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    Well, I knew this day was coming soon, but really (really) didn't expect it to be today...or this bike Put a deposit this morning on a 2011 DR650 at a Dealership in PA that accepted an offer I sent a month ago (never thinking they would accept) The bike has some tasty add-ons I needed (and a few I didn't) and...get this...has 62 miles on it (yes, sixty two for those numerically challenged) Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...Thousand Sunny, my new steed
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    The requirements for aging bourbon are actually federal law. New oak barrel, period. Anything else is whiskey. There is some irony there, an illegal moonshiner quoting federal law.
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    okay you folks have got me hooked on trying out track days. but i don't have a machine to run that way, so i'm gathering up parts for a 650 triumph, because that's what i understand. got a frame coming from georgia, and a rear section i already have with fuel and oil tanks, pegs, motor mounts, tin ware, controls and instruments, an ignition and carburetors left over from another project, and even a seat. no wheels until i found a guy north of detroit who had these: two twin leading shoe front wheels in the bunch, plus a couple of 50s-60s front wheels i can flip to pay for what i needed out of the lot. there was more i brought home, but the 60-year-old stuff isn't useful for what i need here, except to sell on eBay to help pay for it. the motor and head are street-tuned stuff i have left over from the mile bike. if i put in a hotter cam along with a rebore, i might have something that can hold its own in the corners, although the straights will be a totally humorous matter. most of the fork assembly is coming from northern california, a late 60s unit with rebound damping. hard to get those these days, so i'm building it up with old hard parts and new tubes. this will be a slow-motion build, as i don't have time or money much to spare, but it will happen. stay tuned.
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    So one of my kids new customers is a very famous bourbon maker in Kentucky. We spent the day with their master distillers not long ago. Needless to say we learned a lot. Yesterday we put that knowledge to the test, it is fermenting now and based on all the initial indicators this batch might be off the charts.
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    but my 08 already does that @TimTheAzn
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    The potato is so significant, that a company in Milwaukee has successfully mass-produced a 2-cylinder internal-combustion engine to match the sound of its name.
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    Facts my ass, your post was devoid of facts. Here are the facts, they put it in a barrel for a split second to meet the letter of the law. Then they put it in a pressure vessel full of wood chips and pressurize the shit out of it for 24 hours to turn it brown with none of the advantages of aging it. You and your buddy can call it anything you want, but that don't make it anything other than what it is. Shitty brown colored cornshine.
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    After the first of the year we will be adding a highly anticipated brand to our lineup. Keep an eye on the forum for more info.
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    Hey Dan, FUCK YOU! Damn you for convincing me! Just put $500 down on a matching bike.
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    I’ve been trying to stay out of this thread, but don’t want @Blitz to feel as though he is the only one that feels the way he does. I personally am not versed in all religions. I can only speak of my own experience as a Christian. I grew up not attending church and picking on the neighbor girl about attending church. Then I started dating her cousin(small town)at the age of 19. I started to attend church with this girl who is now my wife. It was not church that necessarily won me over, however, it was her family and the way they cared for each other as well as those outside of their family. If you have never felt or witnessed Christian love I would tell you, you are probably missing out. There is a difference in my experience. I feel my parents love and care for me, but it’s different than my in-laws. I get what some of you are saying about not needing religion to be a good person. Some of you do a lot for others and help folks out you hardly even know. I also understand that some of you have had Christians treat you not so good, and I’m sorry for that. I would tell you a couple of things on that point. Christian is not the definition of a perfect person, and my guess is that as Jamie mentioned that person was probably doing it wrong. What Christianity has done for me, is taught me to put myself aside and care for others. I’m an only child and definitely needed some help in the selfish category. Truth be told I’m still a work in progress there, but well beyond where I was and where I’d be without Christ in my life. Being a Christian has also taught me to be more of a giving person, again not just thinking of myself. I have also seen Christianity have a huge impact in my children’s lives. I have 2 teenage daughters who are awesome people that I enjoy being around. Both of whom are very carrying young ladies and are well thought of by both their peers and adults. My oldest was paid one of the greatest compliments a coach could give I believe. At the end of the volleyball season team banquet her coach said she was a coach’s dream because she was so coach able. She listens and respects authority(something her dad needs to work on with the idea of speed limits-conversation for another time). Guys I’m not saying I have all the answers. I do feel I have been blessed and I agree with Jamie that we are not here by just some random chance. The other thing I look at is that if I am wrong am I really missing out by living my life as a Christian. Then again what if I am right. Jamie thanks for the reminders of what a Christian should be in those scriptures you quoted. That love your enemies is always a tough one for a guy that used to be all about don’t get mad, get even.
