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    Went to deals gap last week, here are a few pics
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    In 2015 me and Jerry talking "imagine one day tonik getting a sports bike full leather and hitting the tracks " "hahahaha and the sun will just disappear in the middle of the day if that ever happens"
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    Some will blame the right, because they're idiots. Others will blame the left, because they're also idiots. The government has no power or money that we don't give them. Fact of the matter is we're all idiots consumed by fantasy agendas and ideology. We allow the talking heads to create fear and alarmism. We then gobble that nonsense whole and want to know who's gonna fix our indigestion. Or, rather, who's to blame for my big fat tummy ache. News flash, princess... you are to blame. Stop swallowing bullshit and you'll start to feel better. Stop feeding the propaganda machine and it will find another pile of assholes to pester. Turn off the idiot box and go outside. Look around. Meet new people. Don't discuss politics. Don't discuss religion. Breathe some fresh air. Look up and see that the sky is not falling. Shut the fuck up and live your own life and leave mine the fuck alone. I don't have time for your alarmist nonsense. Also, fuck Hillary.
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    Picture of @NinjaDoc and Mrs.Doc
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    "I hope everyone understands that if Hillary had been elected there would not be a problem with the monuments as there was no problem for eight years of Obama and a hundred previous years under several other Presidents. Because it is not about the monuments or slavery,it is a provocation plain and simple. It is about we did not get our 'president' so we could continue the status quo and continue with the bloodying of America." -
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    The value on OR compared to social media is like the difference between an encyclopedia and a happy meal box... Facebook being the fast food reading... I think that definitely has something to do with the lack of anononymity here. We all know each other, and so we moderate our opinions like reasonable adults should. Social media, and thus our entire culture, has become a mosh pit of half-baked, least common denominator, childish, I-can-type-louder-than-you ideas. And that one very powerful, very polarizing element is taking civilization down a path of destruction. The world has never seen the the power of this form of communication. It has (maybe past tense 'had' is more appropriate) the potential to be a global force for good and positive change. But social media has devolved into a cesspool of failed ideologies, hate, misinformation, lies, fools, and propaganda. And I don't think anyone knows how to fix it. Ive come to a point where I no longer attempt to make rational arguments for my Conservative/ Libertarian beliefs. It's pointless. Nobody cares and nobody listens, and I'm not changing any minds. So now, my entire purpose for my freedom of speech is to ask people from all sides to stop allowing themselves to be polarized and defend their personal bias, and to try to empathize with those you disagree with, and spend your time trying to find common ground. If we continue to stand and fight from our bias we will never find a solution to the division in our society. I'll never concede that more government is an answer to our problems. That's a principle I believe to my core. But I don't have to argue that point every time you ask me to concede that gays, blacks, and minorities deserve equal rights and haven't had them. Just like you can concede that maybe it's a good idea to at least monitor who comes in and out of the country. I can concede that not all Muslims are terrorists and in fact most aren't. Just like you can call Black Lives Matter members chanting "Murder Cops" in the streets just as repugnant as Nazis. But nobody right now will concede a damn thing! Everyone thinks they're so damn correct. Independent intellectual analysis is far more difficult than reiterating what BuzzFeed and CNN and Breitbart told you. And until everyone can concede SOMETHING we are going to kill each other. And it makes me terribly sad, because America as an idea, as an ideal, as a philosophy is better than this.
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    I am home, that was epic. Thank you everyone for the guidance and help...it was much appreciated.
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    Like the title says, I'm getting to post here for the first time. I rode on the street for the first time on my new (to me) bike - a 2009 Suzuki Boulevard s40! Absolutely love the bike. 7,800 miles, picked it up for $1,350, and it runs & looks like a charm. I couldn't be happier with my first purchase. Not that anyone cares, but here's a picture of me on it. Happy riding!
