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    In truth, a true democracy can ONLY work when you have an well-educated voting populace, one of the reasons that only land owners were allowed to vote when our country was established, as they were essentially the most well educated who had a stake in the outcome of the country's direction. What we technically have historically is a republic, or at least a hybrid system combining democracy with a republic. Allowing the ignorant, the uninformed and the uneducated to vote, while a rampantly popular idea on citizen rights, is a recipe for disaster over many decades. As soon as the majority discovers for themselves or are urged or "told" they can vote themselves free benefits at the largesse of the tax-paying minority, it becomes a socialist democracy, which is where we're headed rapidly. Sanders, Warren, Booker, Yang, Harris...name your progressive of choice. I know that sounds terribly "privileged", but it is our history. If we could somehow instill the understanding of the need for EVERYONE to exercise their right to vote, so that a thin majority truly represents the "will of the people", then we could have a functional democracy. When you have voter turnouts of 20-25% of registered voters, you effectively have the will of a 10-15% minority imposing their will on the 80%+ majority....and we allow it because we're too f'ing lazy or busy or disconnected to make our desire known.
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    Turned the tracker on 40 miles in..
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    All loaded up and set. The only thing left is the leaving. Rolling south in T-minus 9 hours. The Mrs. ( @R00 ) and I are headed to the Smokies and beyond for a week. Her first real long bike trip other than stlabbing to Niagara Falls once. Taking 2 days down through the heart of Ky, staying in Pigeon Forge with the family for a few days. Then taking the BRP and doing my named road trip in reverse to get home. Ill post pics and reports here through out the week.
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    Yes until you or someone else brings Covid in from somewhere else. As to your original question "Am I an idiot". Sorry man, at this point I have to go with yes.
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    Just rode 555 June 30, 2020 from Rt 78 to Rt 550. Everything has been repaved and shoulders are tarred to keep gravel down. Great condition but the sphincter still puckers a little as you approach tops of hills and not sure which way the road breaks. I’m a 58 year old with a 2006 Goldwing. Take it easy and enjoy the ride! Ed Nagle, Perrysburg OH
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    I feel threatened. Can somebody hide this thread?
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    My name is Mike. I used to frequent the forums before Facebook and then I stopped giving a shit about the time I had kids. I got a new bike last week and have started to enjoy riding again. My old bike is a runner and she was not real comfortable. The new bike is an old man bike, but her guess what? I'm fucking old. Anyways, hello! Picture of my new bike - 2014 Honda CTX 1300 My old bike some might remember - 1988 Honda Hawk GT
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    This thread needs a small injection of humor.
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    You should ride mine. I have a step ladder you can borrow.
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    I thought it was obvious that it had to be a liter since it was a "want a be Ducati"! Besides, who is lame enough to ride an SV650? 🖕
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    Wonder what the stats and charts showed for the first flu, or the measles, or scarlet fever... Or even syphilis? At some point we will all be exposed and we need a vaccine now. I think the increase is for multiple reasons. A couple of the reasons... I do think protesters help spread it, and so did everyone at the local bars. Both sides are responsible for helping the spread. They were not wearing mask and not distant while looting and screaming. More testing is also to blame. You can't tell me to wear a mask in public because I could get it and then say protesters did not spread it when they clearly did not follow CDC guildlines or other laws. Even the protesters that were nonviolent were not following CDC. Just my .02. I really don't believe the numbers, everyone lies and fudges them, especially the media. We will never know the true numbers or reasons. No need to argue about what we can't control or prove (not enough accurate, reliable and published data). ....back to sammiches
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    So if your saying the outdoor events are not the cause of the uptick in cases, why are we not reopening state and national parks for people to go hiking by themselves. beaches are still considered a death sentence to anyone at them and Mid-Ohio Vintage needs to be put back on the schedule because dammit I want to see motorcycle racing again if the outdoor events are safer than eating my dinner while sitting in a restaurant. 😷
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    ha, I'm old enough to remember a national outcry against Randy Newman's song "Short People". For a month or two everything "short" was verboten, per the thought police. People got over it, and went back to normal (whatever normal is). Whatever is going on now will pass too. But it's going to leave a bad taste for quite a while. Wondering if 2020 is going to be a "never forget" moment in time. Regardless, try not to buy into the media's "fear and loathing". Stick to reality, which is what you see around you.
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    Honda with a bowl of spaghetti?
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    300 miles today, only 2 miles of interstate. It was fucking hot. The wifey did awesome only stopped 4 times mostly for the little tank Scout and for us to hydrate. 180 miles tomorrow to Pigeon Forge for the week.
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    Social distancing ride with the 3rd Reich to finish off the last of the grippy bits on my front tire.
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    All the political bullshit 24/7 is making people forget they have friends that might not agree with them on 100% of everything but they are still friends. The media is to blame for the state of the country right now, by and large. Social media and the 24 hour news cycle may be the end of us all. Hope not. Good plan to stay away from it, it makes life a happier experience.
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    I was not in my right mind the other evening, but I stand by my rant. I had some shit to say, apparently. I will do more to social distance from politics on this forum and more to further the sport I love. Stay tuned... Speed safe. Happy 4th.
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    I picked up a new type mask that has some type of filter flaps that are for motorcycle riding but they make a frapping / wining noise above 50 mph.
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    Nope. Anything I could pick won't hold a candle to the GSA. I am completely set for a few hundred thousand miles. ..or until Jim is finished with his Goldwing.
