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    I will give you 10 bucks to stiff Tim and sell the bag to the midget.
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    We will be there hopefully Sat. We are bringing my dad for his first time.
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    Bags, rear seat and windshield mounted that we picked up this weekend in NC for less than half price.
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    I as well will take the bag, I can have Tim pick it up for me if you choose not to sell it to him.
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    What a mud pit! But it was fun... My dad saw some racing for the first time at Mid Ohio. He got to ride in the dirt/mud for the first time and see the wall of death in person. It was great seeing some of you and thank you Kevin for helping us load the bike in the rain.
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    https://www.foxnews.com/us/nevada-trooper-pulls-over-hearse-carrying-corpse-in-carpool-lane-police *leaves to go empty trunk.
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    FYI, from the east you can cross the OH by bridge on 62 at Aberdeen, or take the ferry to Augusta--nice little diversion. Then head west to pick up 10 to Powersville.
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    I'm interested in this too. More specifically a good route from Ironton, OH to Elkhorn City, KY. Staying off of 23 and 119 as much as possible.
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    Brute Force 750 and a Beta 350rr-s duh!!
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