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    Thanks guys for the info. My father in law has 20 year old info from his experience too but thought it was mostly about checking replacement parts, receipts, and Vins. Didn’t think it involved a safety inspection. I’ve searched here a bit and it seems to go back and forth between the two. Feel like it depends who u get to inspect that day. I’ll keep every receipt I can muster because that seems to help. It’s very clean and other than the rear turn signal/brake unit I think I’m ok. Id rather not get back into the wiring to revert back to stock because: 1.) Although I’m a vintage guy and like to keep things stock these LED lights are MUCH brighter and probably safer. 2.) Ducati’s are historically known(at least the older ones) as not being that exceptional in the electrical department. It currently works, and I’d rather not tempt the Italian gremlins! I suppose a pic is an order. Here’s a dreary November pic from a quick test ride down to the Mohican covered bridge area. Good cornering restraint test ride! Thanks for your help!
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    Did the cost of Mid-O track days go up for 2021? They didn’t have a very good showing last year and I don’t think they did any improvements. Feels like it should go down as the track gets worse.
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    Wayne. It will be to muddy & slippery at Perry for the girls
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    There are two of them correct? One on each side. Too lazy to go look at my bike
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    Can you find used dog bones on ebay?
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    I have a Givi E55 my wife hated the back rest pad. She prefers the extra room she has without the pad. I would never mount a heavy box on the shit factory rack it will crack. I have the Givi 410 mono key mount with reinforcement arm its pretty stout. Check out www.tourandride.com for the best prices on Givi stuff.
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    I will offer you 5 handy's. I have tiny asian hands so anything I hold with them makes that object look bigger. It's a bonus.
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    I will be putting the Riders Discount Triumph 675 up for sale next week or two...let me know if anyone here or that you know of is interested. Would love to see it stay local...with a 4 year old i have no time to use so it needs to go to someone that will. Trades and or cash welcome.
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