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    Because nerds need not apply.
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    All six of us that are left!
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    Its not Fall yet still have 4 days of summer left
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    Yes, You are so right. A little bumpy coming out of Parkersburg but clears up to a great ride thru the cool little town along the way to connect to 119/33 Next time you have that Motard over around Seneca Rocks 33/28 search out "smoke hole road" it off 28 and go's down to 220 on the back side of the rock. It's made for fun when dry but it's getting leaves now that it's that time of year. 28/250/220 are fun also.
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    Just curious: Do all of you who ride together have the ability to communicate with each other (Sena, Shoei, or some sort of app)? Or do you mostly rely on a prearranged plan?
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    Someone got triggered.
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    Home. 320 miles. New tires are grippy. Quote of the day... "I view laws as suggestions, but you don't believe in laws at all." Nice riding with you guys. Nivin, you blew it. We were in Hundred by 10:30, zoomed across WV-7 and heading up OH-556 by noon... and we rested in Hundred for thirty minutes. I missed a collision by minutes on 151, just south of 212. I don't know what happened but a cruiser was under a SUV and the bike operator was on the ground wrapped in blankets. First responders were already on the scene and directing traffic around the carnage. I hope he is ok, but it did not look good.
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