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  1. trick #1- have a backup bike welcome to the site, the older VFRs sound really neat
  2. When they started requiring intermediate to safety wire they crossed the line into "really guys?" Loads of videos at other tracks of people with mirrors that aren't even taped up!, no safety wired anything, stock coolant, and somehow the world doesn't end. I'm sure they wouldn't have upped the requirements if they didn't have a problem at some point, but if other tracks are doing it why can't they?
  3. And stop requiring excessive tech? And stop raising their prices? And stop cancelling events? And have events on weekends? Is whoever owns it ready to sell yet? RIP Mid Ohio.
  4. Saw the forecast for 4/12 mid ohio track day- no, it's too good... it's a trap, surely something is wrong. I better register just in case.
  5. coolant swapped out for mid ohio on Monday. Track day season, engage!
  6. Streets are still open. The brine makes things interesting and you can wear double-protection and not break a sweat
  7. troll thread is troll. all that tease and no cheese
  8. Showing $240 for single day, pretty sure it went up? https://midohio.com/courses/motorcycles/performance-track-riding They cancelled like half the days last in 2020, and the track was definitely the worst I can remember it being.
  9. RymerC

    Let them die.

    Thought they killed the bronx?
  10. I remember when we all thought obama was coming for our guns, and he didn't do much aside from the eric holder scare about surplus ammo. I expect these crackheads to campaign on radical policies, then they get into office and it's mostly more of the same
  11. Australia LOL. Good luck getting in, my sister went through that and had to have 6? months of living expenses in the bank, had to get a bunch of shots, and the wait was significant. Maybe they're full of Americans? Their healthcare has its ups and downs. Some simple things have a 6 month wait where we can go to a clinic at Kroger here and be done in a few minutes. My Australian bro had to put off a long trip to Indochina because their healthcare system wouldn't do some weird surgery on a pinched artery or ? until it became super critical, which happened a few months later. Banning of guns, LOL good luck with that. You'll still be able to get guns here long after motorcycles are gone.
  12. NL has patches already? They just repaved it last time I was there. Is that normal to need patched every few years?
  13. first few episodes are okay, not great. They have some issues with range and charging, then mention the massive generator truck that follows them like once, then magically never get stranded or have charging issues again. so far it's pretty disappointing how much the electric component is limiting their wandering
  14. What are you seeing good functioning groms for? Seems like people want >$1000 for wrecked groms, and $2000 minimum for anything that runs and rides. #covidpricing
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