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    Oh, is that the way you're gonna be? The S2000 is augmented. 😏
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    Honda turbo? Pleeeeeease... Don't even make me lift the hood on my Cruze Eco. Don't even...
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    Yeah, every now and then I think I'm funny. Till the wife hears about it.
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    one persons ducati is another person old "common" cbr600. Based on our financial state and "psycho-social" build we tend to preserve our stuff or neglect our stuff. Be it a car, bike toy what ever. rich guy garage queens a lambo and poor guys wash and wax and maintain a civic just the same way as long as they love their car the same way. IT doesnt matter how rare or how valuable it is. That means the average guy who loves their bike doesnt feel comfortable renting their bike. Statistically Bike is more of a personal attached asset/toy/ luxury in these parts compared to car which is considered by most as just a utility. Statistically there is higher chance of people messing up on a bike with lot more damage than the oppsie moment on a car. And basically human beings are flawed and by biological design is looking for self preservation/ asset preservation/ their own family preservation/ ... in short to be selfish. Just the level of it varies from time to time. Its not wrong to worry about imaginary accidents to your stuff/ imaginary illness to you family over imaginary injury to strangers. to summarize the big wall of text. , I do me, you do you and every one else do themselves. There is no right or wrong answer here. IF some one doesnt want to risk renting their bike for what ever reason they shouldnt. Some body else is comfortable renting it so be it.
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    if you are in intercomm mode its always Vox, but you can set it up to be PTT. I think tim is saying if you are just connecting to one other person you can connect and disconnect to them by the press of a button so you can choose when you want to be heard or not.
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    Planning to ride the Funk Bottoms again this year. Might have to consider the Black Fork as a warm up. Looks like the same type of ride just a few miles shorter However I don't really race, for me its more about finishing. Though I did finish the 100k Funk Bottoms last year before the first 200k finisher, just.
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    to my Ohio Riders friends, many of whom don't follow other web forums: A famous Moto-overlander and journalist Paul Stewart (RTWPaul) recently interviewed me about my 5 month trip I recently returned from. It's just been published today on Adventure Rider's front page online magazine. Take a look! https://advrider.com/inmate-interview-series-7-dan-byers-ohio_danimal/
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    and another trip update: Ed's gotta stay in Ohio to take care of some things, and other than the OR Gap trip and (hopefully) a little more along with me on the way Westward, and then he's heading home. Of course it goes without saying, but needs to be said, I could NOT have gotten this bike built without his friendship and continued support. Having no garage of my own, and with the other options for garage space limited by access hours, Nebbish gave me practically unfettered access to his garage, his tools, his home and in effect his life. Sorry if this embarrasses you Ed, but I'll never forget this. Don't worry about the change in trip plans. Really. I was always thinking solo pretty much, and always considered your participation just icing on the proverbial cake. Now if I can just get this sinus infection to go away, things would start happening again.
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