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  1. yeah going anywhere near chicago is always a 100% shitshow. bumper to bumper at 90mph then slam on the brakes and come to a full stop for 30 seconds and repeat. hate that drive every time
  2. Welcome to the site, and the area. That's a long haul in one day, glad the roads were clean and fun.
  3. Monday was nice and chill. First session in intermediate I don't think there was even 10 people. Same for last session? I've never been to an event that deserted. Hope they don't take events off the calendar!
  4. Yeah as I was packing up I heard the announcement. What kinda shit is that? They didn't tell you wtf happened just "no PTR sessions for Tuesday?"
  5. Anyone doing MidO Monday or Tuesday? It's gon be hot but looks dry
  6. Good to hear. I've had mostly okay experiences with them. Thanks for the heads up. That moment when you throw a lowball, and it's accepted... FUUUUUUU should have offered less! What's the catch? Oh man, something is wrong with it I didn't find
  7. This has been sitting in my barn long enough. Hopefully someone can get some use out of it. Low miles, about 7000, has been laid down as the rearsets are bent, the fairing has been resprayed, and looks like someone tried to get it riding without replacing parts. Had some shitty bar-end mirrors on it and faux carbon fiber trim pieces that are pretty shitty. Bike is complete, but DOES NOT RUN and fairing is just kind of sitting on there currently. Went to push it out, and front brake lever has no resistance. Hit rear brake, and squirted fluid onto the rear wheel. Figures. It's 99% complete maybe missing a few bolts or screws? Plenty of good parts on there, maybe not the master cylinders, not sure about the motor, but rode straight and true last time I rode it. Now the back story... Bought this on ebay from New Mexico 10 years ago, sheisty buyer sent the title that he didn't transfer into his name. Got a bill of sale from him, but he dropped off ebay and never sent the title back after notarizing it. It was an ordeal, and the bike has sat in my barn not being used because of it. Upon delivery, had a bad head gasket. I had the head surfaced, put a new triumph head gasket on it and test rode it a few hundred miles or so, ran great and rode great. Never got a title to actually use it, so it sat in my barn with fuel stabilizer getting started every month or two until once it ran on 2 cylinders and without a title didn't have the motivation to look into it. It's been sitting like that for probably 5 years? or more I don't remember. Not sure what's a fair price. Maybe $650? http://imgur.com/a/PSc54
  8. Still got it. Started right up on Saturday. Firm on price.
  9. I've never bothered to title it. Thanks for the interest
  10. I never ride this anymore, would like to see someone be able to get some use out of it. Last time I rode it ran great, rode great, no issues. It's not perfect, I know the carb will leave a drop of fuel if you don't close the petcock overnight, and the PO tweaked the bars slightly. I have another front fender and the factory pipe to go with it. I don't know much about dirtbikes, it has an FMF gold? pipe on it, and was jetted and such to match. Has more power than I can make use of. Comes with bill of sale, located about 10 minutes out 33 past SOLDVILLE. Rinsed some of the barn dust off it.
  11. My offer stands on the trade for the 99 cr250. I may just snatch up something else next week though.
  12. Damn, too bad you're not in columbus. Good luck with sale
  13. Trade didn't work out, bump for $1100?
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