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    Date codes are only one factor of many when considering a tire's quality/life expectancy. Many other factors such as temperature where stored, how long have they been stored, have they been sitting in sunlight, have they been in a humid shed, have they been off the wheel, on the wheel, sitting with water in them, etc. This is why you check a tires physical condition (hardness, signs of cracking, loss of shape, odd coloring, etc) I just had a bike on the lift this weekend that had tires with a 2009 date code. Guess what, they looked perfectly fine and they guy was railing corners on a Goldwing with them. I understand you're trying to help, but this topic has been beat to death lately. People need to worry less about date codes and more about tire pressure. That is the #1 cause for premature tire wear or poor handling.
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    Exactly. If you want to race, come down to an OMRL race. I have two bikes and would happily sit out a race to watch Derek and Tonik battle it out on 6 hp bikes.
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    I figured this out about a year ago and have been living like this. No TV. No news. Do whatever the fuck I want. It's amazing how much better life has been. Not giving a shit about anything helps a lot too. I still don't completely know what happened in South Carolina, and I don't care. What would really make the world a better place is simple: Mind your own damn business.
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    "If you disagree with my politics, you're an idiot." -Pretty much everyone.
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    This. I'll add if the DNC wouldn't have made a mockery of their own process by gifting the nomination to hilldog, Trump probably wouldn't be the president.
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    It's like an annoying dog that shows up out of nowhere and licks your face when you didn't even know it was there thus scaring the living piss out of you.
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    Again science, maybe only 3" of shade to you. That however is magnified at our height. In actuality that feels like we lost 9.66" of shade at our stance. That is truly a vast difference especially when you factor in the close proximity of our balls to the asphalt we are literally being baked from all angles when we set up the extra height.
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    Tearing down statues & monuments is in the same vein as burning books. I thought it was unfortunate when ISIS did it in the middle East. I don't much care for it here.
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    Your history lesson for the day. Robert E Lee was married to George Washington's step granddaughter. He worked with Grant during the Mexican-American war and became a decorated war hero defending this country He believed slavery was a great evil and his wife broke the law by teaching slaves to read and write. After the civil war he worked with Andrew Johnson's program of reconstruction. He became very popular with the northern states and the Barracks at West Point were named in his honor in 1962. He was a great man who served this country his entire life in some form or other. His memorial is now being called a blight. No American military veteran should be treated as such. People keep yelling, "You can't change history." Sadly you can. This is no better than book burnings. ISIS tried rewriting history by destroying historical artifacts. Is that really who we want to emulate? As they tear down this "blight" keep these few historical facts in your mind. No military veteran and highly decorated war hero should ever be treated as such. This is not Iraq and that is not a statue of Sadam. IN ADDITION:: Lee was also very torn about the prospect of the South leaving the Union. His wifes grandfather George Washington was a huge influence on him. He believed that ultimately, states rights trumped the federal government and chose to lead the Southern army. His estate, Arlington, near Washington DC was his home and while away fighting the war, the federal government demanded that Lee himself pay his taxes in person. He sent his wife but the money was not accepted from a woman. When he could not pay the taxes, the government began burying dead Union soldiers on his land. The government is still burying people there today. It is now called Arlington National Cemetery. DO THEY WANT TO TEAR THAT UP ALSO ??
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    I finally understand When someone disagrees with you about anything ever, immediately call them a racist. This is especially encouraged when race is not the issue. Don't forget that you are far too tolerant to be bothered with trying to understand an opposing point of view. Developing an informed opinion is not required. They're probably just a racist anyway. Congratulate yourself for outing the racist on social media (for example, see the entire state of California). If your bravery is not immediately recognized refer to yourself as a social justice warrior. This will produce the desired effect. Blame Republicans while patting yourself on the back for occupying moral high ground. Remember, you know what is best for everyone.
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    Hey folks, just bought and fixed up my first motorcycle. Learning the ins and outs of riding downtown Columbus. Wish me luck and constant traction!
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    I'm just gonna start saying "habe" instead of half, because this goddamn phone is really starting to piss me off. If you can't beat em, join em! Edit: "HAVE"!! YOU DUCKING SONUVABITCH!!
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    My neighbors are assholes. Luckily I just worked on the local police officer's R1, so I texted him this. He said he will have it taken care of.
