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    Update from the Family --- John took a great step today. He is now breathing on his own. They've removed the ventilator and I believe they are starting to remove the sedation. They are not allowing visitors at this time as he needs a ton of rest. This is incredible step from when I was there on Saturday! He truly is a fighter! Keep fighting John!
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    DATE: July 2, 2018 Ok guys and gals, we are going to do something for 1st and possibly 2nd timers (people who are new to track riding) the opportunity to do this day for free (in terms of track costs.) Back in 2016 @RHill (Ryan Hill) offered me a Mid-Ohio gift certificate so I could come out and ride the track the same day he was there ( I was a little tight on money at that particular time). I accepted this gracious offer and was going to pay him back with another cert the following year. Unfortunately I was never able to repay Ryan as he unexpectedly passed away that October. I'm not sure if I've ever met someone with the passion this guy had for all things track days and motorcycles. He was the first one to lend a hand and wanted everyone to have a good time. He was a staple in the paddock and is missed immensely. Since I was not able to pay him back, and I knew his passion for sharing his passion with other people., I am going to be giving away a Mid-Ohio gift certificate to a new track rider who would like to join us. I would prefer that person to be at least a member of OR since this is where details about this day will be posted etc. So if you had someone that was thinking about joining us for this epic day and is not a member, get them to sign up and post in here! You will have to let me know if this is going to be your 1st or 2nd time on track and I will keep a list of names and will draw a random number to determine the winner. No strings attached, and it's on the honor system in terms of how new you are to the track. I can't wait to get out there with you guys (since I wasn't able to ride at the OR day last year). Cert Giveaway List: 1. bowdog 2. JustinNck1 3. Killer_kaw 4. Wojo72 5. max_power 6. jhalls 7. Crazy Skull Crusher (Winner!) 8. amshort13 9. wolfeman28
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    Hey guys it is with some guilt that I am finally able to post up. Many times I tried but just could not seem to be able to finish. The last few weeks have been really tough mentally,physically and emotionally. The surgeon is confident that the tumor has been totally removed so that is a good thing. The bad is my liver is fooked. Today was chemo training and what kind of chemo they are going to hit me with. Gonna be at least 6 months worth and hope for the best. That starts in 4 more days. It sure was a kick in the ass after only been retired for just over a month. I owe our own Nivin a huge load of gratitude. Yes he is part of my renal group and a decision that he made turned around one large obstacle that was causing some me some major issues. Thank you my friend I will forever be grateful. So that's pretty much it for now. Thanks to each and everyone of you guys and gals for the good wishes. Bless you all. Maybe one day I'll be able to shake your hands and thank you in person.
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    Just got off the phone with John. We talked for about 15 minutes. He talks fairly normally, you can tell he struggles a bit in remembering certain things. He is rehabbing and learning to walk again. He said yesterday he walked 2 times and was exhausted and that was the worst part. Definitely a miracle. So happy to hear his voice and talk. He doesn't remember anything from this entire ordeal which is probably for the best but he does remember before and after, so memory doesn't seem to affected all that much. He struggles very occasionally in his speech but I'm sure that will fade as time goes on. John, you truly are a fighter. We all knew you could do it. I also asked when he expected to be back on a motorcycle and he is shooting for a month hahahaha. Now that's a true biker for life.
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    No sir. More like
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    ...but it sure is fun! Plus, it has two wheel drive on demand.
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    Ok guys and gals, we are going to do something for 1st and possibly 2nd timers (people who are new to track riding) the opportunity to do this day for free (in terms of track costs.) Back in 2016 @RHill (Ryan Hill) offered me a Mid-Ohio gift certificate so I could come out and ride the track the same day he was there ( I was a little tight on money at that particular time). I accepted this gracious offer and was going to pay him back with another cert the following year. Unfortunately I was never able to repay Ryan as he unexpectedly passed away that October. I'm not sure if I've ever met someone with the passion this guy had for all things track days and motorcycles. He was the first one to lend a hand and wanted everyone to have a good time. He was a staple in the paddock and is missed immensely. Since I was not able to pay him back, and I knew his passion for sharing his passion with other people., I am going to be giving away a Mid-Ohio gift certificate to a new track rider who would like to join us. I would prefer that person to be at least a member of OR since this is where details about this day will be posted etc. So if you had someone that was thinking about joining us for this epic day and is not a member, get them to sign up and post in here! You will have to let me know if this is going to be your 1st or 2nd time on track and I will keep a list of names and will draw a random number to determine the winner. No strings attached, and it's on the honor system in terms of how new you are to the track. I can't wait to get out there with you guys (since I wasn't able to ride last year). Update: Please post in this thread so I can keep track of the list.
