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    Hey Brian @Bad324, If you ever miss your VFR you can look on google maps at my house and see it in the garage.
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    We’re pleased to announce that we’re back up and running! You can order all of your gear directly from TJ, right now. The best way to place your orders is to send an email to forum@ridersdiscount.com or PM TJ right here for the best advice on products in the business. We know a lot of you have been waiting, and we’ve been working day and night (literally!), getting all systems back to normal. For time being, the only way to place orders is to contact TJ directly via PM or email, until we get all of the systems, including the phones - up and running. You’ll see the usual promotions rolling out, like always – and of course, we’ll apprise you as systems come on line. Just remember, for the time being, email and PM are the only way to order!
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    I will give you 10 bucks to stiff Tim and sell the bag to the midget.
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    Nothing. He's just reaching out for attention. He's not going anywhere 🙄.
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    Photo from the gap trip last year, on the way back from amazing BBW in Gatlinburg: BBQ** LOL
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    but what you guys actually look like
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    Hope you all are having a great Christmas. Santa brought me a bunch of Aerostich gift certificates and a Ducati hoodie. Woot.
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    This is a mess that is easily avoided. Don't get married!
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