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    In all seriousness you are a total piece of shit. Last time there was a kid involved in a school shooting you gave me crap for working at a school saying I was doing a fine job of raising kids to be killers. And now you do this. You are an incredible steaming pile if shit man. Seriously, fuck you.
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    Was out playing around in my Jeep last Sat with the woman since it was raining. Went over thru Cade's Cove and across the Parson's Branch Road for some off road fun. Dropped down on the Dragon and across 28 towards Bryson City. Stopped off at the BP station there for some gas and a break. While I was inside a guy was using their phone to call for a tow for his bike. So as I was getting ready to leave I saw they all had Ohio plates. Had all my tools with me so I stopped to see if they needed a hand. Guy said his Super Hawk had fried the reg/rec and the battery. They jokingly asked if they could get a ride back for his truck. Oddly enough, they were staying 10 miles from my cabin, so I gave him a 3 hr ride back to his truck so he could get his bike back. Didn't even think of asking if he was a member here. But anyways, helped another Ohio Rider (that may or may not be a member) with his break down.
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    For valid trials you need controls, you should have just kept the rental bike. Another cheap option is go to a bad neighborhood and look for someone with a nice bike. Yell "Hey, that's my bike". And a lot of the time they drop it and run.
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    I ran into this older guy parked in the road blocking traffic. As I drove around he, exited his car and began trying to push it. So I quickly turned around parked, and went to help him. I shared the story with my wife, and she was like OMG. and pulled up a missing person report, and started to read it to me. When I described car, and man. She called authorities and reported his location. So He is now safe and at home! Link to story... http://www.10tv.com/content/stories/2014/01/15/upper-arlington-missing-85-year-old-man.html
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    Hmmm.... definitely shopped. Found the original image
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    Do you mean hook up with women they knew in college, or find women currently in college to hook up with. Because if it is the latter I may have to rethink this whole Facebook thing.
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    You know it's bad when Magz is giving you negative rep.
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    Becuase you have to be a "teabagger" to dislike Obama, infringement of the 2nd amendment and bullshit executive orders? Don't ever call yourself a Libertarian again. I find it insulting.
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    i want to throw a thanks out to Nate and RD.. even though i run my own business, there are some products i cant get. when i dont have access to these items i call Nate, and he has gotten me squared away with a Puig windscreen for the multi, and a pair of Spidi mesh riding pants at great prices. Fast shipping as usual! also, if there is something i cant get my fellow OR members i always send them Nate/RDs way and they have came through for them. the other day i had a tire service for a fellow OR member and he was wanting brake pads and new wheels bearings as well. I could get them for him, but not in the time frame needed since it was 2 days out form our appointment. I had him call nate, Nate got him the parts he needed quickly, and in time for my to install said parts. So thanks Nate and Riders Discount
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    Found this and it made me laugh. Have no idea who made it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-_ipr7JP4E&list=UUajoaokeRCFHsbhoLpcIKJA&index=6&feature=plcp
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