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    For those I'm not friends with on FB I figured I would put something on here for all that knew Ryan Hill. Last year after he passed I decided to buy his 750 and run the endurance race on it, it's something he wanted to do. We kept the group to close friends and just wanted to have fun and bring the bike home. We had myself, @RonStopable, @RVTPilot, and Bill riding with @TimTheAzn, @J_Copeland and Ron's brother helping with pit stops. I spent the better part of 2 months going through this bike trying to make sure it would survive the 4 hours. Ron and I haven't had a ton of suspension setup time and we made some poor choices when we were able to ride it. Friday came and we had no choice but to get it sorted. It's by no means perfect but it's very rideable by the end of Friday. We make one small change for the race Saturday and ride through any other issues that still persist. Things are going great until about the 3 hour mark when Bill comes in and says the clutch is starring to slip. We were determined to finish for Ryan epically since his mom came out to watch. The last stint I put is was probably the hardest I have had to do. Nursing the clutch on shifts and the bike only ruining about 120-125mph before it would slip made for very slow straights. Tim throws me a 10 min to go sign and I start taking to Ryan, asking him to help make sure the bike makes it. What feels like 40 min goes by and I see the checkered. I have never been so excited to see a checked in my life. Crossing the finish I started to cry and almost blew turn 1 lol. While none of us were setting the world on fire with the lap times it was a great adventure with a great group of guys. @Jester_ and @TRMN8TR were a huge help since they have ran these before and gave us a lot of pointers. Thank you everyone for the help. The shirts were also a huge success. I'll have more pics once I get them from @Photos by Marty and maybe Ron can post up what video he has from the gopro.
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    Just finished my visit. Short version. F'ing miracle. Long version... he is totally there, remembers our ride the day before. Remembers specifics of the fz6 and who he knows had one. Details about me, my son...everyone. Maybe a tiny bit slow remembering really complicated words.... like medical terms. But that is a maybe. He always had a bit of that style in the way he talked, he would pause to make sure he was using the exact word he wanted. He is moving any second now to Metro for rehab. Both physical and cognitive. 8 days without moving creates a fair amount of physical issues that you just need to exercise through. Any cognitive rehab will be based on an evaluation.
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    I hope their current wives never see this post
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    sum up thread. "i come on your site and talk shit, and then you just watch me talk shit on my own site" Wow, brandon, if this whole store ownership thing falls through you should totally apply to write slogans for harley davidson. "I pretended to play along, while puffing and beating my chest in front of my friends" "please let me advertise, I'll be good I promise" "but i really like you guys" "i really do" "you hate me" "i really like you guys, but you hate me" "you're missing out, I'm the coolest, but you already hate me" "I'm a man, I have needs, please help me" "i really like you guys, but the big bad admin is making me look bad" "i didn't mean to say all those mean things about you" "you made me say all those things" "fine, I don't need you, you need me" "don't you want to be as cool as me?" "I'm not really a jerk, I'm just a friendly troll" "please please help me" "Pay attention to me" "i'm gonna lash out" "you need me" "I'm cooler than all of you" "please please pay attention to me" "i really do have a life, I don't need you" "pay attention to me" "I need attention" Why don't you like me?" "you need me" "give me attention" "i'm cooler than i seem, i promise" "at least not everyone hates me" "please help me, i need you" "I'm doing fine, i don't need you!" "okay, i lied, i do need you, please help me" "i'm so scared, please help me" "fine, i don't need you, i'm cool by myself" "please help me" "fine, I'll take my chuckie cheese token and you can't play with me" "i'm cooler than all of you" "i tried to be your friend, but you wouldn't help me" "cmon, just be my friend, i'm really cool" "I'm so cool, you have no idea" "you're a big meanie" "Fine, I'll take my bat and ball and go home, this is your last chance" "your really really last chance" Brandon, honestly, I think you should see a psychiatrist regarding your bipolar disorder. I have some real world experience, and think you might benefit from some mood stabilizing meds, such as resperidol, benzotropane, topamax...
