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    Nice wheels! too bad they are attached to a bmw 😁
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    Steve, who is normally wrong is 100 percent correct. If your current drive is bothering you making it longer is a really bad idea.
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    Bulk is a subjective term. Your and my idea of bulk likely differ. How much is bulk to you? I keep cases upon cases and have a source for pallets.
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    I wouldn't. Maybe the house is more important than the job?
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    I wanna know is it louder than shingles when it's raining.
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    Welcome to the forum. I quit riding because of KTM/ Brembo problems resulting in a bunch of broken bones, helicopter ride, hospital stay, rehab, etc. Make sure you get proof that those recalls are actually done. Sorry for the negative man. Lots of good folks on here.
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    I was supposed to work today. I guess I will have to make the most of it and declare a MHD.
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