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    everyone loves pictures right? Some pics from the last several break-in rides. She's just over 2000 miles now. About ready for synthetics I believe! One trip carried about 2/3 a full load. Bike felt wonderful. In fact, the heavier she gets the nicer she rides. These gals liked my bike Rode to Geneva-on-the-Lake with Ed on his new AT and stopped at Madsen's famous donuts. Had a chocolate creamstick! One of the main blimp hangars My new gadget (and a huge thank you to my Son Spencer for hooking me up gratis to his Spotify Premium account, as the Zumo 595 has a built in Spotify interface that works great with my Sena 30K) And BTW, criticisms you hear about the Zumo 595's screen not being bright enough? That's like saying a piece of paper with writing on it isn't bright enough. The thing USES sunlight to illuminate pixels. The thing is easily readable (to me) in all conditions. Yesterday biggest day so far. 450 mile loop through the Allegheny Nat'l Forest Light output on this bike is awesome What a distortion of reality having 8 gallons of gas aboard. Having a 400+ mile range creates a LOT of new neural pathways. From YEARS of riding and getting a "feel" for when fuel is needed....now new opportunities arise. Stopping at a gas station is more likely to be done to rest, use the facilities or get some water. Sunny is averaging close to 54mpg right now, so all is well.
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    Even better Pirate troll I do at Bikenights find the rattiest old Japanese bike that is parked right next to some highly customized Harley there MUST be a crowd standing around the Harley. Walk right towards them, not making eye contact ask out loud “excuse me, can you move for a second so I can get a picture?” they smile and move away from the Harley. You fawn all over the old Japanese bike and take multiple shots of it then say “thanks!” funnest shit ever
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    I was a tech for Nissan in my previous life. I saw Nissan warranty an engine that had a rod knock at 60k miles with a customer that had one service ticket from her first oil change at less than 10k miles. She admitted that was the only time the car saw a service department. Nissan didnt even fight her on warranty. Turns out, per case precident, a single oil change is a "sufficient attempt at maintenance" and she would have cost more in litigation than the reman'd VQ35 that I installed.
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    You didn't recognize Mia Khalifa right away? I'd know that big titted dog-faced bitch anywhere I saw her lmao
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    I am so confused right now...
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    I find entertainment sometimes in trolling Harley Pirates on "biker" facebook pages. The one come come back they usually have that is very common is "your just mad because you can't afford a Harley" I don't know why but usually I laugh even harder when they say that. So that's it? If you can afford a over priced POS with 1980s technology at 2050 prices, that is what makes you cool?
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    I was scrolling through some old photos this evening and saw a photo from a view years back. I also just got my picture taken during mothers day weekend. I am happy with the direction I am heading...
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    Small frame (15-16"), with 26 or 27.5" wheels. Disc brakes, decent equipment and not falling apart. I am gonna shove him down the face of a cliff and see if I can make some money on this new insurance policy.
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    Breakfast in Bremen and a little mild 150 Mi. of back road bonanza. Dust was at a minimum and only one flooded section of a township road. We stayed in the forest for the most part enjoying the overhead canopy and wet gravel. We kept a medium pace and no mishaps. Majority of the area covered WNF, Zaleski and Hocking/Perry county. Great time was had by all. Short clip of the roads.
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    Pornhub Platinum Elite Senior member?
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    I suspect the same outcome. They would strip off their clothes and fuck the guy. It's a pic from a porno movie btw. Well played @zx3vfr
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    It was nice meeting and riding with you guys today, had an awesome ride. Looking forward to riding with you all again on the gap trip. Thanks for the food and drinks and the hospitality.
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    And you need to start all of this as soon as you get on the bike. If you wait until a body part gets sore.....it's too late.
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    Yes, Fuck Steve on mobile too.
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    I went to take off this morning on the bike. I hit the button on my Sena and tell Siri to play all. She says something stupid back. I try again, another stupid response. Now I am getting pissed,so I say, you stupid fucking bitch! Siri says language, really didn’t know she would do that!
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    She better. The backrest cost as much as my first bike
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    I’m going to give you the world’s biggest hug tomorrow. I may even kiss your neck.
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