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    I rode my bike some more. Peru just keeps on giving. I’m attempting to ride all unpaved mountain “death roads” through the back route to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu/Cusco to avoid paying for the expensive train ride.
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    Making OR Great Again Some of you may have noticed we are dying here. While there are many things we could do I think rides are what we need to do. But we need to do them differently. We usually post up a ride, tell the noob or slow person we will wait at each corner and don't worry......that isn't going to work. For several reasons. One, it's no damn fun for the slow person. They are basically riding on their own. So why not do that or find folks their own speed. Two, even though we say and mean we don't care how slow they are or how long we have to wait at each corner it still creates stress, worry... anxiety....whatever you want to call it. And they end up pushing themselves. Maybe not dangerously but certainly above their happy zone. I know this to be a fact because it happens to me every time I ride with you. And I was told this exact same thing by a long time member here just recently. So I will plan 4 or 5 rides this summer that will be slower rides and post them up. If you want to come and stay behind me cool. But you will not take off and go like hell and wait at corners and basically create the same situation. If you do, I will pair my Sena with you at the corner and shoot you. If 5 or 6 of us lead a few rides like this we will easily have 20+ sane social rides this season. Maybe shorter rides around the Atwood Lake area for example. And we will still have plenty of time to go like hell on other rides. Might help, might not. But the current course leads to a non existent OR by this time next year imnsho.
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    You, Tracy and SherBear?
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    This was not how I imagined the last few days in Ohio to be. I was hoping to meet and ride with every awesome folks i met through our the years. I think it will be safe for me to brag that I have met with most number of OR folks and rode with them over the years than the rest of you all. Not just group rides but through PMs and all have met with those “shy” OR Members who don’t post much but still wanted to give group rides a chance etc. From that collection of over 150 active riders spread 10 yrs only like 30 active folks left. And will miss you all and these roads (not this weather) I am not exaggerating but being honest when I say most of you folks has been closest to family and friends for me. I might not show it in words and deeds since I am socially awkward but truly appreciate that OR existed and got the chance to meet and ride with you all. I still wished I could meet few more regular OR peeps who I never got to meet. End of April I finish work here, I had taken 40 days off and was planning to travel with family. We been planning for these days for almost a year as this is the first true extended holiday we were getting. But alas things have changed completely. Timed my move from Ohio around May 15 so I would have 2 free weeks to meet and ride with you all again in these amazing roads once more before I left. Alas that opportunity is in question as well. I was hoping to post one last epic ride thread, hoping to have a multiday WV tour, was hoping to hit the track once more before I left. All plans got sidelined. But I will still Try to do a “social distance friendly ride” with at least few of you before I pack up. As long as we stay in our bike fully geared and ride safe without risk of crash I still vouch for motorcycling during these times, but then again I am biased. To communicate we can stay far away and use our Sena right Tonik hope you guys still continue with the gap trips, I hope to make it there at the same time. May be another Marion Virginia 3 day trip, that’s a spot we can meet and explore lot of good roads. Anyways just 20ish days left and the nostalgia is too much to handle, deep down I am a romantic I guess. Most of all I really miss Jerry. I know it would have been a difficult good bye with him, but we already did that part Been watching lot of video of rides we did together, dayuuum those were some good times. I started tying out personal goodbye to folks in this thread and that became too huge too long. Delete, trim. Will just text you all asshats 😆 Hope to see and ride with you all some day again soon. 👍 Ride on Ride safe
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    Yes the virus doesn’t seem that scary if you are young and healthy. but if you or your loved ones are weak, older, have comorbid diseases, immunocompromised this virus is deadly on them. Near 50% fatality for such folks. the virus spreads crazy fast, you will be okay, but you will carry this to someone who will die. Always look at this way, all the talk about quarantine and social isolation etc is not for just for you. but for others who might die because you carried it to them. panic and wrong information definitely is not the answer. Preparing for “walking dead” scenario is not the answer. Only thing to do is take proper and adequate precaution. This is to delay spread. Sooner or later everyone going to get it if this lingers around. Just don’t want it to happen all together by being stupid. humans are flawed and society cannot survive without interaction, hence it will eventually spread, it will be around for a while etc, but at least if the rate is slowed down the hospital And health care won’t be taxed to its limit. we don’t want a situation to arise where 50 sick ones show up together in a span of few days with only 20 ventilators available. no body wants their grandma’s plug pulled some of the main players are poor respiratory condition, things like smoking copd asthma obesity etc are known entity. Imagine how the US population looks like a tasty treat for this virus. but If anarchy and systemic cleansing is what we are after this is the perfect answer. Darwinian law of survival of the fit and strong and able. If this spreads like crazy the society will be forged in fire, all the old weak and wilting will be weeded away and only the young and strong survive to forge a new beginning. And all of this will happen despite how many toilet rolls we have in our storage.
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    And fuck all of you that said this would never be done. I on the other hand will be hanging with the Governor Friday when he signs this bill into law. The law will go into effect 90 days after he signs it. Thank you all for the help, it has been a fun ride.