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    Hey all. I'm planning to host at least one group ride a month next season. These rides will be very beginner friendly, but not at all boring. There are roads around here that are low traffic, decent pavement and good signage and sightlines. These are the roads upon which I built my fundamentals. I was privi to some very cool riders that were more than happy to offer help and correct mistakes before they became muscle memory. I still ride with a couple of these riders fifteen years later and we still have a great time. I want to invite you to that brotherhood. I am grateful for the friendships I have with these folks and the folks I have met on this board. I know we seem to be at each others throats this season. I am certainly in the camp of brown crayon mouth and letting shit get to me that I cannot control. No good ever comes from trying to bend the will of natural law. It's been a long, hard 6 months for me. For perspective, I rode almost 20k miles last season and even a couple work trips were taken on my Voyager. This year? Maybe a couple thousand? I have noticed the lack of time in my helmet equals less time for me to decompress and work shit out. My brain gets cramped with minutia and other people's bullshit. I enjoy life a little less. I am less grateful for what I have. I lose myself for too long. Riding is the treatment for what ails me. It forces me to focus on right now. Right here. If I blew a corner, I have to let it go. I can't think about the next corner, either. I have one two seconds from now that requires all of my focus. The only thing that matters when I am in "zoom" mode, is the here and now of Pauly's life. No distractions. I said that so I could say this.. I know three kind of new riders. The first rider is the one looking to become a better motorcyclist. They want to enjoy the sport. These are teachable riders. The slightly less teachable riders are the riders that can't check themselves and those that refuse to push themselves. All of these rider styles are welcome on these rides. I bet the title to my bike that I know something you don't that can change riding for you in a positive way. These rides will be focused on the new riders. They will be tailored to suit your comfort level so you can focus on fundamentals of street riding. If you wish to discuss your particular trouble areas before that day, feel free to PM me and we can chat about it. Whatever makes you more comfortable and able to focus on the task at hand. Riding changed my life for the better. I would like to help you along the same journey to being alone in your helmet. Disclaimer: The racetrack is the ideal environment to learn the fundamentals of street riding. I plan to ride this Monday. I am extending this invite to everyone, but take note that if a new rider RSVPs, the ride will be tailored to that rider. Feel free to PM me and RSVP in private, too. I am cool with whatever makes you less apprehensive. I am also willing to meet you where you are comfortable riding to, within the NEO limits. I can't be riding to Columbus or Dayton. Maybe someone from that region will start their own rides. Groups will be small, though. Large group rides are distracting enough for veteran riders. These are rides that can be done comfortably in jeans, boots, jacket, glove and a helmet. No land speed records are being set. Just a nice ride across some tasty curves to preferably somewhere not disgusting to have lunch, and back on the road for the home stretch. Nothing fancy. No bait and switch, either. I can guarantee no matter how fast the rest of the riders go, I will stay at your pace for as long as you feel comfortable. This has been a problem in the past and I feel too many new riders are left out due to one reason or another. I can't promise great weather, but I can promise crooked roads, tasty food and a relaxed pace. Lastly, as long as the doctors are recommending masks, I will be wearing one. You can do whatever you want, but please be courteous and respectful to me and other riders. Also, this is a ride. It is not a Biden/Trump death match and politics are verboten. I get enough of myself and the rest of you online. I do not care who you vote for. I care that you want to ride bikes. I hope to see you outside next season.
