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    Picked up a new bike today, 2018 Kawasaki H2 SX SE. Only had a short ride today due to the weather, but WOW! It's got power.
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    Ride Report: Great ride down to New River Gorge on Sunday for a overnight stay at the Hawks Nest SP Lodge, WVa. with a return on Monday. Weather was a little cold in the morning start with the time change. We met inmate Shrey on 33 south and road together after meeting again in Spencer, WVa. hitting route 36 and 16 south. Shrey checked out at Wallback on I77 and we staied on 16 down to Gauley Bridge. After hitting the local roads we made it to the lodge. Next morning went under the bridge and ran back roads home foe a great Fall trip to WVa. 640 miles of back roads with some nice colors and sites. 100_0014 by 100_0016 by 100_0022 by
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    Nope. Get a Ducati V4 and hit the Nurburgring. Hope I can ride like this at 72.
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    I didn't spit any venom at my manager, or the director above him. They are decent people and not the problem. Our CEO and top execs are the problem. The operate with zero transparency, everyone below them is constantly left in the dark. Locations are closed, entire departments are shut down with not so much as an email letting people know. I've tried to call people that I've just spoken to a few days before, only to find out their department no longer exists. When you fire a bunch of people, stock prices will temporarily go up (due to reduced costs) then go back down. After a recent huge layoff, our CEO just sold over $20 million in stock, per SEC filing. Nice. My company has fucked over enough people there's actually a online forum where ex employees (and some current) share information on what's been happening. I let my manager and director know that I know what's going on. My entire department is likely going to be out on their asses by the end of 2019. I left before I had to take a bite out of that shit sandwich.
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    This Is Tammy, Rich's Fiance. I didn't know if anybody posted on here about, Rich's passing. Anyone wishing to go are more than welcome to stop by. If you by chance have any thing you would like to share in memories or just to stop by. He would be thankful.
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    The website was never the best and we didn't have the specialty parts on there. That said we tried our best to respond to the forum messages/posts with a sense of urgency. The new company should be up and running in February.
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    Find contentment within yourself and you can ride any bike in a state of oneness with your environment. Except for that fucking Ducati ST3S. FUCK that POS.
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    Kent, Hang in there. The wife really needs your support now. My wife had her second knee replacement in May. So we knew what was coming, sorta. A word of advice on the pills, check to be certain that she received the number that the doc prescribed. I'm not saying the pharmacy would mis-count. With all the awareness of the opioid epidemic, some INSURANCE companies (bastards) have started refusing to pay for the full course of the prescription. When we left the hospital, the nurse explained this, but there were too many things going on for me to remember this important fact. And the wife, well, she was drugged at the time, so.... guess whose fault it was two weeks later when she realized that she didn't have enough pills to get through the weekend. Plus, that's when you learn that the doc cannot send a scrip for an opioid by fax or any means except by snail mail. I should have driven the 2 hours to Morgantown. Hindsight. So sorry to hear about her dad's passing. Knowing that it's coming let's you prepare, a bit. But it still hits you. Watch her for depression as she deals with this on top of the frustration of the physical therapy/recovery. Again, hang in there! Keep refilling that ice bag. Keep adjusting that behind-the-knee pillow. Chris
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