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    I delivered the Ducati. I now only own 3 motorcycles.
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    Not sure about your BMW, but on mine when I pull the front brake lever, the bike decides which brakes are applied based on some German algorithm that considers many factors. A light squeeze on the front brake lever will only apply the rear brake in certain situations (you can actually feel it in the rear brake pedal). It's actually a really good system and works seamlessly.
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    FYI...the rear stock kawasaki brake pads on a C14 will last 82k miles Need to make a trip to pony in mansfield tomorrow morning. They are holding a set of EBC HHs for me.
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    I glimpsed someone wizzing right in front of the trailhead on my ride Monday. The ride sucked.
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    No. I am done. All the evidence is available. Anyone not convinced already cannot be convinced.
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    You regularly ride your bike to southern Ohio in areas where the infection rate is spiking pretty rapidly, stopping for gas, some snacks and lunch. And even though you are careful you are surrounded by idiots not wearing masks. Then you come back to your safe little county, and don't wear a mask when you are around other people. You are the poster child for why people should wear masks, as are most of us.
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    IMO, the best solution to avoid getting COVID is to distance one's self from EVERYONE, wear a mask when it becomes necessary to go out, and not engage in any conversation with others. Get in, get it, and go home--then wash yer hands. Same as it always was when this bullshit started months ago. Those who "don't do the right thing" are setting us back big time, but there's not much we can do about that except stay home and hope that the insanity blows over.
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    Yeah... Democrats suck. Perhaps I will sit this one out. Seems to be a game one is unable to win.
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    Long time lurker random poster. So my wife got me an anniversary gift. Its a "want a be Italian " anybody got a good guess?
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    My eyes are always wide open. Do I think Trump is doing a great job?..no. Do I think Biden is capable of leading?..also no. But, it doesn't sit well with me the the Dems are fine with the economy tanking and Covid spiking as long as it means Trump doesn't get re-elected. That is an epic failure of leadership that is well above and beyond anything you can lay on Trump. Sorry. Calling that treasonous would not be not out of line. trea·son noun the crime of betraying one's country
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    Get your faggy science out of here, pal.
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    Correlation does not equal causation. The reopening, indoor gatherings and idiots not wearing masks caused it. The protests were outside, MUCH safer than what the freedom crowd is doing. Stop making excuses for dumbasses. https://www.google.com/search?biw=412&bih=645&tbm=nws&sxsrf=ALeKk01voEnJ7k9HKzWAYJoLnVDCz36_-Q%3A1593966773548&ei=tQACX5WUIe-uytMP0LO36Aw&q=did+protests+raise+covid+infection&oq=did+protests+raise+covid+infection&gs_l=mobile-gws-serp.3...32108.34160.0.34927.
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    My friend is also running the CRG arrows, with the CRG billet Adaptors.
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    I've been wearing a mask for several weeks now once AZ began to be a hot spot. It is now mandatory most places (not in my town, tho by the way) but I am trying to do my part and be courteous. However, I still don't believe in mandatory mask orders. People should not be forced to wear anything. Should they? Sure. Mandated? It's fucking America and right or wrong that's why it's great to fucking be here. So, call me a covidiot and wish harm on my family or whatever gets your jollies off, but I'll never fucking agree and I'm not sorry either. I gave up talking about it here because some of yall like Tonik seem to be legitimately fucking terrified and I just don't feel that so I'm not gonna talk shit. Like my momma always said, when you have nothing nice to say, stfu 🤷🏻‍♂️.... So yall do whatever the fuck you want because this is America and its the only place on earth like it. I'll keep wearing my mask out of respect for others around me, but I will never judge anyone for choosing not to 🤷🏻‍♂️ and I will never support any mandatory mask orders. Idk why I'm even biting this hook again. Bunch crusty fucks about to jump in here and brag about not showering or buying groceries for 5 months... Queue Tonik
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    researchers predicted that 80 percent of the population wearing masks would do more to reduce COVID-19 spread than a strict lockdown. https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2020/06/417906/still-confused-about-masks-heres-science-behind-how-face-masks-prevent
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    G4 EA H1N1 - G4 for short - Chinese Pig Flu - Fauci says it has elements of Swine Flu 2009 and Spanish Flu 1918. It's currently of concern in China. Just what we need, another pandemic for late this year and next. Before we even get rid of the one we've got. Food supply isn't fully recovered yet. Potential to get worse. I'm going to slowly start stockpiling more canned food and other long shelf life staples. I'm getting tired of this...
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    As to the Ken and Karen show, at least he appears to have his trigger finger outside the trigger guard, whereas Karen looks to have her finger on the trigger. she needs to take a gun safety class. Even if they’re not charged criminally with menacing, they still might have a complaint filed against them by Missouri Disciplinary Counsel since it was reported they are both personal injury lawyers. 🙄
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    Maybe Dunlop changed something like @durk suggested? Without TC, the first big slip would have high sided me. After a few more times, I started making it slip intentionally, so I'd kinda know what to expect and how it would feel. On some roads they were ok, like the Dragon and the Skyway. They grip on the roads in Kentucky was especially bad. I had to keep my bike in Rain Mode for most of the trip. Love the BMW. Hate the Dunlops.
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    Follow up CT scan today. All clear. Now switching to 6 month scans.
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    555 would be a sweet road for asshats like me if it was made of real pavement & the shoulders were paved. If that were the case comparisons with US129 would be interesting.
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