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    I had to drop by a say Hello to all my Ohio friends and family... Flashback... Whitey says enjoy the winter weather...from Florida.... Even though I live in Florida... my heart is shaped like the Buckeye State... Enjoy my 2017 Triumph Thruxton R... named Victoria!!!
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    Cleared the catch can on the xr, runs better. Still needs more love to catch up with Andy's... new trailer is great, should easily hold four big bikes, or one decent sized tractor.
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    I think what sets you apart from those other 2 guys is you're not riding a 6,000lb german tank. You went with the other, goofier, friendlier and more reliable axis power.
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    I’ve been catching up lately reading both Lonestar and Canuck Charlie’s RR’s on their concurrent South America rides Both have been a bit depressing in a way lately. Joesph (Lonestar) has flown his tattered BWM GS back to Texas where he is recuperating and mulling over a ride through Mongolia/et al. He decided not to ride home, and spends paragraphs detailing how at 6 months he has lost some of the will to carry on with the current trip. How certain things (border crossings, etc) have really gotten to him in a bad way. Charlie, just after reaching Ushuaia, also had the final drive on his BMW GS fail, and is now considering having the bike crated and flown home, and that he is also experiencing that “6 month doldrums” from the stresses of being on the road so long. How am I any different than them? Am I more "laid back"? Will the same stressors and daily inputs also wear me down to the point I abandon the plan? Lonestar is an outstanding photographer, and based on what I have seen of his past work, will rarely have any issues finding employment. He should be able to finance his travels in one way or another as far as continuing indefinitely. I must say though that Lonestar never mentioned camping, and I don’t recall pictures of any campsites. I love camping…and really do look fwd to climbing out of my tent in Patagonia (amongst many other exotic locales) Maybe the $$ saved by tenting here and there would have allowed him greater latitude in travel choices? Maybe allowed him to connect with a different set of locals and more intimate experience altogether? Canuck Charlie is a Design Engineer (I think) with Ford, and is a good deal younger than either myself or Joseph (Lonestar), so he’s got his whole professional life ahead of him…even if he decides to get the BMW repaired and head to Europe like he is inferring he might I’m blowing the nest egg on this trip. When/if I get back, I no doubt will have to polish the resume to enable some future-state Danimal to continue travelling. I expect that the return 6 month ride should be as good and as interesting as the ride South. Some of the best days I have had on a bike were wandering home from a trip to the Gap. So I already know how to enjoy the “ride home” So many things going through my head lately. Getting soooo close now.
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    to my pals at OR...what a day today. Did work on the bike (day off work) and got the news tonight that my Son accepted BSU's offer for Grad school. He'll be moving to Boston is August. Hard to believe my little boy's gonna be a Doctor! Not so little anymore at 24 yrs old. Hard to explain my feelings. So happy Can leave now on the trip of a lifetime, and feel free to explore, knowing his decision and future are set for now. Thanks Spencer for being such a good Son and not folding during all those difficult years during the family problems. Soo soo proud
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    What: MotoGP Kickoff Party When: 12:00 PM on March 18, 2018 Where: Combustion Brewery 80 W Church St Pickerington, OH 43147 Map Come hang out, have a few craft beers (responsibly of course), and watch the 2018 season opener, Qatar Grand Prix. We have a projector, and they should have the races on the TVs in the bar area also. They have some food there, plus a pizza place next door that delivers. And there may be a food truck (not sure yet).
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    Literally 50/50 on if we are coming. Had other plans but they aren't ones that can't be changed or included in this.
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    This is your dream man. You have the ability to alter your course and change the plan at any time as you see fit and necessary. Plan it out the best you can and be prepared to roll with the punches as we know you will.
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    Leaving in 24 days! As long as I have body work....
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    OEM OEM OEM OEM OEM, hey did i say OEM yet?
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    Casper, I am so confident that K&N is the right filter for you that I will buy you one.
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    That is what you use to wire tie the filter to the bike. Hook a wire to it, pull in the direction of tightening...so it can't get loose. Pointless obviously on a k and n filter.
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    Thought this would be helpful to anyone still using these.
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    When the hell is the February meat and great you were going to do. And the March one looks to be in jeopardy too.
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    Thanks everyone that came out. That was fun. Great seeing you all.
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    There are some good options out there but if you want the best I would go with the Forcefield Pro L2K. I don't remember @JustinNck1 you calling me about a suit. Odd, then again I do not sell IXS but still...
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    New to this group, 55 , Been riding since I was 11. Not sure if I am a hot rodder who does bikes or vice versa. I just love machines. My current stable is mostly vintage stuff and includes a 72 Honda CT70, CB350, 70 Bonnie, 77 FLH, 73 750-4, 78 KZ650, and a big Shadow. I've owned Suzuki, Yamaha and BSA too. so not really brand loyal. If it is a Motorcycle I am most likely going to ride it! I Mostly ride local (love the Cuyahoga valley) but would leave it all to ride the Smokies everyday! "Danimal" recommended me, Said it was place I should be......................I also do a bit of Custom paint on the side.
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    When do you think the new Shoei NeoTech II's will be available?