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    Making OR Great Again Some of you may have noticed we are dying here. While there are many things we could do I think rides are what we need to do. But we need to do them differently. We usually post up a ride, tell the noob or slow person we will wait at each corner and don't worry......that isn't going to work. For several reasons. One, it's no damn fun for the slow person. They are basically riding on their own. So why not do that or find folks their own speed. Two, even though we say and mean we don't care how slow they are or how long we have to wait at each corner it still creates stress, worry... anxiety....whatever you want to call it. And they end up pushing themselves. Maybe not dangerously but certainly above their happy zone. I know this to be a fact because it happens to me every time I ride with you. And I was told this exact same thing by a long time member here just recently. So I will plan 4 or 5 rides this summer that will be slower rides and post them up. If you want to come and stay behind me cool. But you will not take off and go like hell and wait at corners and basically create the same situation. If you do, I will pair my Sena with you at the corner and shoot you. If 5 or 6 of us lead a few rides like this we will easily have 20+ sane social rides this season. Maybe shorter rides around the Atwood Lake area for example. And we will still have plenty of time to go like hell on other rides. Might help, might not. But the current course leads to a non existent OR by this time next year imnsho.
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    The speed of the ride leader, or other riders in NO WAY should affect your speed. Your speed should be based on your skill, confidence, and how you prefer to be riding that day. End of story. If I'm content following the rider in front of me, I'll stay there. If not, I may pass in a straight, or the next time we change roads. If I want to chill, I'll either drop way back, or let someone know that I'm going to split off and do my own thing. In any case...I am riding MY ride.
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    Jan: I'll make you an offer that might be better/cheaper than what your you've proposed. I'll lend you my '09 Suzuki DL650 (VStrom, non-ABS) for the time frame you've described. I have two bikes, and I can't ride them both at the same time. Here's the conditions: 1) I'm located in Cincinnati (SW Ohio) which is about 1.5-2 hours from Westerville--you gotta figure out a way to pick up and drop off the bike at my house; 2) I won't ask for any rent money from you--you are borrowing the bike gratis--but we will sign a contract saying that you will be responsible for any damage/loss/theft/speeding citations during the time you are in possession of the bike, and I will require a cash deposit of $500 to be refunded to you when you return the bike in satisfactory condition. Be aware that the drivers in the US are probably an order of magnitude worse in terms of driving skills, attention to the road and other drivers--ESPECIALLY MOTORCYCLES--thatn what you are used to in Europe. Fair warning to be aware and supremely cautious when in the saddle. Bike is in excellent condition, with nearly new tires, newer chain and sprockets, recent brake refresh including fluids, oil/filter change. Bike is equipped with touring windscreen, tank bag, and you can borrow my soft pannier luggage if you need to carry your gear. All I ask is that you check the oil after a long high-speed highway trip, as the Stroms are known to drink a little oil at 65-70+ MPH, and keep the chain lubed as needed. Lemeno. Bill Francis
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    I think this will be tough on his closer friends, so I thought I would write this up so they didn't have to go through the heart ache. It is with great sadness that I have to tell you guys that Ryan Hill (@rhill on here), and more affectionately known as RACEDAY to us who knew him on the track, has passed away. He had been having some issues with breathing in the past week or so, and last night was still well enough to drive himself to the hospital. They had found blood clots in his lung(s) and early this morning, he went into cardiac arrest and did not make it. I wasn't as close to him as some of the others, so I'll keep this short so they can pour their hearts out when they're ready. But I wanted you all to know that Ryan's friends and family, the track days/racing community, and moto community in general lost a great person and asset and friend today. godspeed to you Ryan. You lived well, you gave of yourself, and you were loved and will always be loved. Godspeed. Latest update from Ryan's family: Funeral for Ryan Friends will be recieved Monday and Tuesday. Monday evening 4pm to 8pm Additional viewing Tues 9am to 11am with service to immediately follow in the Leftdahl Chapel. Leftdahl Funeral Home 898 Old Route 119 North Indiana, PA 15701 Please share this information with anyone who does not have access to Facebook. EDIT: link to his obituary. Look at this handsome bastard https://www.indianagazette.com/news/obituaries/ryan-hill,25206256/
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    Well we've been married a few months now, and i just don't give her the time she deserves. I'd rather spend my time riding and going out and partying.. I paid a huge price to have her, but I'm going to let her go for $500 if they can prove they would be a better husband than I... Thanks for looking!
