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    For those that followed us this season BeIn has finally posted race 2 from Barber. It was by far Gavin's best performance of the season and arguably the best battle of all classes all season. Grab a beer and watch. It is absolutely worth every minute. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNaCj6zHgAs&sns=em
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    I don't know about the rest of the motorcycling world, but I didn't buy a sportbike for poker runs, charity rides or parades. I bought it for the explicit intent of breaking numerous traffic laws and general felonious mischief. I'm not a commuter. I'm not a Winger. I don't wear vests. If my antics cause anyone to have an unfortunate interaction with the police, then they should have bought a faster bike or taken the time to consider how their actions will affect their own damn life.
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    At least that's what it feels like. I've always had naked or nearly naked bikes but decided to pull the trigger on a Connie 14. I think it was a good decision. This whole wind protection thing is fucking awesome aside from a little trouble judging speed compared to a naked bike. This thing is super stable and smooth at speed and handles well enough to give 1/4" chicken strips the first time out on fresh rubber. All kinds of power doesn't hurt either. Took it over to the river Saturday and it's not my zrx but it's not bad at all in the twisties for a touring bike. 800 and 536 were plenty of fun. The linked brakes seem to be the biggest downfall for me (parking lots and such) but I have no doubt I'll get used to them eventually. Also having to do the 15k mile service including valve adjustment over the winter bites a bit. Planning two trips to Tennessee and a trip to Florida next year so it was time to find a more appropriate bike. Mostly just really excited about this thing and wanted to share.
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    Gonna be a rough day today. Nothing but terrible flat straight boring roads. BRP, Foothills, Dragon and Cherohala. That's all before lunch.
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    You know what I do when I'm somewhere and they ask me to bow my head and close my eyes so they can say a prayer for the food in about to eat? I bow my head and close my eyes and let them pray because I'm not a disrespectful piece of shit. Same applies here. I'm not a big national anthem fan. I'm patriotic, despite GWB's opinion that an atheist cannot be such. However, I'm not watching football to see a bunch of bitchy millionaires whine about their personal grievances. Shut the fuck up and catch the fucking ball. That's the ONLY reason your stupid ass is in the uniform. Do your job and shut the fuck up
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    Wait, are you making rules and taking away our freedom?
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    Trout at Carvers and at our hotel in Maggie. Today's route was awesome. Thanks @Isaac's Papa. God help us tomorrow when Tim made the route. I mean, we are talking about a guy that brought bullets for his gun, but no gun.
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    I don't like the idea of trailering past really fun roads to get to other really fun roads. Some of the best riding I did in June was getting there and getting home.
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    So reading through this thread, I must be the most hated MOFO on this site. 1) I'm a millennial 2) I rip 100+ down the highway at times 3) I go bonkers in the twisties on SEO 4) I double yellow pass 5) I post my ride routes online for police 6) I do the occasional wheelie 7) I'm a motovlogger ( @Casper ) 8) I've taken my DSLR and drone to cars and coffee for them instagram posts 9) I've been to the drag strip where I like to go fast straight 10) I've also been to the road track where I go decently fast in corners. Either way, I'm just like fuck you all because when I ride, I ride to do whatever makes me happy at that moment. If I'm feeling frisky, I get frisky. I don't worry about what others think of me (see myself holding a dildo in my avatar), regardless of how pissy they get when I go around them.
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    Most of us have partaked "Silly Riding" in some sort. Idiots are gonna be idiots,and the best prevention IMO is to be welcoming and not alienating to inexperienced riders. You see a new rider, help them out and try to steer them towards safe riding techniques. Squids are inevitable though. I just avoid their top locations, highway/city/parks. Theres plenty of motorcycle practices I don't agree with but that's the rider's choice. Some choose to not wear a helmet and speed excess of 100mph, others choose to pass on double yellow. It's not a perfect system, but you gotta work with what you got.
