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    I rode the entire Apache Trail, including the whole 32 mile off road section. Was insane!
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    The Z got a full detail and 2 coats of wax too.
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    MT was what I wanted for a while but my next purchase will be a 2016+ R1. Not sure when though. Congrats on the new bike and congrats on the sale you two.
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    Oil change on the gsxs1000. 3600 miles already. Rotella with wix filter. Oil was a bit darker than i expected coming out, but there was minimal black residue on the drain plug magnet. Also cleaned and lubed chain. There is already rust on it, which angers me...must be from riding to work in the rain the other week. Have been cleaning and lubing chain every other tank of gas (300 miles or so), thought that would have been often enough. Really hosed it down with the KLR this time, maybe I'll go to lube every tank, clean and lube every other.
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    At least once a year I have to remind myself why I don't like to do the local wing joints bike night. Last night was that night. The latest trends are the brothas and there big front wheeled Harleys with the obnoxiously blaring side bag stereos. And the younger crowd with their clapped our sport bikes with extended swing arms(even the 600s) and running NO exahust(strait pipes) and start them up in the parking lot just to let everyone hear how low their IQs are.
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    Hello everyone, I Just recently sold my Harley and bought a street legal dirt bike. Also have a slightly modified utility quad. Have rode Hatfield several times, and am interested in meeting people from central Ohio to go there or Wayne/ perry this summer with.
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    Yay! Babes Ride Out! 😁
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    This held me back for a while because of all the miles I had riding the pace on the street. A lot of the good habits I learned on the street were bad habits when I went to the track.
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