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    For the record, I'll go and do track days at Mid Ohio any time. It's 1:10 away from me, and they allow my slow, crotchety old as in intermediate. Score!
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    Well technically I'd would call his driver he would relay the message and 'd get a return call from him on his drivers phone. Usually how it works. When I got a estimate from him I had to go pick him up at his place and bring him to the house during evening hours.
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    Oh do I have some Multistrada eye candy for you on top of the other suggestions above. http://shift-tech-carbon.com/onlineshop/index.php?cPath=1_110 https://evotech-performance.com/collections/ducati-multistrada-1200-motorcycle-parts/YEAR_2016
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    Nevermind I see it now....
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    finally, he will have a place to store that fucking immortal pool table lol
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    Plans are complete. First post updated on what we are doing. Of course everything is subject to changes on the fly but those are the plans.
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    Literally just the corner, will stop at 4 corners monument and that will probably be all for AZ.
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