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    I've been still keeping steady progress to my goal weight for spring. Haven't been eating the best, but proportion control has helped. Finally made a full 30 minute run at 6.2 pace on the treadmill.
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    OH, and BTW, whoever's reading my daily rambling and didn't like the Anti-Trump Dr. Seuss humor....... Go read some other shit on this Godforsaken Forum. There's plenty of shit about guns and politics down below to keep you happy. I'm a liberal Hippy and proud of it, Anyone that knows me knows this...and the folks here that accept me as I am, have a Brother for life.
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    That's it, this thread will not get any better than this. Mods, lock this thread.
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    it got weird the second you thought you could use a DR650 as a pit bike (Asian---->short)
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    At this point all you need to do as add a Starbucks to the lobby and she give you all her money.
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    Holy hell sweet baby Jesus. If it had ANY clue it'd start up and wheelie the fuck outta Dodge
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    Can't age it in three weeks and call it bourbon.
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    Another gear purchase and another step closer to the trip. My left boot sustained enough damage in that crash to warrant replacement, and the soles were over 1/2 gone, so I wanted a new pair to start the trip on. They were Alpinestar Scout waterproof, and were quite possibly the most comfy boots I have ever owned of any type. So I find out they are discontinued. And their replacement has mixed reviews on fit, etc by comparison (hard to find anyone with anything bad to say about the Scouts) So I was on ADV asking folks about how the new model's size 47 felt, Then got a PM from a guy who said he had a pair of Scouts in my size...worn once. The cost with shipping was a fraction of new They arrived yesterday. They are, for all intents and purposes, new. NO wear on soles, Even with the left foot still swollen, I was able to adjust the buckles and get the boot on and went for a walk. All good, So now have a new pair of boots to depart in. And a new helmet. BMW Rally Jacket is fine after the crash. Rather than the matching Rally pants, 'll be taking my BMW Summer II pants, which zip out to a pair of shorts, so one less thing to have to pack. Also got on ADV a new tent Have finally decided against taking the Redverz Solo tent. There are several reasons why: Packed as small as possible, it's still close to 12 pounds with footprints, and takes up nearly the entire Wolfman Large duffle. There is NO WAY of getting it into panniers. It takes too long to set up and take down. Having the huge "garage" area is awesome when staying in one spot multiple days, or when wet and you decide to hang out in the vestibule and cook, read, etc. but it's not worth the weight and size IMHO My favorite tent otherwise is my Kelty Acadia. But...there was a Kelty Gunnison2 brand new for CHEAP$$ shipped so I got it. It's similar in size to my Acadia, but has: Smaller/lighter hubbed poles (packs smaller) TWO doors TWO vestibules...and one has an awning that opens up enough to put a chair under for shade or wet. Plus it'll pack easy into one pannier and weight under 5lb Now all I need is a bike and to get it ready. The purchase of the company I work for was completed last week. One of the largest buyouts/mergers in Pharma history. Not sure now if I can wait until April 1
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    Storage spot big enough for a bike is cheap and worth it
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    Every time I post in this thread I'm lighter because I only read this thread when I am pooping.
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    Race prepping is essential for fast access, ease of use and increased crash ability. Everything we do before hand is to make the everyday stuff easier. Relocating the main harness inside the frame rail and routing the front loom inside the forks shelters and protects it from rash or slower competitors. Fixing the ram air tube to the fairing stay allows for easier bodywork mounting. Heat reflective tape helps manage heat from the engine. Captive rear caliper carrier, spacers and chamfered pads for effortless wheel changes. We cap all non utilized electrical connectors for disassembly/assembly. First pic is of factory harness location
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    ^ This! There's no end to whiners about whatever it is you make. Can't do it themselves, but they tell you how to do. I started making furniture full time a few years ago. Started out making some stuff for a local interior design firm and was amazed at the cash I could get for simple shit. Bikes parts take forever to make and I don't get shit for them. I can do a dining table in 3 days and get $3,500 for it. So now I'm a furniture designer <gg>. Just wish bike parts apid more as I'd rather make them. Some stuff I made...
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    Hey now....I've been cutting weight, so I might get into a 50/60 size
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    If God is real, He lies somewhere between all the extra bullshit created by humankind. If God is omniscient, then He is beyond our comprehension and the limitations set in the Bible. It's funny to think a loving God cares who we love, when Jesus said to love everyone..especially those that would harm you. Faith and Religion are usually mutually exclusive for a reason. One is real. One is make believe. Which one you place where is a personal decision that only you can make. What seems reasonable to you may make zero sense to another. That's why faith should always be a personal thing that isn't swayed by politics or arbitrary rules. When you let someone else dictate how your life should be lived, you've allowed them to smudge your looking glass. That's when you lose perspective of what's important and what's not. I know loving believers and non-believers. Their commonality isn't faith in a higher power. It's a duty to our fellow man. Sort of like the Sermon on the Mount. America would do well to stop and pause for a moment and reflect upon what's really important. God or no God.