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    4th place in sport. There were zero beginners registered when I went to the table, so I did sport class instead. Fourth of four in my age group. I did beat a couple of guys over 40, and the lone woman racing 2 laps. I actually went slower this race than last race (by a minute or so), but I was pacing for a second lap. could have gone much faster my first lap, but damp roots and lack of warmup just had me feeling "blah" the first couple of miles. With pacing being less of an issue on lap 2, I cleaned all of the climbs I hiked on lap 1. The only place I dabbed was on the narrow hubcap trees, when my tire spun on their roots. great trail. Probably my favorite thus far.
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    Just saved myself $2k, thanks to @2talltim. This unit is a 2006 with 9600 miles. Completely stock, except for the Helibars newly donned PR3 tires. The OTD price of this bike is $700 cheaper than the asking price of the other one. Plus, it's only 2 hours away.
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    If/when I sell the Duc I'm using that money on an XR100. Dirt training to get a feel for drift/loss of traction AND play road rash in real life.
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    Wtf. You don't even ride man. First thing to get cold is the hands. Get a f'n bike & ride chump.
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    The worst part of this story is that someone would actually pay 42k for a Harley trike
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    I'm a product of this myself. My grandfather (dad's dad) was an orphen grew up homeless most of his young life, while he was a hard working man later on he made almost nothing. He was a violent and an alcoholic father. My grandmother of 9 kids died at a early age of cancer. So my dad and his siblings were raised literally dirt floor broke.(dad said a shack they lived in for 10 years had no floor) being raised by a widowed alcoholic father that beat them with on inches of thier lives some times. My dad and a few other of his sibling raised up and cleaned them selves off and they (not society) made a life for themselves. Now a few of my other aunt's and uncles chose not to do this and are stuck in what you call is the cycle Jim. While we grew up on a limited income. My dad worked hard and treated us good, so me and my wife took that one step further and said our kids would have it even better. On a side note story my wife grew up a carni kid and dumpster dived for her food some nights. Never had a place she could call home for more than a few months at a time. Now she is a college educated professional. Never claimed to be a victim or ask for help or even expected any.
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    I head back to teaching Monday. Today was essentially my last free day to ride before I have to go back to the joys of teaching teenagers. I ran my usual route of 164-9 into Cadiz. Then I decided to run down 250 to WV250 to WV7 and then hit 536-556-145-148-9. The new pavement on WV250 is already getting beat up. By no means is it terrible, but they have already had to do some patch work. On a positive note there was very little gravel, probably the cleanest I've ever seen 250. I had a blast. I need to ride that road more often. I basically used WV7 to get me to 536. To start my ride on 536 I ran into mowing. Not exactly how I wanted to start things off, but eventually things cleared up in time for me to run up on Bambi staring at me. Thankfully I spotted him early, and with a few honks of the horn he headed up the hill into the woods. After those distractions I focused on getting comfortable on 536. Definitely felt better today compared to when I ran it a couple weeks ago with Doc. I was not squeezing the bars and puckering around every corner. I still need to spend more time on that road. My plan was to run it north then south and back up again. When I stopped, however, I could smell plastic melting. My lower fairings were getting cooked from running at 10-12k rpms. I decided it was best to make my way to 556, plus I got some looks from home owners as I went by. I figured they would not be pleased to see and hear me 3 times. The rest of ride home was great. The only issue was I saw a car smashed into the guardrail on 164. Nothing like 450 miles for 9 hours to prepare me for the real world again. Took 1 pic (stole the idea from Doc) Note: sign said 536 would be closed 8/22/2017 for 3 days
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    Not at all Dan. I'm very open to opposing ideas. I value an educated debate. I just don't value alarmism, fear mongering, or clinging to either party like they give a fuck about any of us. They both manipulate and misdirect to protect their power and vast fortunes. Like I've said 100 times, I have far too much self respect to call myself either a Democrat or a Republican.
