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    I don't see them. I try to visualize another motorcycle related scene of past memories. VIR 06
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    Just post whoring.. But here's the size difference with my subcompact... I can ankle carry both, if that tells you how concealable lol Me and Steph both have one.. I liked hers so much I bought one too 😂
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    Didn't realize lcp was so much thinner.
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    this is also cheap and heavily concealed. i didn't hate it. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/taurus-curve-380-acp-semiautomatic-pistol I didn't like the lc9 so didn't go smaller and try the P i'm curious though.
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    I carry my LCP 2 all day every day and into many places that printing would be a problem... Conceals super well on a neoprene ankle holster... I don't like ankle carry but it's better than no carry.... Pocket carry prints even with the small LCP, so I avoid it... It's quickly become one of my favorite firearms because I can take it places that even my subcompact hk feels too big for... Plus, it weighs nothing so I can throw it AIWB with basketball shorts when im just out dressed like a bum or doing stuff around the house etc.... And they're fucking cheap, so why not Here's the holster I use... I went through a couple before finding a comfortable one https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0181JF95C?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title
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    The Dr didn't really mention a cause other than saying it's pretty common in Ohio.
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    Ordered this kit for $349 total. The FFL will charge $20 or $10 plus 5 non-perishable food items for donation. I'm expecting the 3rd mag to be after-market, but the price was the same with or without it. (If the mag is cr*ppy, I could do reload drills with it. Just drop it on the ground. heh) The Shield M2.0 alone was going for $339, with or without the laser. The Hogue beaver tail grip that I already have, which was meant for the LC9s, fits the Shield, so that's an option. Since I got that for free, consider it part of the Shield kit and it's a merry Christmas.
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    Ride Report: Great ride down to New River Gorge on Sunday for a overnight stay at the Hawks Nest SP Lodge, WVa. with a return on Monday. Weather was a little cold in the morning start with the time change. We met inmate Shrey on 33 south and road together after meeting again in Spencer, WVa. hitting route 36 and 16 south. Shrey checked out at Wallback on I77 and we staied on 16 down to Gauley Bridge. After hitting the local roads we made it to the lodge. Next morning went under the bridge and ran back roads home foe a great Fall trip to WVa. 640 miles of back roads with some nice colors and sites. 100_0014 by 100_0016 by 100_0022 by
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    So I started back into a meal prep plan this week (Chicken Fajita Rice Bowls) and have been weight training and running regularly. I can comfortably run 3 miles now. Weight training has progressed a lot and I am hitting personal bests on reps and weights. I started this week at 210, my goal is to be somewhere in the 195 range by spring. I am seeing more muscle tone, so the number on the scale hasn't dropped drastically.
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    Turns out my official time was 26:39. 1st place in 25-29 Male. 10th out of 66 runners.
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