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    This would be E4 with Evolve.
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    I can attest to how anal this Bubby is with his stuff...whoever buys this bike will not be disappointed!
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    if you are in intercomm mode its always Vox, but you can set it up to be PTT. I think tim is saying if you are just connecting to one other person you can connect and disconnect to them by the press of a button so you can choose when you want to be heard or not.
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    My son and I have been way above 60 with no issues communicating. The sound level and quality on the 20s EVO is Comparable to my Autocom wired system.
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    Yeah, you apparently don’t know my wife. There will be no discussion of feelings, just slow the fuck down on repeat.
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    What else have you got to spend that moldy Dr. money on? Malpractice insurance is for losers. Spend that $ on some nice suspension bits!
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    I still hope to go...I won't know until April what my work situation will be.
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    Haha Chris never meant it as an “after thought” I was just going through previous gap threads and tagging folks randomly. And those who are regulars here and not much active in previous gap trip I am just now tagging to see if they are interested to join this year. That’s all AFAIK you never made it to the OR gap trip right? Talking about folks who made it before, ? @Connie14 any chance to make it ?
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    I got a fair number of Harley guys coming from Florida. True story, co-workers.
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