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  1. xtremef4i

    2001 ZX6r

    Really gonna let her go huh? I can't believe it. Good luck man
  2. xtremef4i

    Looking for work...

    Thought u moved down there to have better roads to ride? But it would be cool to see u come back
  3. xtremef4i

    F&P America

    Cool. What area are you in? Design, Testing, Prototype, Admin? FTRD is the design base for North American Models for all of our customers. All global models such as Civic, Accord, or CR-V are designed in Japan. More and more models are being transfered to N.A. due to the strong YEN. R&D just expanded not too long ago because of the increased workload. Hope you enjoy it. Its a much different atmosphere over there than it is at the plant. I am sure we will be meeting when you come over for a plant tour.
  4. xtremef4i

    F&P America

    Well if you get the job I will be working with you at some point. I am in the New Model Group and work with PC a lot.
  5. xtremef4i

    F&P America

    Ive been there for five years. Great company and great people. Snot, are you applying for the production control job?
  6. xtremef4i

    Budweiser Clyesdales

    Probably be there Sunday. Maybe we will see u there
  7. xtremef4i

    Ride Sunday 11.11

    I also saw some of you at Meijer gas station meeting for the ride. I was on my way to meet Nick. It cooled off quite a bit at the end of our ride. Wind in the interstate heading to Dayton was terrible.
  8. xtremef4i

    WTB 600ish cc sportsbike (considering ST aswell)

    Not unless you modify them or buy aftermarket. It's an easy mod if you wanted to do. There is a locating tab that is cast on the bottom of the clip on that nests into the top triple. Simply cut it off or narrow it down and you have adjustable stock height bars on the f4i.
  9. xtremef4i

    WTB 600ish cc sportsbike (considering ST aswell)

    Ya you will get used to it but believe it or not, the f4i isn't that bad. I can make turns at full lock without having contact with the tank. I've been on other bikes where u actuall can pin your hands between the bars and tank.
  10. xtremef4i

    WTB 600ish cc sportsbike (considering ST aswell)

    Thank you Nick. Is that because she's so pretty? Lol Good choice on the f4i. It's an awesome bike and being a Honda it will last forever with minimal to no problems if you take care of it. I've had mine for 10 years and I still love it now as much as I did when I bought it. It's so comfortable it's hard to want to replace. Best everyday sport bike I've been on.
  11. xtremef4i

    Happy Birthday Ninjanick

    I can't believe I forgot your bday. Happy belated b day dawg!
  12. xtremef4i


    Guess you missed that loss to Oakland?
  13. xtremef4i

    New to the Area!

    Welcome. Nice to ride with ya. I'm sure we will be seeing you again.
  14. What up Kevin. Crazy seeing you on the ride this weekend after so many years. What a Suprise. Look forward to riding with ya again.

  15. xtremef4i

    best chain lube? - just another oil thread

    NinjaNick turned me onto wd40. Cleans and lubes all in one step. The maxima chain wax I had been using I did not like because of fling off and it's messy when dry. After watching that video, I may try the klutz klr next when my can of we runs out.