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    I have buddy that used to race quite a bit at Nelson Ledges back in the day and he seems to have some interest. I’ll talk to him again.
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    @durk well, I was having a good day until I read that latest post. Wtf are kids doing these days spitting on people. More kids now a days need to learn what it feels like to get their ass beat.
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    @what if you’re going to quote me how do you expect me to stay out of this thread? I thought we were friends. Jk This is a txt I received from my daughter today This girl obviously has it rough and kids are cruel. I’m not sure my daughter would have the compassion she has for her without her faith. I understand what you are saying Andy about people taking advantage of vulnerable people, but I would argue that is exactly what the students are doing to this girl who is getting spit on during lunch. My daughter has gone out of her comfort zone and tried to befriend this girl and it may just end up saving a life. I’d like to tell you it’s because I have done an amazing job raising my 15 year old daughter, but I think it’s more about her faith and love for Jesus than anything I’ve done. I disagree. If my daughter practiced her beliefs in private this girl may have never reached out to her. I believe you said it or someone else did in this thread, it’s comforting to know someone is looking out for you. That to me is part of the good news/gospel about Jesus. He already looked out for us before we even knew him.
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    Lets build some powa! What is done with the engine build is determined buy the rules your competing under, level of maintenance you want to perform and of corse your budget. From stock, superstock, supersport, superbike and beyond. Combustion engines are an air pump so their ability to breath is everything. Milling the gasket surface allows us to tune the combustion chamber size and compression ratio. CNC valve job gives us a clean and consistent radius for optimal air flow past the valve seats. CNC porting forms IN/EX ports for optimal flow that is 100% repeatable from head to head. The unsung hero of a good breathing engine is properly evenly set up valve clearances.
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    Happy to be wrong about the trailer and EZ pass. I'll have to pull mine out of my wife's car... No need to debate the hypothetical here, Dan. Message me if you need the car/trailer, and we can argue privately over whose vehicle is more likely to strand the other.
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    You're gonna hafta turn off these lights if you want him to scurry back into your lives, people.
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    True story. But they have bourbon on the shelf you can still send me.
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    sure have a ways to go still . . .
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    Get a cover at a minimum, and no don't remove your seat that will leave all the electronics exposed to the elements. Maybe cable lock to pole or post is a option.
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    When I got my first welder I started making portable disc golf goals. The biggest expense in those is the chains and disc golfers are very particular when it comes to that. The first couple went to my cousins (for free) and I still heard nothing but complaints that the chains were too heavy or too light. Ok, buy some chain yourself and I’ll put them on. Sheesh. However, all their friends wanted one and I couldn’t make them fast enough. Got to be too much work. Last year I welded up a front rack for my sidecar and posted it on the Ural forum. Even though I specifically stated I wasn’t interested in making or selling them, several guys still PMed me and asked. Point is, every time I post something I’ve fabricated, I’ve always gotten requests to sell more. My problem is I don’t like dealing with people, so I usually decline.
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    Hey guys, been a really long time.... 3 years I think. Been insanely busy with my regular job and still slinging tons of motorcycle paint work as well. Hopefully Ill be able to see some old faces on here and meet some new ones as well. And for those who never came out on the ice with me before for ice riding, its looking like its going to be a great season.
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    Meet us in Lynchburg and Nashville again. Headed down for New Years I think
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    First off, great of you and your daughter to get involved. The world needs more people like you. But it begs the questions..are you saying you only got involved because of religion, faith and not just because it's the right thing to do? I certainly hope not. Or do you feel that those 'poor bastards' that don't believe in god must lack compassion and would just look the other way? Not only would I get involved....I have done say many times, multiple times this year in fact with people that were struggling with addiction and suicide. I'm a super busy person, and could easily make excuses to not help people, but I still do. Not because of faith, or god...because I'm not a shithead.
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    Religion doesn't kill people, people kill people.
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    I attempt to live my life as a thoroughly decent human being. I've never needed any religion or ideology to convince me of that. I just seems right to me. If you needed religion to tell you that lying, cheating, and stealing is wrong...then deep down you are shithead.
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    Three shots of espresso has my digits dancing. Ironically, my thumb typing has vastly improved with this new shaking feature.
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    My religion is motorcycling. Best one there is. Yes, I'm pushing it onto all of you.
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