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    We swapped bikes for a short bit on Monday. Before we took off he asked if I was prepared to spend $20k on a bike. I wasn't, but that ended up being irrelevant, because I spent the next 3 days searching for one. He and I zoomed to Nielsen Motorsports in Lake Villa, Illinois Friday night. We spooned all night, had Starbucks for breakfast and zoomed to the dealership Saturday when they opened. It was ready to roll, except for the system update Jim was prepared to install for me, but they jumped on it with the quickness. I got my tutorial from the salesman and some more pertinent pointers from Jim. Rode it 445 miles home yesterday and put another couple hundred on it today. It just keeps getting better. If you are in the market for a sport touring mount, then go look at one of these. Ride one before you write it off. This bike is incredibly nimble and can be pushed hard all day with little fatigue. It takes everything I can throw at it and just eats miles at speed with ease. The brakes are awesome. Six-piston front calipers and 320mm dual discs stop this thing in its tracks. The new front end is the shining star of the bike, but the flat-6 and delicious exhaust note are nice touch. Also, Honda is offering .9%/60 month financing on leftover 2018 models for the rest of this month. That made the decision a little easier for me.
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    Well, interview went great! Got a great job offer. Put in my 2 weeks notice at my current employer. Looks like I will be the new Marketing Manager at Ohio Valley Indian/All Seasons Powersports Can-Am/Country Roads Ford & Honda. My 2 favorite things, graphic design and motorcycles.
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    I wish. My kid was in an accident and totaled her car. As luck would have it it happened at the perfect time as we were pulled over waiting for the group to catch up otherwise I wouldn't have got the call. Also another lucky twist, we were well over 2 hours away from the scene so no way I could get there in time to be of any help but Jacobs quick thinking noticed it was just minutes from his dads house and he quickly called his dad who offered to help and went straight to the scene. His dad talked to my kid, stayed with her till it was resolved, handled the towing arrangements and paid the $200 bill for me without hesitation. I challenge anyone to show me a more stand up guy than Christopher Hawkins. Thank you again Jacob for catching that location and making that call.
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    Just over 4 days, a little more than 1300 miles, 4 states, & 2 countries. 4 women, 2 Ducati Monsters, 1 Yamaha R6, & 1 Silverado carrying a Supermoto and all the rest of our gear. Unfortunately our trip contained a crash not long after we crossed into Canada from MI, and after a 5 hour delay at a hospital we continued on without our injured rider. Luckily she only suffered broken bones and road rash... it could have been much worse - the whole thing happened almost right next to me and was very surreal. Once we arrived at the event, there were bikes everywhere at the campground (all kinds from old Royal Enfields to BMW GS1200s to Triumph Scrambers to Harley cruisers and a few supersports). There were 550 women that arrived for a weekend of camping, free drinks, karaoke, live bands and some really beautiful riding thru the Catskills of NY. The weekend was perfect for riding, until Sunday when we left for home. We left early trying to beat a storm, but still hit downpours thru PA that soaked us completely thru our raingear, so we had to stop to dry out and wait for the storm to pass. This was an epic journey for me as I've never taken a motorcycle trip, let alone go camping, all with women I'd never met in person either. I had such a great time meeting women riders from different states and going on my first all women group ride (there were 15 of us)! It was a blast and I hope to go back. And, yes there were lesbians there...
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    Only supporting members are allowed grammatical and spelling errors.
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    no stunting isn't being a douchebag... it takes skill and practice just like any other skill... stunting on public roads... like drag racing on public roads ... like racing around public roads is a douchebag move... you are taking people who don't wish to participate. and make them into potential hazards... don't act like you or any other stunter with years of practice hasn't ever messed up... shit the pros mess up... same with drag racers and motogp racers... but when your on a public road and mess up.. you can muck up someone elses life.. not just your own... do I like seeing stunts heck yeah.. when on private property or properly sanctioned where every single person around knows whats going on and the risk involved... just like I love going to races! but take it to the city streets and your 100% unequivocally a douchebag with no regard for the ones that have no choice in your mistakes
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    you're so weird. you basically take a combination of ron paul and piers morgan's stance on everything... doesn't it feel weird to be so contradictory? it's like you're calling a guy a fag with his dick in your mouth.