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    The towel is on there as a precaution, it's honestly not leaking that bad. I would worry more about fucking with it and making it worse then I would really be fucked on the road. Love ya man I know your trying help.
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    What it sounds like to me is court cost, roughly $25 fee for online program, and maybe some other fee(s). I did read that on Marysville you still have to pay the fine and that you can sign up in advance. He wasn't caught in Marysville though. This is from the prosecutor's officer: "Completion of the Program results in a dismissal of his charges. If he ends up completing the Program, he will not have to enter any plea with the judge."
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    I refuse to be arrested by a police car the offends anyone.
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    Pauly I appreciate last night. Great food and an awesome fire. Beer wasn't bad either. felt great to finally get out of bed and do something.
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    Haven't ridden since my track day about a month ago, so I checked the tires, put the seat cowl back on, made sure everything else was good and went for a ride. It felt good to ride today, I'm hoping to get out this weekend too. 😁
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    Rode the bike to work today. The ride in was a bit chilly, but ride home was great to forget about high schoolers. Continued my work on piecing back together my quad. I put the case back together the other night. Tonight I put in the oil pumps and the gears that drive them. I also installed the balancers and the primary drive gear. Thankfully I took a look at the starter clutch that came with the used flywheel I purchased on EBay. It was trashed so I swapped it with the one I had in my flywheel I broke. Hopefully I will have everything pieced back together soon and I’ll just be waiting on the piston and cylinder to arrive.
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    Last race of the season. All in the points race. Trip to Spain on the line. Potential sponsors watching to see who's hungry for a ride in 2018. Racing. What they don't clearly show there is Standish is lucky to be alive. The guard rail got his neck between his helmet and suit and sliced him open then he was pinned under the bike. The safety team was completely on their game that day and he lived to race again. They got the bleeding controlled and the bike removed then a very fast ride to the ER and surgery. That kid had an angel watching him that day no question
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    Went down for a weekend in July and spent 2 days 2 up Groming. I have just as much fun if not more fun on it than the big bikes.
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    Welcome to the Sport Touring crowd. It seems like more and more people are drinking the Kool-Aid each year.
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    I'll be the owner of one of these german toxys in 2 weeks. SSSA rear suspension, FWD 14speed internal rohloff hub, tail fairing trunk. I could part the extras and have a sweet lighter naked bike.
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    Noted: Finally a way I can get IP's head down and eyes closed.
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    I've stopped watching all games this season aside from my team. I figure if so many people are boycotting, I might as well contribute to the drop in ratings... I'm so fucking sick of politics in the NFL... I still watch my team, but I used to watch games all day Sunday and Monday and Thursday games.... Idgaf which side anyone is on, I'm just ready for it to be over with. Maybe I'll resume binge watching next year, if they knock off all the dumb shit
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    IP's sense of giving a singular fuck has fallen by the wayside
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    I personally don't give a fuck about how people ride...unless they're riding with me. If I don't like riding with someone, I just won't. This policy has worked out fabulously for me over many years and many thousands of miles.
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    370 miles for me. Had a blast. Perfect riding weather. I love riding this time of year. The ST3 is better every ride.
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    We may or may not have jumped a few speed bumps last night.
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    You guys didn't stop by. And yes that round sucked with the bike problems because he is fast there. His track day times there were faster than the winning times
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    Then you should stay at Fontana and not ride your bike, as per usual.
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    Do you guys (tonik is a woman) really wash your bikes on a trip? I mean, thats kinda gay.
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    You forgot # 11 about now being a track day snob!
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    There isn't much runoff.
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    You take a copy of the death certificate and survivorship papers to the county deed office and it's done.
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    "Justin's Friend".....careful... @2talltim may get jealous you start honing on his "buddy"
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    Or if someone is doing 150 when they rear end someone on the BRP.
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    Yes, they are. People's actions that others find threatening and dangerous are often cause for new or more punitive legislation. More laws=less freedom. And no better place to showcase your brash and selfish behaviour than a busy 6 lane interstate.
