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    Turns out my official time was 26:39. 1st place in 25-29 Male. 10th out of 66 runners.
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    Mid O PTR spec rain tires
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    Kent, Hang in there. The wife really needs your support now. My wife had her second knee replacement in May. So we knew what was coming, sorta. A word of advice on the pills, check to be certain that she received the number that the doc prescribed. I'm not saying the pharmacy would mis-count. With all the awareness of the opioid epidemic, some INSURANCE companies (bastards) have started refusing to pay for the full course of the prescription. When we left the hospital, the nurse explained this, but there were too many things going on for me to remember this important fact. And the wife, well, she was drugged at the time, so.... guess whose fault it was two weeks later when she realized that she didn't have enough pills to get through the weekend. Plus, that's when you learn that the doc cannot send a scrip for an opioid by fax or any means except by snail mail. I should have driven the 2 hours to Morgantown. Hindsight. So sorry to hear about her dad's passing. Knowing that it's coming let's you prepare, a bit. But it still hits you. Watch her for depression as she deals with this on top of the frustration of the physical therapy/recovery. Again, hang in there! Keep refilling that ice bag. Keep adjusting that behind-the-knee pillow. Chris
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    I'll be at the starfire in cadiz at 10
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    I think it boils down to the "mini racing is the end all teaching tool and if you don't do it you suck" attitude of the mini crowd.
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    For sale: 2007 Honda CBR 600RR Mileage: 8172miles Condition: Excellent Price: $6500 obo This is a red/black/silver CBR 600RR, in excellent shape, with 8172 miles on the odometer. I am the first owner (purchased new in 2007), and have taken very good care of it. All oil changes done with Repsol full synthetic oil, regular brake fluid flushes, radiator was flushed and filled with Engine Ice coolant. Its a brilliant bike, but selling as I havent had much time to ride it for some time. Tires are brand new (~15-20 miles) Pirelli Diablo superbike pro. Also includes a set of used Bridgestone BT-003RS tires (used/worn but still a lot of tread in the center for street use.) Comes with many extras: Yoshimura carbon fiber full race exhaust BMC drop-in air filter + hand modified air intake (remove baffles and obstructions) Bazzaz fuel tuner + Dyno tuning (full custom mapping) Ohlins TTX rear shock, Ohlins pistons and springs in fork Sato Racing rear sets (Original foot pegs also included) Sato Racing tie-down hooks (replaces passenger footpegs. original passenger footpegs also included) Puig double-bubble windscreen Woodcraft frame sliders and clutch/stator cover protectors Spiegler braided steel brake lines (front and rear) Pazzo racing short brake/clutch levers (original levers also included) Flush mount front turn signals, and 2010+ rear OEM signals (with smoke lenses from 1000RR) Includes both passenger seat and solo cowl/cover Stomp grip knee grip pads (one set installed, but left side fell off. also includes a complete unopened new set) OEM Honda factory service manual Joe Rocket CBR mesh jacket (red/black, size large) All original OEM parts (except original exhaust) are included for any mods, and several extra parts/screws/oil plug washers and other odds and ends. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks for looking!
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    I already found the limit on the grom at slower and faster speed, could control loosing the front or rear and keeping it up with my knee. It's fun, but big bikes are more challenging for me.
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    all the new electronics seem pretty worthwhile. also, don't trail brake using the rear brake. :p
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    I’m planning on going October 12-15. I’ll probably leave the 11th and take two days. I have a few places I want to check out as options for next year’s OR trip. Anyone interested in joining?
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    New garage decorations courtesy of @thompsonian
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