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    So I checked this place out a couple months ago and it was amazing. My 5 and 7 yr olds (4 and 6 at the time) loved it. Very well built motocross facility. Lots of room for parking. The owner was around and checked in with us a couple times to see how we were doing and if the kids were enjoying the track.
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    People don't follow the basic rules now, do you really think Americans would follow more rules? I don't, I think people would push back and there would be protest against more restrictions. If we would follow basic rules we would not be in the mess we are. My grandparents taught me to wash my hands and cover my mouth when I sneeze or cough... I never stopped doing this.
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    Cleaning Bike from trip. 918 miles. 17hrs. of riding time in three days.
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    Interesting piece of info. Nice guy nevertheless. Can't wait to get back out for some fun. My youngest got a 4 stroke 90cc for his 5th bday and I've just finished muffler restriction plate removal, air box mod, acid dipping the mid pipe and dropping 2 teeth off the front sprocket for my oldest on his pw80. (It's got a little bit more pep now 🙂) He just turned 7 and I just put all new plastics on it. He can't wait to ride in the morning.
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    Not following any route. Just using my compass for direction and going left or right at each opportunity to make my way to a predetermined location. If the road looks good for my current bike set up, I take it, If not I go to the next turn in the direction I am heading to the next point with a final overnight spot with hotel,food,shower,drink's and a pool.
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    Few shots from last weekend.
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    When a semi passes you on the right it’s time to get out of the fast lane
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    The reality is the radical socialists have spent 4 years trying to create division in America. They've had small successes, but nothing greater than this pandemic. And sadly everyone has bought into the division over a piece of cloth. Liberals like more government and don't mind being told what to do. Republicans are free thinkers and don't want to be controlled. And this thread exemplifies that division. There is still a lot of common ground on both sides of thought, we need to unify those thought patterns and rid America of this true radical "resistance" that is currently plaguing our country. The great thing about America is, for now at least, we are all entitled to our opinions and choices and that's protected by the constitution. Where some are comfortable wearing a mask and think it works, wear one. Those that don't, their choice. Theres so many articles, studies, and opinions arguing both sides. No one can really say if it does or does not work. Let's look at history maybe...like most things in life, we've had pandemics before, what worked and what didn't in years past? So go on with your life and try to get along with everyone. If we argue and hate, that breeds anarchy and that's what the true radical left wants.
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    Once round left in 2 weeks. It will be one for the books. The riders can and some will be wearing Halloween costumes while racing.
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    This thread will be the death of this forum. I feel like it's barely hanging on as is and now everyone wants to argue about stupid fucking masks. Whatever yall. It's been fun, but if I come here one day and it's gone, I won't be shocked.
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    WOW, WOW, WOW... the OR has become like the NFL, I really enjoy football, because for three hours I can just enjoy my shitty Browns and the NFL. Now I have to get through social/political demonstrations, blah, blah, blah around my football. I come to the OR to share motorcycle enthusiasm with others and look for rides. I know there are pages like this on the OR to exchange ideas, but then it denigrates into name calling to humiliate each other. I really enjoy the OR, just going to stay off this page, remember we came on this website because we enjoy riding bikes! BTW, my doctors tell me I am at triple risk due to health issues and have ridden over 14,000 miles this year all over the country. After the consultants projected 2.2 million people could die from covid this year and the numbers were at a pace of less than 10%, I wasn't going to change many things in my life, unless authorities forced me. I wear a mask when mandated without a problem, it's not a religion to me, kind of like loud pipes save lives I do know the facts, the average age of death in Ohio is 80 years old and the majority dying are in nursing homes. The average person dying has 2.6 comorbidities, meaning they are really sick already.
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    I take credit for that. I overseeded $100 worth of grass that now needs watered every day! 😲
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    No, we wear masks because we want to help protect the weak. We care about others. You on the other hand are a piece of shit that only cares about themselves.
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    Actually... PS5 comes out in like a month and change. Let's loot then. I'm ready to upgrade.
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    Coronavirus killed George Floyd! Time to loot a Best Buy!
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    I would have just stopped here. Although, I do fall into this category. Maybe I should continue to just stick to posting rides and riding.
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    Someone hits my clutch side, eh I may loose some drive or something. Someone hits my brake - I could go over the bars. It's more common than you think at the budget club racing level.
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    Right, because Germany and the rest Europe has Covid solved. In fact Trump must have invented Covid. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/09/17/europe/coronavirus-europe-who-second-wave-intl/index.html
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    Link, sorry..... https://bid.kaufman-auctions.com/auctions/catalog/id/25276/?page=3
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    Should we start a "rides" thread vs the work on the bike thread?
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    Swapped out the dual Yoshimura slip-ons for the way fancier M4 race system.
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    The Columbus AIMEXPO motorcycle show is scheduled for January 21-23, 2021. I attended the show in the past and it was OK. Link: https://aimexpousa.com/aimexpo-general-information/
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    I tried to register with Gwen for Friday’s PTR and found out that it has been cancelled due to low enrollment. Just wanted to pass it along in case anyone else was planning a weekend trip. Hopefully Sat/Sun is better.
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    Looks like fun, one of these days the three of us are going to have to get out for a ride!
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    SOLD! Lock it up please
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    One of the zippers on mine came off the rail and I need to take it to a cobbler or someone to get it back on there. I've been meaning to do that for a couple months - at this point it's sounding like a winter project.
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    Ima pray for every one of you.
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    Dr. Pauly....... could this effect also be related to ones motorcycle riding abilities?
