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Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day - August 21, 2017

This is a great opportunity to:

1. Meet some of the riders that are frequently posting on the forums but aren't always out on the street rides.

2. Get on track for the first time! A lot of us will be there and can lend a helping hand to whoever needs it.

3. Get back on track if you haven't been on one in a while.

And of course, Ohio Riders is in no way responsible for anything that happens on/off track, especially when we aren't on track . But I can promise your machine will stay Oreo-free your first day.
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Rode a lot this past weekend. Took a few pics.

Rode sections of the TOT but to be honest, intentionally tried to get lost a few times, and found some great dirt that isn't part of any route I know. 

Stayed at bikeridermark's place in Kingston Sat night. Only issue is a small leak that developed in my air mattress. Will get that taken care of some night this week. Had a great ribeye and fresh green beans and corn from an Amish roadside seller. Guy had only veggies. I told him "man if you only had a steak I'd be set". Amish dude asks "what kind of steak do you like" Told him a nice marbled bone-in Ribeye. Jeddadiah leaves for a minute and returns with the nicest looking steak I've seen in a while. Even double bagged it with some ice for me. $5.00 for the steak

Slept Friday night in the woods behind a gas well access road. When I woke up I saw a tremendous amount of ripe berries surrounding me and the bike. Was a good breakfast treat with the coffee

see you on the trail!
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OK, some other forums I am on have a thread like this, and it seems to be interesting(250+ pages). You can simply just say what you did to your bike for the that day.
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Ride your own ride. Enjoy the weekend. Be safe. This is not a competition or a race. This is just a good weekend away with friends new and old. It just happens to be a weekend for a bunch of us to meetup down there to have some fun. The weekend is up to you. When you come down, where you ride, who you ride with, where you eat, where you stay, etc is completely up to you. Nothing is officially organized. There are no set routes. There will be shindigs in the evenings involving a campfire for us to sit around and tell lies. 

June 20-24, 2018

We're changing it up for 2018. We've reserved all of Townsend Gateway Inn. That's 45 beds in total. Townsend Gateway Inn offers a lot of cool stuff for us. There's a conference room we can use for free, grills on the property, a pool, two fire pits (they even supply the wood for us), BBQ onsite, several restaurants nearby (including Trailside Steakhouse for those like me who were craving steak this last trip), wifi that actually works, cell phone reception, two miles from the entrance to Smokey Mountain National Park, etc. There are even a few gas stations and grocery/convenience stores nearby. It's only 45 minutes away from the dragon and (according to @Tonik) the roads are awesome. For those who like to head down to Georgia, it doesn't add much to the time/mileage. For those who want to dual sport, there are tons of gravel/dirt roads nearby. There are several others motels in Townsend if you'd like to stay somewhere else or if we sell out. Little River Bar BQ is across the street (suppose to be really good), as is River Rage Tubing for anyone who wants to go tubing. For those looking to camp, Ye Olde Mill Campground is across the street next to the tubing place, and several other campgrounds are just down the road. And for @OsuMj and anyone she suckers into hiking, the Townsend Historical Trail runs right in front of the motel. 
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