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    I HAVE TO SHARE THIS Goodbye Democrats. Amazing how over a century of party existence came tumbling down in just a few months. Thanks for the racism. Thanks for the war on police. Thanks for the rekindling of the red-scare. Thanks for the corruption of the justice system and the media. Thanks for loving money and Hollywood more than voters. Thanks for assassination inciting. Thanks for the violence inciting. Thanks for the explosion in the cost of healthcare. Thanks for choosing the sides of Iran, Pakistan and North Korea over the United States. Your slow death... is well deserved. By Shawn McDermott
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    I have an '09 FJR that I addressed this issue a long time ago. I ran my own grounds for the fans because they are high load items. Then I installed a "Brodie harness" that connects all the ground spiders together and adds two very good ground paths directly to the engine case. That was over 100,000 miles ago and all-season riding. No spider problems. For you, stop fooling around with the dielectric grease, it doesn't fix the problem. Cut the bad terminal off and solder all 6 wires together along with another 18 ga wire that you can attach to the engine case somewhere. You should also consider grounding the fans separately, like mine. Better yet, just ride up to Toledo next week and I'll fix you up. No charge.
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    He had surgery Monday, went well. Recovering after that. Still need time to get going. He is feeling okay. Hoping to get out as soon as he can fart. It's Time for him to live up to the title of old fart
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    Agreed, all considering I'm glad this happened on the track and not on the street too....
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    Made it home. Had an awesome weekend even though I didnt set foot on a track. Started at Pitt Race and hopefully got @TRMN8TR hooked on that liter bike life. Ended Monday at Mid-Ohio. Got to watch some guys go through their first track day, and got to watch others get their first bumps to faster groups. Great riding all around. I want to thank everyone for coming out to Mid-Ohio. It was great seeing everybody. I hope that the new guys will/ have already gotten hooked. I look forward to mixing it up with the others that got bumped. Maybe we can make this Ohio Riders Unofficial Track Day a "thing"! Want to send out a special thanks to @Jester_ for letting me stay in his new awesome new toy hauler all weekend. It was weird being in AC and watching Ninja Warrior in the paddock during a track day weekend, but I think I could get used to that. Now to figure out what to eat for dinner.
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    Tech inspector to @Blitz Oh, its an Aprilia. You are fine, they never break down.
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    I was just scrolling through our Ozark Trip photos. I hope all is going well Jerry...
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    The argument that the confederacy was fighting for state's rights is utter and complete nonsense. The confederacy was fighting for state's rights... TO OWN SLAVES. It's right in the confederacy's constitution that all confederate states will allow the ownership of slaves. Now...removing confederate statues because we are so easily offended that we can't view a monument in historical context without getting a sad...these people need to get a grip. Removing evidence of the past doesn't negate the past. Changing and acting differently DOES.
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    For many people, motivation to do better disappears when society provides them with "just enough" to get by. I've witnessed it...many times. I think society should provide a safety net (with an expiration date) for those that would otherwise fall through the cracks. Beyond that, we are all responsible for finding our own opportunities.
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    Read Bonhoeffer's "On Stupidity". It applies to all sides. People have abandoned logic in favor of the party ideals fed to them. They no longer think for themselves. And they no longer empathize because they consider anyone that doesn't think like them to be an enemy, or an appeaser. The Left is intentionally trying to destroy this President. It's disgusting. And the Right shouldn't have elected the moron in the first place. I have come to the realization recently that there is no fixing this and it's all going to end in violence and pain. https://www.google.com/amp/s/religiousgrounds.wordpress.com/2016/05/11/bonhoeffer-on-stupidity-entire-quote/amp/
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    HAH! First truck stop I see...... @Jester_ My first advice to you is to only use your rear brake.............
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    That party did the same thing the Republican party did. They let in the crazies and gave them important jobs. I used to associate "Liberal" with a moderately positioned, America-loving, blue collar bloke with a 12 gauge in his closet. I'm afraid their party is doomed by this new breed of whiny, trophies for everyone, race-baiting fuckwits. Only Siths deal in absolutes.
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    I can confirm Justin knows a bad tire when he sees one.
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