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    In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people with low ability at a task overestimate their ability. It is related to the cognitive bias of illusory superiority and comes from the inability of people to recognize their lack of ability.
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    This is my home court, broseph. If anyone fucks off, it will be you. I hold the launch codes.
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    Way to address the core of my responses. Lol show me this magical 100% seal mask that people can feasibly buy and use in public. Don't move the goalposts, of course there will be restrictions, I'm pretty sure I pointed that out? And tell me what businesses are still closed? Also did you miss the part where I noted that I disagreed with the way the shut down was handled? Get it together. Seriously, look up the .026 number. It's not that hard to get it right. And you're critically misunderstanding why people talk about the fact that it's so widely asymptomatic and why it makes it so dangerous. Learn. To. Read.
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    Rode 470 miles today. Spent majority of those miles with @Skinny guy. I was blown away by the number of cars that pulled over and let us go by. It was close to double digit numbers. I’m not sure whose educating these drivers. Thanks whoever you are. It was a great day, fun times today.
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    I have never been "blown" on a face. I have .....NVM. That would be a different thread.
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    Here's the picture I got from laying on the ground, then everyone copied me... 😂
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    @jeepenvyguy.. You realize wearing a mask keeps you from expelling droplets onto public usage items.. like, doors and chairs and shit, right? Someone doesn't have to vomit covid down your throat to catch it. It is highly contagious and not everyone is as lucky as you. Congrats on blood doaning. That is noble, but your hangups about the mask is confounding. I think you mean well, but you are advocating directly against the advice of medical professionals. Are you on their level? Because, if you aren't inside their boundaries of education and intellect required to obtain and execute usage of said education, you're quite full of yourself.
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    I most appreciate the use of the word "fear" over "common-courtesy". I am not afraid...but I do travel a ton and I try to be respectful of everyone I meet. It isn't fear that drives the mask. It's self-respect and basic human decency. I mean... damn. Talk about missing the point by a landslide.
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    Did you even read the article you cited? It is literally advocating for people to wear a cloth mask. “the virus is spread through respiratory droplets, and since people are most contagious in the 48 hours before symptom onset, our cloth face coverings are meant to protect other people, not ourselves. And there is steadily accumulating evidence that cloth masks perform that function well, by containing respiratory droplets before they can be expelled into the air.” ”A recent study, for example, used publicly available data to calculate the COVID-19 growth rate before and after mask mandates in 15 states and the District of Columbia between the end of March and late May of 2020. Researchers found that mask mandates led to a marked slowdown in the daily growth rate, estimating that mask mandates may have prevented up to 450,000 cases of COVID-19.” ”.. in combination with social distancing, our cloth masks are very effective at preventing the spread of the virus. Remember, your mask protects other people; their masks protect you”
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    No but really, why do you think the masks don't work? It's scientifically established that microdroplets are the primary transmitter of the virus, and it's established that even simple cotton masks are effective at containing and reducing microdroplets. Seems like a straightforward concept. We don't even need to get all complicated leftist science here hahaha
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    Ordered a new Anakee rear, because I missed my off-road trip and now I am planning a street ride. I need 2 wheelsets.
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    Some photos from Mid-O last track day.
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    I"m going to address just the mask first, not the lack of common sense about why people should wear them. When was the last time someone sneezed and blew snot all over your face? When was the last time someone coughed in your face and sprayed you with spit? I've never had it happen. The virus is so small that most masks don't work to contain it. They might hold back some spit, but the virus will still go though the mask. This is why every "scientific expert" says you have to stay six feet away and wear a mask. Essentially, the virus won't travel more than six feet under normal breathing conditions. Which is odd because if we all stayed more than six feet apart, we shouldn't need to wear masks. And if we wear masks, and/or stayed six feet apart, all businesses should be open. The exception would be an N95 mask with a nose pinch. But the wearer would need to have no makeup, no facial hair and keep a tight seal around the mask. Otherwise, every time the wearer breathes in, they suck in the virus. However, even with an N95 mask (or any mask), the virus can be transmitted though your eyes. So you'd need and N95, plus a full face shield. Cloth masks are the worst yet that's what most people wear. You are actually increasing your risk of not only covid, but every other communicable disease by wearing one. Don't want to believe me? Here's SCIENTIFIC evidence from MIT....https://medical.mit.edu/covid-19-updates/2020/07/do-cloth-masks-work Now for the common sense part (or lack thereof). The current mortality rate for covid is .026%. That's pretty freaking low. Like really low. 40% of people that get it are asymptomatic which means they don't have any symptoms. Those are CDC statistics. Turns out I am one of them. I regularly donate blood and at my last donation I was told I have the antibodies. I caught the kung flu and it had zero affect on me. I'm an older guy and according to the guberment I should be on a ventilator. If you're in a high risk group, you should be taking precautions. But IIRC, 90% or 95% of the population in this country is not a high risk group. There are so many other things that have much higher mortality rates that worrying about covid just doesn't make sense. Obesity kill way more than covid, but how many fat people are wearing masks yet not losing weight? If people are scared and want to wear a mask, I have no problem with that. If someone with covid is near you, you have your mask on and will not catch it. But if you need to be more than six feet from them, why do you even need the mask? None of it makes common sense. The curve has flattened but now we have "red counties" to keep the scare alive until the election is over. DeWine is right with you in the trump-derangement syndrome. That's why Ohio is where it is. South Dakota is doing great with no restrictions or closures of any kind. Further, the economic impact this is having will be way more detrimental to our society that the virus ever could be.
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