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    I got to Baltic and turned around due to a very high level of frustration. I was not having a good ride. I was making time, but something just didn't feel right. I wasn't settled inside like riding usually makes me. I was busy thinking of other things and made a couple dumb errors. Minor, but potentially significant brain farts. That all coupled with my bike doing its tourette's dance, I just wasn't enjoying myself, so I decided to go motorcycle shopping instead. Luckily the dealership decided to offer the most egregious sales experience of my life and I did not ride away on something new. So, I am pleased to hear the ride went well. Sorry I missed the day, but I wasn't firing on all four today. I made a judgment call and am satisfied it was the right decision. Catch you guys next time.
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    I will give you 10 bucks to stiff Tim and sell the bag to the midget.
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    "The writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads." --Dr. Seuss
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    @Tonik thanks a million for the deal on the suit. Smelled slightly odd but it was a hell of a deal. 😂👍
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    Wife and I have camped often at Salt Fork and Mohican state parks. Nice, secluded sites, plenty to do nearby. There's great kayaking on the Mohican River in Loudonville, and lots of great places to eat nearby. The roads are in pristine conditions if you choose to ride to either one of these parks.
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    I fit a 300 on my Daytona. Cant turn for shit, but it sure looks good at bike night.
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    Sc3 front is my favorite front aside from the V1271. I would do trackdays and coach on an sc3 rear but the grip is not there when trying to race or throw down a fast lap. Il always sprint race on a 1 or 0 rear.
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    I really liked the power cup evo's as well. I've spooned on a handful of sets of those and never had an issue. I spooned on an sc3 rear for the Nelsons 4hr endurance and after over an hour of riding it barely looks like I ran 2 trackday sessions on it. It really all depends on your riding style and what you want out of your front and rear tire.
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    OR the video game on sale. https://store.steampowered.com/app/300380/Road_Redemption/
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    Perfect day. Met @TMC Customs, I think we have a new OMRL rider. We'll see if he shows for the next round at G&J on July 27/28th. Its free to preregister... Aside from just beautiful weather and hanging with some friends being not at work, I made it into the 1:45s today. That's ~2 seconds faster than where I was last year. I can see dropping another couple next time out. Waiting on @DerekClouser's data acquisition and analytics to see where I'm the biggest weenie. Only one oh-shit moment coming into turn 1 a little hot, took a humble ride in the grass, through the sand pit, through the grass again, and square into a haybale where the bike stood upright until the end of the session. Perfect day.
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