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    As some of you know, I’ve been pretty distance on the forum over the last year or so. I sold my bikes, got married and this week I became a parent for the first time. Life has been hectic but hopefully 2021 i will be fortunate enough to get back into riding, back the way my riding began. Southeast Ohio day rides. I don’t see much long travels in the near future. Anyways, here is my new baby girl Karlie...
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    Here's to hoping to see him on a bike again soon. Apparently never sold his gear, I'll take that as a good sign!
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    Pretty much back to normal here.
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    Fast forward to 17:54 http://www.ohiosenate.gov/video/ohio-senate-transportation-commerce-and-workforce-committee-12-5-2018
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    Actually my first new vehicle ever. 2018 Suzuki gsxs1000f in black and blue. First order of business will be a fender delete kit to get rid of the ugly hang-down. Was gonna put a yosh slip-on on it but from everything I've read it wont sound any different because all the muffling action goes on inside the cat/exhaust chamber, plus the stock can looks fine. I'm pretty stoked to have not only something brand new and shiny and unmolested, but also to have such a fine piece of street machinery. Gonna be a challenge to keep it under 5k for the break in period. Really looking forward to getting it on the track this July. Also, I NEED to sell the bandit. Now. Yesterday. Running out of room in the garage. Also could use $2500 right about now. Many pics to follow once I get it home.
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    Confirmation from the family. Its true, he is back. A little spacey at times but no big deal.
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    Well all restrictions removed and will be back to work Monday. Doc said I'm fastest recovery of any of the simular case patients she has ever had. She said usually its a 5 month recoveey time and I'm only at 3 months. I always tell doctors I'm a fast healer but they never believe me till after the fact. She also said im going to have stiffness and soreness for months if not another year but the chance of reinjury without another trauma is slim. Thanks again to all of you for helping me through this whole ordeal.
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    i been scourging the internet for some time for a lighter bike, but as always never knew exactly what i want just a general theme. This time was in double mind, a lighter bike with some off road prowess to experience some real adv rides vs a lighter bike which i can take to track to exp track days. After tons of reading was sure there was no one good answer. But after thinking a lot and realizing more and more when i see Dans ride reports etc, i am not made out for such ruthless manly man rides fighting bears off and sleeping on top of tree etc. I mean i struggled a lot of years to get here not to do these any more hehehe But some day i am gonna grow a pair again and jump into those. Thus choice was narrowed to lighter bike that i can push around with my puny little body strength and possibly load into a trailer. Plus reasonably comfortable for single long day rides. So SS bikes were out. I want to get to track days and experience and learn more stuff, at the same time extrapolate that to real world riding in streets where i will still be doing most miles. and this way i hope to bring in some balance to family and my personal vacation time by trailering bike around and if at all possible get one day of riding which definitely makes a big difference. And thus narrowed the results further. After all this wall of txt, final decision making process was as simple as forest gump.. just went to gap..rode a striple... went into my head database of "zillion bikes for sale at night".com .. remembered seeing a clean striple... texted him sunday ...today was my last off day for next 1 month almost... just went to see it....... My first challenge i put on myself was if i dont feel comfortable doing "trailering" stuff i wouldn't buy it. Went to uhaul to check it out, It turns out to be an easy walk in the park, and there by shattering all my hopes of walking away from this maddness. Next obstacle i put on my mind was, if its not clean as he described i am walking away ....went in ...just wanted to see if it was as clean as he said... coz the price was fair not a steal deal. Saw the guy, older gentlemen very professional..heated garage.. And it was cleeeean ... like @Al Z. Heimer care level. Looked better than some show room stuff i seen. Oil /Brake Fluids like clear water Didnt feel like beating up the guys price and effort he put into it. And ended up bringing it home. i guess i might as well just embrace who i am. Just a mad mad motoholic fuxer i guess lol ... Sad part is i was getting to know the feejer real well after around 5 k miles on it. Hopefully i get to keep both. I usually dont do more than one bike at a time. Second sad part is i kept myself away from track days due to the trailering woes and worries. Now i realize its not a big deal, i am going to be in big trouble soon. Especially with Nelson black top ready plus a mid ohio certificate in my pocket already ........ dddddayuuuum need to resist. First time using a trailer in my life/ like driving loading etc/ tie downs etc/ will be another month before i even get to ride it, i mean might not even get time to plate it the way schedule is looking like for next one month.