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    The rest of the day was fine. I even made a nemesis.
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    Justin and I are gonna head up I believe.
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    Congrats on the new job !
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    Looks like I’m out for this one boys. Just starting a new job and I think it would be bad form to ask for a vacation day in the second week. Ha ha. We’ll see you at Pitt Race at the end of April.
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    Il be curious to see what you get on 68 if you go to NC bike.
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    I think the GSs have proven pretty reliable, maybe more so than Danimals DR. However I agree with you and what the DR seems like a much more intelligent choice. On a trip like this it is almost inevitable that something will break, a simpler bike will be more easily fixed, cheaply, quickly and with local resources. If you do need specific parts it helps if it is a common vehicle in the local countries. And riding a bike 150 to 200 lbs less than the behemoths it will save energy when picking it up and make off the beaten path locations more achievable. Ride your ride Dan. If you need to change your plans, change them. I'm sure you will go with the flow and have a great adventure whatever happens. If everything goes according to plan, is it really an adventure?
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    I always find that out the Monday after I get home and look at my bank account. NCBike is like $160 a day. Fuel costs: Around $100-$150 (probably high unless we are going to RA or something, obviously sharing a ride.) Food Costs: If I had to put a number on it, and since we share a lot of stuff, $50-70 depending on how many variations of Oreos you buy. Entertainment: We've found that even though midget strippers are 1/2 the size of normal ones, that doesn't mean they are willing to take 1/2 the pay.
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    I mostly want to go because I have never been and I have family like 20 min from it.
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    I'm sure at some point on this trip you'll find someplace that just speaks to you in a "I could live here forever" kind of way. Keep you options open. Belize, for example, has a significant American expat community. The cost of living is relatively low and employment can be found. You could potentially extend your travels, or find something that takes life in a whole new direction. I love living in the US, but the world is a big place...I can see myself living somewhere else once my kids are grown...
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    Thank you deeply to all of those who have been involved in this thus far. I haven't been online much for some time, and this is the first I'm seeing this. I suffer from tinnitus seemingly 24-7 due to both occupational and recreational exposure to excessive sound pressure levels in the past 3 decades out of my 4 on this earth. I can't ride my bike for more than an hour or two (without HEARING PROTECTION!) at 55mph+ without feeling like I have cotton wads stuffed in my ears for the rest of the day, not to mention earaches and fatigue. It is discussed widely that exposure to the wind noise not only permanently damages hearing, but also causes additional fatigue. This may be yet another minor sub-point to add to the argument, although the hearing protection argument (and the OSHA 85dB workplace limit, great interjection there) should be more than enough to carry this bill. Let's hope the politicians can get something good to happen in our state's government now... Thank you again to all who have had any involvement thus far. One less thing to be harassed by angry police officers and state troopers about... -Chuck in Columbus
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    Put my new to me pro-cycle seat (thanks Danimal) on the DR and had the wife sit on it with me. Seems like it's gonna be a much bigger upgrade than expected. Nice and wide on the back, which she likes and narrow up front for standing. A little taller than the Suzuki low seat I had on it so I'm not flat footed anymore but not too bad and will likely be worth it for comfort. Probably need to get some bar risers now. Really digging this thing.
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    You need to lose this picture.😂
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    You need smarter friends. No, I won't be your friend.
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    If you still have the expired card you can renew with it.
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    You can use their bikes with the single days as well.
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    Hi The classic saying on being a new rider--- You get a full bucket of luck and an empty bucket for skill. When you start out, you are mostly using up the luck bucket. Your job is to fill up the skill bucket before the luck bucket runs out. Best wishes and welcome to riding. - Practice as much as you can, and as been mentioned, find a more experienced buddy to ride with and ask lots of questions..
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    Welcome, Im fairly new to riding myself and enjoy a peaceful stroll thru curvy county roads. Feel free to tag a long
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    Welcome to the forum. Being such a new rider, I'd recommend avoiding the larger group rides that was recommended earlier. until you've become much more familiar with riding. There's so much more that goes on in those rides that a newer rider doesn't need to be dealing with. Focus on riding solo or with one or two other experienced riders who won't force you to ride over your head. Too many times I see newer riders try and ride in larger groups and something bad happens because of the entirety of what is happening at once and the also added risk of more experienced riders pulling a newer rider to riding over their head. Look forward to riding with you some day.
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    For me the perfect day ride is a twisty route of 200-300 miles on nearly new,clean pavement.But the thing that really makes for a great ride is when you're in the zone...hitting entry speeds perfect,shifting nice and smooth at the right rpm,the right lines that allow rolling on through the curves....basically just feeling at one with the bike and road.And to top it all off,a nice fall day when the trees are at peek color. Like a fisherman that remembers that big bass...those are the days that keep me riding.You never know when you'll land another one.
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    I turned down the accident policy at work and right after that broke my leg, the next year I passed on it again and the boy broke his ankle, next year I give in and sign up. Crash and break my collar bone. Thinking to myself this is going to pay off. Turns out I crashed in Nov. it didn't start until Jan. Son of a bitch. No accidents last year.
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