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    I am confused. Is this thread about Duc attention whores or butt hurt Kaw owners?
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    I am finally home. I have ridden 7 days in a row, for a total of more than 3k miles. The Whale now has over 75k miles and I am scheduled to be in northern Georgia next week. If the weather looks good, I will ride it versus taking the car. In the meantime, I fly to California tomorrow for a quick minute and am excited to not be driving or piloting anything to get there. Physically fine. Mentally exhausted.
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    Hope every ones doing okay, Sorry was not active here much, but the one place I didn’t want to talk “work” was here and the discussion were more intense here than at work lol Either ways I suspect me wife and kid had the infection about 2-3 weeks ago. All symptoms fit at that time the rapid tests were not available. The first week was real bad to the point I almost felt like going to the hospital, but gradually improved. I got swabbed and quarantined but test came back negative . I continued quarantine for few more days until symptoms got better 99% but had to go back to work Eventually since lack of staff to cover. I still maintained “social distancing” as much as possible. Fortunately being kidney doc, 95% decisions can be made based on labs and tests. And I was able to avoid direct patient contact for couple more weeks. I probably will get antibody tested just to reassure myself. But at this point all bets are off with this disease with people reporting tons of stuff based on half baked research which drowns out proper research. Now a days there are two kinds of healthcare workers, ones who takes care of covid patients and ones who give interviews. I see lot of docs online and in tv dishing out advises and information. Literally only 10% of the them actually took care of patients. Most of them have no business shelling out advises. Been talking to colleagues from various places. Depending on where you work the attitude and reality is different. I have over heard ophthalmologist in physician lounge complain to the ENT guy that this is all a media hoax, Ian the same hospital where we just lost a 50 ish healthy guy to covid that morning. If I was more of an in your face guy I would have shoved him to the wards and asked to take a walk around rather sit in his cocoon passing judgement and conspiracy theories . Any ways over the weeks things have slowed down. As of now ground reality for me at least, as expected from numbers cases from general public in the two hospitals i cover slowed down. The ones coming in are not aggressive and sick etc. I believe this is because of social distancing. I say this because the third hospital covers for prison population and nearly more than half the ICU beds are filled up with prisoners with covid. The one place where they cannot social distance effectively. This makes me wonder what will happen Come May if they lift social distancing completely. Step by step reopening might be okay. Opening up restaurant, malls and other “socializing and mass gathering areas” to be delayed perhaps. the disease is less understood, the progression and variability and questionable strains all make this one of the most challenging times to deal with. I completely understand the tough situation some folks are in due to lack of work minimal savings and difficult survival. Where to strike a balance is difficult. Hopeful gradual ease back of non essentials will be the key. hope everyone and family is staying safe.
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    Ohio is on the way of decline phase, if we are able to keep the current scenario Tight and intact we likely will be on the way to stable state by end of April. Of course anything can change. But At least light at the end of the tunnel. dewine did a lot of things right at the right time despite a lot of people denouncing him and sentencing him to the stake Glad to see majority of people followed the right step. sad to see still lot of people peddling out fking conspiracy theory when people Are loosing life. We lost more life’s than 9/11 slowly painfully and worst part; all alone during their final days and hours. All these conspiracy peddlers should walk through the hospital / ICU floor to see ground reality. We probably escaped the major brunt because of timely action taken and followed. here is to hoping that may 2020 is back to normal for us.
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    Put a Sargent seat on the Kaw H2 SX SE bike and rode 265 miles today, seat is very comfortable.
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    Participant trophy for everyone 🏆 It's a 2015 BMW R1200R
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    I like to do Both
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    So after 54k miles and 40 states, I parted ways with my beloved FJR yesterday. I went an entire day without a motorcycle until I rode home my new 2018 Goldwing. Never in my dreams would I had thought a Goldwing be this much fun to ride, but I love it. Plus, I got the bike for a smokin deal so that helps too!
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    Thanks guys, Lucas Eugene will be a staple figure at future motorcycle events. I look forward to introducing him to many of you. Katie's doing great, no meds, girl's a fucking beast. 16 hours labor to get the 7lb 2oz 21" scream machine out.
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    all the sudden he thinks he's lance armstrong.
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    300 zoomy miles on the Hyper. I am going to get in serious trouble on that bike. It invites irresponsible behavior and then rewards the shit out of it.
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    Helped a hippie riding an old Suzuki 450 from NYC to Colorado. Very cool dude. No big deal, chain was just loose.
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    I did something extremely stupid. I basically lost concentration while stretching in the saddle, cruise control on, nice straight road, veered right into the grass, tried to correct, the front dug, rear came around, and i basically hi-sided and slid for a good while back out into the road. Testament to the crash bars on the GSA... I stood her back up and rode another 4 hours. Only major thing might be the swingarm at the axle is ground down and might need attention with the internal seals, etc....yet to be determined. Also I cant stress enough the importance of good (full) gear....I'm bruised, shoulder is kinda jacked, but otherwise unscathed. Try tossing yourself down the asphalt at 60mph , sliding, rolling, and tumbling with what the average Ohio motorcycle rider wears.
