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    Social distance ride and picnic at the lake. Applebees curb side pick up was great. @JustinNck1 and his gal joined us too but got there after these pics.
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    Bicycle broke... 6 mile walk this morning. Bike is now fixed....
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    so if you have a R1, you cannot have any fault codes stored or it will cause issues when it's flashed. this was what had mine all screwed up. don't throw away any sensors you remove like the exup servo and intake flap etc. it will not allow it to be flashed correctly with these issues stored in memory. or if you try to return it to a stock map.
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    so it may have been my fault. they assured me nothing changes with the software updates they just add new bikes to it. so he walked me through it. I thought i had my kill switch in the run position. on the new R1 the kill switch is also the starter button. it has off, run and push it to start. I thought it it didn't matter which position it was in so the code 50 was because of that. once I got that figured out another code came up for the exup servo. on the new R1 you cannot access any of the menus unless you clear the codes. so thank god I never threw out my servo motor. I had to take some of the bike apart to get to the wiring i tucked up. once plugged in and erased the bike flashed normally. I really thought it was fucked up. it would be nice if woolich opened up their forums. this could have been posted and saved others a headache if they did this little oversight of the kill switch on the R1.
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    One for a rider then. Give me your monies.
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    China has also - Blamed this pandemic on both Italy and the USA, telling its citizens that the virus originated outside of China Banned all foreigners from entering the country, even visa holders, blaming them for bringing the virus back and "restarting" infections Banned all foreigners currently inside China from being out in public, for the most part, by issuing advisories to most businesses to deny foreigners access - including grocery, pharmacy and hospitals Expelled all foreign media Disabled 21 million cell phones over the last 3 weeks (probably not death related, more than likely information control measures due to an ongoing outbreak) Forbade any medical sites from submitting any new confirmed corona cases, as if they do they will have to "bear the full responsibility" - whatever that means in communist-speak Sent 70% faulty tests and compromised medical goods (masks, PPE, etc) to multiple countries while making them pay for these supplies Actively bought up all PPE available in Australia while still telling the world that this virus was not transmissible human to human Roped the W.H.O. in with (money? access? political favors?) and had them providing the entire world outside of China with dangerous, false information, ultimately delaying the response and leading largely to where we are today Nobody should be looking at China's numbers at this point. They are throwing off models and contributing to poor/misinformed decisions being made.
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    This is fantastic. Mike DeWine was visibly and audibly pissed yesterday about the FDA dragging its feet in approving Battell's life-saving technology. This DOES make me proud.
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    Yesterday: Completed a great curvy back-road Street-ride with the wife down to the river at Portsmouth. Lot of roadway debris along the route with some wind provided a little spring training in avoidance. Just over 200 MI. http://www.supportraven23.com/
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    Got the beast out of storage today, rode a few hours and put on the rear seat cowl I bought back in december. Forgot what an absolute monster this bike is...
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