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    2016 was an eventful year for me. 4 surgeries (2 minor)...recovered from some serious injuries...Went through a major break up...Went through a custody battle...Lost some close friends...Added quite a few great people to my life...Lost weight...Got healthy...Etc 2016 definitely tested my mettle. I've adapted to things I never saw coming and overcame them. All things considered, I am better off at the end of this year than I was at the beginning. I am in a very good place other than the fact that I've grown to hate the people I work for. I'm in the process of solving that, too.
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    Let me Make O.R. Great Again
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    I signed in specifically to call out Tonik for being a little bitch from locking a thread. Over moderator!
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    let's not get off topic with these minor quibbles. the ancient laws dictate that all requirements for a "challenge at all aspects of life" are met and therefore, must now be dramatically thrown down with extreme hyperbole and mucho macho gusto. you're going to have to expound upon your second accusation of bitchcraft, with names and specific details. for science. and for unnecessary and thinly veiled cyber bullying. as for your third point, there are plenty of fast guys here that don't flap their gums about it and furthermore don't feel the cringey need to use it as some sad validation of their bravado. but that's partly how we got to "The Challenge", so don't hold back. You are doing god's work.
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    Yeah, chicks get pretty mad when you marry them, have kids and then skate off with your new girlfriend...
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    Here's another round of a free 12 month subscription for Motorcyclist magazine for anyone interested. http://roadgear.com/-i-111.html Enjoy. This post has been promoted to an article This post has been promoted to an article
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    Shut your god damn mouth noob!
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    ...I will be giving away my shitty open trailer. I know it doesn't really come close to making up for all the awful retarded shit I post, but hey, it shows I care, right? It's ugly, but very functional (at least, last time i used it, which was last year). It has a 3000lb limit (doubtful) and weighs approx. 300lbs (likely). I forget what size ball it's setup for, but it's smaller than what your mom is used to. Should be 1.5" or 1.75" (whatever the common size is) but it is less than 2". If you don't like your things to be ugly, you'll want to give it a better... umm... "paint job" than I did. The turn/brake light on the rear right side is also a bit goofy... sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Should be a couple bucks to fix. I also recommend doing a grease/repack job. The criteria for eligibility is the following: 1. You are doing at least 1 track day this year 2. You must pick it up (I ain't delivering a free trailer, biatch!) 3. You will actually use it for a while. You won't just get it and resell it within a year. That would be lame. If you do sell it, please donate it to a charity (like air fence, or something with cancer, or put a laughable bounty out for the murder of Kony, or whatever). You could also give it to the next person that needs it. Below are pics (it looks shittier now cause of my "paint job(s)" loolololol post here for your candidacy and how you meet the requirements. posting funniez for the benefit of all is recommended. Oh yeah, trailer is located in Mentor, OH. about 25-30 minutes NE of Cleveland. EDIT: I guess I should put a arbitrary "cut off" date for candidacy posts. Let's make it Weds, April 11th. I still don't know how I'm going to decide who is winrar. it will probably involve a litter of puppies with name tags that have usernames written on them, a curb with peanut butter lathered all over, and a timer.
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    Do you and Mrs. Tonik get separate rooms since you dont like sharing?
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    There's lots of struggles for straight white guys! One very obvious one being that they apparently can't even have a festival without upsetting people.
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    Update your ios devices now. This ssl security issue is a big deal. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/02/21/apple_patches_ios_ssl_vulnerability/ You can also test your device here: https://gotofail.com/
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    Sweet mother of everything holy. I will ban you for a day if you turn this into a debate over religion.
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    In all seriousness you are a total piece of shit. Last time there was a kid involved in a school shooting you gave me crap for working at a school saying I was doing a fine job of raising kids to be killers. And now you do this. You are an incredible steaming pile if shit man. Seriously, fuck you.
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