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    Wife and I rode it for 390 miles. First big ride since the operation. It was great and I feel good.
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    I just got home from a 300 mile ride. I took my usual backroad route to Zanesville. I took 146 east to 284 south to 78. 78 to 216 north to 595 south to 278 into Nelsonville. From there I jumped on 33 and took it to Logan for a snack at Wendy’s. Followed 664 south to 374 north and then back to 33 and headed home. It was a hot one, but it was still a nice day on some good roads.
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    Tried to follow Nathan @Limitedslip7 for about 1/2 a lap - that didn't work out. Then @DerekClouser comes flying by me at 2:59. Still a fun day hanging out and riding.
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    In Ohio anybody can legally post a sign and prevent you from carrying a firearm. Just because Walmart added their name to the list doesn't affect me because I haven't stepped foot in a Walmart in almost 10 years as it is.
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    Yeah. Keep your rolling pin in your pants or she is gonna drag it across the cheese grater.
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    So does this mean 50% more hate or 50% less? Glad it worked out Jim.
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    I saw them on their farewell tour. 1989.
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    Ricky Racer Summit Club works that way?
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    I just called... to say... your Grom sucks...
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    I covered about 1400 miles total. Saturday was about 480 miles of relentless curves. That might be the best day I've had on 2 wheels. WV has so many amazing motorcycle roads. Many are in areas with little population which means traffic is light and LEOs are basically non-existent. There's a great mix of tight/technical & fast/flowing. btw, I'm loving the Ninja 400. It doesn't have quite the pure sportbike capability of my old 1125R or CBR600RR...but it's not as far off as you might think. Riding it is all about momentum. Luckily I can chuck it into corners at speeds I couldn't on the VFR1200. It only has 44 rwhp, but the gearing is spot on & I can use 100% of what's there. Passing cars was never a problem. The only times I I felt limited by power was on corner exit in a few sections where the pace got particularly hot. I had to get a little "creative" to keep that Hyperstrada from waking away on corner exit. Pound for pound it might be the most fun motorcycle I've owned 👍
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