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    I've never planned anything in my whole life. Take your trip friend; no matter what it takes; these images are nothing compared to the memories. One day I'll be old and unable, but I won't have regret about where I might have gone.
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    The new bike is officially in my garage.
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    Nope. Get a Ducati V4 and hit the Nurburgring. Hope I can ride like this at 72.
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    Just got the call from the dealer. New bike has arrived. I am going this evening to pick it up.
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    So I went back to this Narrowsburg, NY again this year - 4 states and 1,093 miles by the time I got home. It was a great time - there were 6 of us that made the trip from Ohio. I hadn't met the ladies I rode with until we all met up in PA. We got rained on, spent a few hours in a quarter car wash hiding from the rain, explored a haunted castle, drank free beer and stunk up a hotel room the first night will all our wet gear. I learned that riding west out of Breezewood, PA is probably the windiest area, clogged with truck traffic and twisty highways that I've ever seen - it was so stressful, but I survived. And I rode thru a tunnel for the first time too. I posted a bunch of pictures on Instagram if you want to check them out. I know you're all super jelly that you don't have a vagina so you can't attend this annual camping event. LOL
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    The only time I bought a bike with a loan still on it, I met the guy at his credit union (lien holder), paid him his asking price and he paid off the remainder of the balance on his loan and had them transfer the title to my name on the spot. Your situation sounds real shady.
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    I hope to have another 20k mile year, but with less vacation time this year, it may be difficult.
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    I hope whoever buys it actually rides it. It's a good bike, it deserves that.
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    https://www.indianmotorcycle.com/en-us/ Please don't go to this webpage and enter to win a free one, it would reduce my chances.
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