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    I made the best of the crap weather I was dealt for my weekend, and rode 502 miles of West Virginia (and Maryland!) mountain roads. Only got about 30 minutes worth of rain the entire day.
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    I don't even let my kids put shit in my driveway.
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    Tell him your old neighbor let you raid his liquor cabinet in the middle of the night and gave you handies.
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    Only thing that I have changed is riding to work. I don't want tire tracks in the kitchen.
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    Just trying to give some optimistic outlook based on some numbers. Just keep this as a positive thought and don’t expect it to be true course. source : Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. Just an estimate. as of now it’s just a guesstimate even since non of the pattern followed any common sense so far. The growth of new cases in Ohio has slowed until last Saturday 3/28 cases in Ohio were growing by 20%+ every day. after that Sunday 3/29 - 17.57% Monday 3/30 - 16.94% Tuesday 3/31 - 13.76% Wednesday 4/1 - 15.83% Thursday 4/2 - 13.94% Friday 4/3 - 14.13% Saturday 4/4 - 12.89% Sunday 4/5 - 8.13% Based on this these guys revised and saying Ohio is now projected to peak in hospitalizations in 2 days, on April 8. By Sunday, April 26, Ohio is projected to need less than 200 hospital beds across the entire state. Ohio is projected to have 0 shortages in terms of regular beds or ICU beds. Ohio is projected to need 223 ventilators, down from the previous projection of 615. All seems positive, on ground lvl I can tell you at one point they were making arrangement to convert all the closed of cafeteria sections into make shift wards to cover demands and of course to make lot of money etc, but we never saw the extreme brunt, we never had the tough job to choose who gets to go on the ventilator. Whtr the grandma with sniffles or the young dad with sniffles and large goober. They all got put on ventilator of course for more billing and money is money. there is an old saying, it’s easier to wake people up when they are sleeping. But when they pretend to be sleeping it’s difficult.
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    Going on a pub crawl tonight. Going to put a shot of apple pie in each room.
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    My wife is now officially in the pool of workers to sit at home with full pay and wait till they are needed. She has to be availibale at a moments notice to work at any Ohio Health Facility to do any job they tell her to do. She will get her full 40 hour pay check to sit at home on standby and will get her usual pay when ever called into duty for what ever job she's assigned. And she can't turn any assignment down. So if they call her and say they need someone to clean shitters and take out the trash she has to do it. They are doing this to have a work force on stand by that also will be healthy for when the shit hits the fan. For those that don't know, she is a xray tech that normally does mammograms and is also a licensed STNA from years back. So most likely she would be call upon for something of those lines but she's willing to do what ever they ask. She's a worker not a complainer.
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    Rode the hell out of it this afternoon.
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    I decided to pivot my for sale add.
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    So far, possessing information that could incriminate the Clintons has cost more American lives than COVID-19
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    There are already billions of bars of soap. Wash your damn hands.
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    I should be back in 4-5 months or so. After a break to work a little, I’ll gladly lead a ride from S Africa through Europe into India and Mongolia. at least that’s the plan for now
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    Holy shit. It went from committee to the floor the same day!! We passed the Senate with 100 percent yes votes this afternoon. We are otw to the governor now! We fucking did it.
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    Wife and I rode it for 390 miles. First big ride since the operation. It was great and I feel good.
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    Few Pics from Nelsons this past weekend.
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    Rode mine through some small hills today hahahahah
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    Spotted a Harley in it's natural environment.
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    Completed a SaddleSore 1000 on my Connie last weekend. Went from Knoxville to Memphis up to St Louis back home to Fort Wayne. Did it in 16.5 hours. Didn't take any pictures, only got rained on once between Terre Haute and Indy. Bought a Grom a few days ago.
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    Rode it all over SEO. Top number 561.9 is miles from today and the old girl now has over 50K.
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    Well done gang. We got our vote today. 100 percent yes votes. Off to the Senate we go.
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    Let's us know when you are comfortable rolling with them, we can move you up from the slow group to medium.
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    Been a while. Been a mild winter but it still blows. Well shit got interesting. My son decided to tear down and redo my parts bike. That’s right 2 zrx builds going on at the same time. His is almost back up on wheels now. Stripped down, frame painted, motor back in and forks rebuilt. Gotta fix some wheel painting issues and she will be up on her feet. Got a few of his body parts painted gray, put them on my frame for grins and I think the gray will play well with the green frame. Maybe some green/ purple stripes added.
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    New tires, chain and sprockets. Oil filter cleaned, fresh oil. Air filter cleaned and re-oiled
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    Made a radiator guard for the wifes scout. Turned out way nicer than i thought it would. Used a old screen door protector, left over paint, silicone adhesive and a lot of time and patience. Total out of pocket cost $0 This is why it was needed...only 2500 miles on this bike.
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