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    Installed Racetorx Shift Support Adjusted Rearsets Installed RG Radiator Guard Adjusted Clipons Installed lap timer mount Installed rear captive caliper bracket New grips Installed number plates/ rider logos Brake lever guard Changed the oil Waiting on new front brake lines before I install speed bleeders and bleed the brakes.
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    Tire pressure set. Heat-troller and tank bag ready to go. Helmet is charging. My ass is riding tomorrow.
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    Thats a bazooka of a OEM muffler lol.
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    Got a short hour and a half ride in. It was nice to ride. Could have been a little warmer.
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    You have not lived until you have gone up 380 and 218 from Iowa City to Albert Lea with a 45 mph gusting crosswind. It's about 200 miles.
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    Wear a hat. Head tats are painful. You are stuck with the color in to your golden years. Dark hair on older men make them look even older. Microblading might be something to look into, it last a few years but is meant for eyebrows. If you are single, just say no.
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    The low mileage starter bikes are always worth 2 to 3k.
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    Here is a video I took from Nelson last August with Ricky O'Hare, Vasily Zhulin and Stefano Mesa. Mesa and Zhulin pulled away pretty easily but you can see Ricky for a bit before the tow was lost. Bike placement is very important here to open the radius of the turns and carry your corner speed.
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    All Goldwings are old man's bikes. No 20 year old rider wants to buy a Wing. However, the Wings are faster and more nimble than most people think. Even the last generation gl1800s. Pauly's post on the gl1800 site about the prices for the leftover 2018 gl1800s had me thinking really hard about picking one up. I'll get one in a few years. Right now my daughters love the old man's version of the old man's bike. Here is a photo of an old man with a preteen daughter on the Tail of the Dragon that chased down some sport bike riders. What you don't see in the photo is the other 2 sport bike riders that were passed to get to this group.
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    Heated gloves are warmer and more comfortable but heated grips are sooooo convenient. Heated grips are a requirement for me now on any bike.
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    Those old man gloves I purchased did awesome yesterday. Heated grips are a must.
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    Pics. Also, I edited the first post.
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    How many bavarian queef's were had today?
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    You and me, both. I sent a reminder text to Cpt. Lazy.
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    I’d be very interested to see some pictures!
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    If this job has taught me anything.. it is that nothing is absolute. Ride is back on with a 10am departure time.
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    Try ninjette.com too I did share the link with one person in KY that is looking. https://www.ninjette.org/forums/showthread.php?p=1283377#post1283377
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    If this is a good deal compared to online prices thats insane. I bought and sold my for less than that when I first started riding, and that seems like forever ago. I guess they hold their value. Great machines. GLWS
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    That guy can launch a bike... he got the holeshot from the 3rd row lol.
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    Race license? No. Race license course certificate? Yes I was afraid I may get stuck in Novice but that may be the best way to learn a new track. I’m not sure how much help with lines you would get in intermediate but at some other track day orgs, it seems the control riders are willing to show you. I just put Pirelli SC2 slicks on and am a little concerned the Novice group will not keep them hot enough to get good traction. I will send my info into N2 and see what they come back with. I have done about 20 track days and am Advanced at Mid-O and Intermediate with STT.
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    If I had 6, everyone would be complaining of the pace 😂
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    Pretty sure we all have the sport version and you have the old man version.
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    I do a lot of duck hunting and goose hunting, along with deer and some other things. Unfortunately the only public areas that I know of are around the Alum Creek area and some different areas around the Sciota.
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    It is a use-it-or-lose-it skill, but it comes back pretty quickly. Every spring, it takes a few hundred or more miles to bring back the reaction and motor skills. Modern bike engineering and tire compounds are improving faster than my skills are degrading. At 70, not sure how long that'll hold true....
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    Great plan Pauly. You NEO's have all the fun. It's been a great riding season for me. Just over 11K on the V-Strom and 5k on the Z1K and the best winter Adventure riding is just starting, No Bugs, Cool temps, Leaves and Brush cleared. Will trailer down or back of truck with all the gear. Going to try and do another Smokey Mountain 500 down in TN.NC.GA. this winter and the Talladega National Forrest in AL. Hope to see you gents on one of you SE Ohio rides. Stay Safe.
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