thanksgiving!
  6. I want one or maybe both of these... I can't decide which color I like better... Hobbit feet are huge... and hairy.
  7. Wow, Keweenaw is waaay up there. I heard that the island next to the Canadian border, Isle Royale, is really nice though. I would love to take a hiking trip there at some point.
  8. I just realized this is the same day as the solar eclipse... happening from 1-4pm.
  9. I would like to do this. Gotta figure out if I have the time to take off!
  10. I eat a lot of fat. That's what keeps you full. Lots of bacon, butter, cheese, avocado...
  11. I'm down about 18 lbs since the beginning of the year. 10lbs of calorie counting, which sucked, and 8 lbs of keto diet, which is awesome. Keto diet has been giving me way better sleep and also cleared up my skin. I did it originally as a test to see what my distance running would look like, but it's done great things for me so I will probably stick to it.
  12. Longshot, but I'm thinking about doing a track day on the 15th and I would love to find a cheap set of leathers that will protect me but not break the bank, in case I don't have enough fun to keep doing track days.....
  13. OsuMj

    Happy July 4th

    Foster dog Faith in her Independence Day pic
  14. I bought one of these and tried it out. Very pleased with the purchase. Went back to buy more and the code doesn't work any more, but they are still on sale for 50
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