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    Completed a SaddleSore 1000 on my Connie last weekend. Went from Knoxville to Memphis up to St Louis back home to Fort Wayne. Did it in 16.5 hours. Didn't take any pictures, only got rained on once between Terre Haute and Indy. Bought a Grom a few days ago.
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    Jake at The Dyno Shop or @Hoblick would be my go to. Jake is in Powell and Ryan Hoblick is in Marysville.
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    Little taillight addition to the Injun. LED running light and flahing then solid bright brake light just below the lisense plate. For some added visibility.
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    Yesterday a couple friends and I were going to ride and met at Wendy's in North Canton. A guy comes up to us and see's my friend wearing a Ducati tshirt and starts telling him how great his Duc ST, and he likes this and that, asking all kinds of questions about the Duc. I realize the guy is Sam (Gixxus Christ) and introduce myself as Ricer1 (John), then he goes full Pauly with Duc syndrome, going on and on about how he likes my buddy's set up, blah... blah.... blah. In the parking lot next to the over 20 year old Duc ST is my 2018 Kawasaki Ninja SX SE, my bike is one of the only supercharged bikes on the planet pumping out 200 HP, every electronic gadget you can put on a bike. I know Sam has never seen a Ninja SX SE in the wild. Not one F'in word or question about my Kaw Ninja SX SE! He wants to talk about an antique Duc ST.
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    It's physically impossible to hold a Starbucks triple dirty double latte if you're riding a Kawasaki. The Starbucks green and the Kawi green clash - but if you're on a Ducati, it's like Christmas every time you hold that burned brown liquid in your hand (which could be said any time you touch the case of a Ducati engine as well, burned brown liquid everywhere).
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