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    This weekend is the first round in the OMRL Race Series! Should be an excellent weekend, practice today, racing tomorrow. As always, I have two bikes and if you want to check it out and run a few laps, you can take my bike out or if you want to race we can work it out. No cost other than your race license ($10-40), your first race with the club is free! I'll be at Circleville Raceway Park around noon with some other OR members to practice and make sure I can still fit into my leathers... Come out and say hey. These bikes are indestructible and I don't mind watching it skid across the track if the rear lets loose from all that powa! Real friendly atmosphere, everyone is on the same page and willing to help folks get their bikes sorted and ready to race. https://youtu.be/VUjXPyei1J4
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    I believe Mike (from Mid-O) will be teaching Novice with Lean this year at Nelson when they are not running the Endurance Racing this year. Check the schedule at www.leantd.com. I have been under his teaching several times with Lean and he is quite good. Besides, it's a close track to home and it's pretty good to learn on with the new surface. I highly recommend Lean for a first track day for Isaac. Just my experience. Sam is a pretty good guy and can answer any questions prior to going.
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    Just an FYI that was nesba as we talked about this when I took Lyns out in novice with motoseries at Pitt. Not looking to change your mind just letting you know that N2 is not the same.
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    Hope you all are having a great Christmas. Santa brought me a bunch of Aerostich gift certificates and a Ducati hoodie. Woot.
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    This is a mess that is easily avoided. Don't get married!
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    Is @Bad324 the pool table guy? I remember when I first joined every post mentioned trading for a pool table
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    Best first post ever? Thanks dad, glad it wasn't crackheads. Just you and mom... still getting a camera though. I'll be able to post your back yard mudding adventures for all to see next time!
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    I would not bring a paint ball gun to what could be a real gun fight.
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