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    Had a chance to push the RS3s today on 377, 676, and 26. Somebody mentioned they were curious to see if the tires would live up to the claims made about them. As far as grip and feel I think they are great. They don't stick like a Q3 but I never felt uncomfortable at all today, and I rode it like I stole it at times. The only question now is longevity. I can tell you I have 1400 miles on them so far and they show little signs of wear. They definitely will out last the Q3s I killed in 2000 miles.
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    there is a myriad of reasons.. number one is tire technology... the tires they use are NOT available to us. even though you see 60ish degrees... in motoamerica bikes are lucky to reach max lean angles of 54-56 degrees (their tires are available to us) but that's just the tip of the iceberg. one is can only reach those lean angles safely when your BP is on point.. otherwise you are putting to much stress on the carcass and making the tire do the work of the suspension which is BAD... to really get into it... the combo is tires, bp, suspension and EMU/throttle control need the tires to be able to reach that lean and maintain traction.. to do so you need proper suspension.. (oem wont do it in most cases ) as if the suspension cannot properly soak up and rebound the irregularities of the track the tier ends up taking up the slack and doing things its not meant to do.. usually results in a crash. next is your BP, BP is subjective yet there still needs to be the same foundation... that is getting central mass off the top of the bike and lower than the center of gravity. this allows you to keep the bike angle lower (45-50 not 55) as the most traction is available on the side not the edge.(the idea is to always stay off the edge as much as possible to get on the gas and brakes harder I could compound this for hours) lastly is EMU/Throttle control. it is combined as 1 is under out control the other isn't ecu needs to have fueling on point. tuned properly to not always lean or rich spots that cause surging or lack of power spots that could cause you to have to adjust throttle excessively mid corner. throttle control throttle control throttle control... smooth consistent throttle will allow you to maintain smoothness all the way thru the turn. with out this you can basically pogo stick the bike as it will be minutely transitioning weigh from front to back and so on thru the turn.. ... all of this EVERY LAST BIT comes down to traction.. we do everything for traction... every last input in the bike is to maintain traction while getting around as quick as possible with the traction provided... (yes even the MA and GP guys drifting and sliding is still traction...) traction is still intact until your on your face. soo as run around and ADD answer as that was..... GP can do it because they have million dollar bikes on million dollar tires with million dollar suspension and million dollar EMU. MA , WSBK and the likes cant even do it... but they get closer as they have 100k bikes with 100k suspension ect ect.... we can get close to them because all our tech is trickle down... long story.. get that BP in check
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    been a while since I've jumped in this one.. as I haven't honestly done anything but tweeks to my bikes. but with the sell if the duc Pani-dropper I've had some things going on so.... bought a 2017 Yamaha R6.... list of things being currently worked on! Full Graves WORKS Ti Exhaust Supersport Motor build, Pump gas and MR12 Race fuel tunes Ohlins 30mil front fork Cartridge kit Penske Double 8789 Rear shock Woolich ECU Flash Translogic Quickshifter Translogic Autoblipper Marvic Magnesium Wheels MotoHolders Subframe Vortex Clip ons CRG levers Vortex Rearsets Vortex Gas cap Vortex misc sprockets Brembo 19x20 master cylinder Galfer Stainless steel lines, with ABS delete Vesrah Pads Brembo Rotors Woodcraft Keyless ignition Woodcraft Case savers Armour Bodies Bodywork Custom paint by paul finn decals by pop shadow there may actually be more it's quite the undertaking and my most ambitious one yet... very excited to get it all together and see how much of a monster she really is, we are shooting for sub 375# wet and 140 wheel on race gas big thanks, couldn't be possible without the help of my sponsors for next year. Turn One Racing, Apex Manufacturing, Sportbike Track Time, Pop Shadow Decals, Vortex, Bridgestone
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    Damn grandpa have a nap and a snickers
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