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  1. If you're available Saturday, I should be able to make it down
  2. oh man, I know someone in the Cleveland area who is looking for almost this exact setup. won't see him until Monday at the earliest, I'll pass it on
  3. Tuesday's PTR at mid ohio cancelled See you dudes out there August 30. Maybe
  4. This year (at least so far) they've been emailing anyone registered the friday before, by noon if it's cancelled. I emailed Gwen Friday and it wasn't cancelled as of then. Should be good to go this time
  5. anyone going to mid ohio on monday? weather looks decent and the keyhole is slightly less crappy after the patching
  6. No worries, there was at least 1 maybe 2 nearly identical bikes. My helmet was dark grey, other guys were in black or something helmets. Beautiful day to be out, next time get out there with her.
  7. Blue gsxr number 789, mostly black gear. There was at least one other blue gsxr that looked mostly identical. Cool I'll check back later
  8. I saw someone (maybe you) sitting with a camera and wondered "whoa is someone taking pictures?" Hope I can find one of myself, I don't have anything with my new bike yet. Thanks
  9. We were all very surprised they actually had the event. Weather was great an they put a huuuuuge concrete patch in the keyhole which is slightly bumpy but better than what was there before.
  10. anyone going to be at mid ohio tomorrow?
  11. Pretty sure it's cincy
  12. I'm guessing that N2 rents the track, and much like the groups that rent mid ohio, they run regardless of how many people show up. That's a lot more appealing than the mid ohio school that can and will cancel an event the day before. 6/4 isn't even a weekend day!
  13. Full Throttle Adrenaline Park in Cincy. I've never been. Didn't one of the indoor? karting places in columbus shut down recently?
  14. before covid, we could put up an autox announcement at CRP and have 70 cars there if the weather wasn't terrible. If we told em "gotta swap coolant, drill this and that, etc" I'd expect maybe 5 cars to show up, if that. People are lazy. They might be getting lazier? I've already seen 2 tracks and a pile of parking lots get shut down, we're kinda running out of venues here... Are any of the indoor karting places in columbus doing mini-moto? I've seen that one in cincy does events
  15. Wow Thunderhill has SUPER lenient reqs- unplug or tape lights, tape or fold mirrors, disable lights https://www.funtrackdayz.com/faq/ Chuckwalla gets a little more stringent and adds "drain plug wired or siliconed" and mirrors removed https://chuckwalla.com/motorcycle-events EvolveGT looks about the same as LEANTD, requiring coolant and some safety wiring for advanced and race groups and recommended but not required for intermediate and novice. No idea if that has impacted their attendance.
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