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    We swapped bikes for a short bit on Monday. Before we took off he asked if I was prepared to spend $20k on a bike. I wasn't, but that ended up being irrelevant, because I spent the next 3 days searching for one. He and I zoomed to Nielsen Motorsports in Lake Villa, Illinois Friday night. We spooned all night, had Starbucks for breakfast and zoomed to the dealership Saturday when they opened. It was ready to roll, except for the system update Jim was prepared to install for me, but they jumped on it with the quickness. I got my tutorial from the salesman and some more pertinent pointers from Jim. Rode it 445 miles home yesterday and put another couple hundred on it today. It just keeps getting better. If you are in the market for a sport touring mount, then go look at one of these. Ride one before you write it off. This bike is incredibly nimble and can be pushed hard all day with little fatigue. It takes everything I can throw at it and just eats miles at speed with ease. The brakes are awesome. Six-piston front calipers and 320mm dual discs stop this thing in its tracks. The new front end is the shining star of the bike, but the flat-6 and delicious exhaust note are nice touch. Also, Honda is offering .9%/60 month financing on leftover 2018 models for the rest of this month. That made the decision a little easier for me.
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    Hey all. I'm planning to host at least one group ride a month next season. These rides will be very beginner friendly, but not at all boring. There are roads around here that are low traffic, decent pavement and good signage and sightlines. These are the roads upon which I built my fundamentals. I was privi to some very cool riders that were more than happy to offer help and correct mistakes before they became muscle memory. I still ride with a couple of these riders fifteen years later and we still have a great time. I want to invite you to that brotherhood. I am grateful for the friendships I have with these folks and the folks I have met on this board. I know we seem to be at each others throats this season. I am certainly in the camp of brown crayon mouth and letting shit get to me that I cannot control. No good ever comes from trying to bend the will of natural law. It's been a long, hard 6 months for me. For perspective, I rode almost 20k miles last season and even a couple work trips were taken on my Voyager. This year? Maybe a couple thousand? I have noticed the lack of time in my helmet equals less time for me to decompress and work shit out. My brain gets cramped with minutia and other people's bullshit. I enjoy life a little less. I am less grateful for what I have. I lose myself for too long. Riding is the treatment for what ails me. It forces me to focus on right now. Right here. If I blew a corner, I have to let it go. I can't think about the next corner, either. I have one two seconds from now that requires all of my focus. The only thing that matters when I am in "zoom" mode, is the here and now of Pauly's life. No distractions. I said that so I could say this.. I know three kind of new riders. The first rider is the one looking to become a better motorcyclist. They want to enjoy the sport. These are teachable riders. The slightly less teachable riders are the riders that can't check themselves and those that refuse to push themselves. All of these rider styles are welcome on these rides. I bet the title to my bike that I know something you don't that can change riding for you in a positive way. These rides will be focused on the new riders. They will be tailored to suit your comfort level so you can focus on fundamentals of street riding. If you wish to discuss your particular trouble areas before that day, feel free to PM me and we can chat about it. Whatever makes you more comfortable and able to focus on the task at hand. Riding changed my life for the better. I would like to help you along the same journey to being alone in your helmet. Disclaimer: The racetrack is the ideal environment to learn the fundamentals of street riding. I plan to ride this Monday. I am extending this invite to everyone, but take note that if a new rider RSVPs, the ride will be tailored to that rider. Feel free to PM me and RSVP in private, too. I am cool with whatever makes you less apprehensive. I am also willing to meet you where you are comfortable riding to, within the NEO limits. I can't be riding to Columbus or Dayton. Maybe someone from that region will start their own rides. Groups will be small, though. Large group rides are distracting enough for veteran riders. These are rides that can be done comfortably in jeans, boots, jacket, glove and a helmet. No land speed records are being set. Just a nice ride across some tasty curves to preferably somewhere not disgusting to have lunch, and back on the road for the home stretch. Nothing fancy. No bait and switch, either. I can guarantee no matter how fast the rest of the riders go, I will stay at your pace for as long as you feel comfortable. This has been a problem in the past and I feel too many new riders are left out due to one reason or another. I can't promise great weather, but I can promise crooked roads, tasty food and a relaxed pace. Lastly, as long as the doctors are recommending masks, I will be wearing one. You can do whatever you want, but please be courteous and respectful to me and other riders. Also, this is a ride. It is not a Biden/Trump death match and politics are verboten. I get enough of myself and the rest of you online. I do not care who you vote for. I care that you want to ride bikes. I hope to see you outside next season.
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    743 miles for the first 2 days. Rode the Rattler and NC 215. Planning on doing the northern Georgia run tomorrow. At the the San Ran in Robbinsville for the next 2 nights.
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    Wish you had told me that sooner. I just spent today riding WV with him. I could have beat his ass or something if I had known.
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    Some shots from the last race of the year on Sunday. Dang expert in our way.
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    Day3 Made it home 707miles of back road scratching thru WV. land. 15.30 hrs of riding time. Day2. Made it across the Monongahela 4000ft fog on route39 to a old favorite R219N. To 33/to32N overnight Davis,WV. Much has changed over the years. Also the colors are looking good. Two days at 460 miles. 10.23 hrs. Road time. Day1. Just pulled in to Hawks Nest Lodge down in Ansted, WV. Route 16 did not disappoint. 212 miles at 5hr.
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    Nope. Cross my heart and hope for pie. Nobody wants me to spill coffee on my velcro sneakers.
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    Wash, rinse, repeat. That's the American 2 party system
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    I remember when we all thought obama was coming for our guns, and he didn't do much aside from the eric holder scare about surplus ammo. I expect these crackheads to campaign on radical policies, then they get into office and it's mostly more of the same
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    Don't ride one. You could fit so many dead cats in this baby.
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    480 miles on the new Terry’s Custom seat today Rode the back of the Dragon. In Johnson City, TN for the night. Going to ride 215-276 loop tomorrow, then head to Robbinsville
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    You need to talk to a different lawyer. Forgetting to cement the knee is different than opting between two different courses of treatment. Cementing the knee is a necessary step in any procedure. Your new surgeon can verify that. The expense and pain and suffering resulting from the second surgery was completely unnecessary but for the first surgeon’s negligence. His insurance carrier will settle long before you need to sue them. Just don’t wait until the last minute. Oh, you probably should also file a complaint with the medical licensing board people. In any event, it’s your business. Hope her second procedure goes well.
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    Yesterday during the afternoon rain I finally got around to swapping my more than worn out tires for the new ones I bought a few weeks ago. I took the opportunity to give the wheels a good cleaning and added the 90deg valve stems. I had a great time working on the bike yesterday because it's the 1st time in a long while that I had plenty of time to get finished and I didn't feel rushed to get done. Kind of a "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" day.
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    Test ride cost me just over $20,000 Fueled up on my way back from the gap and walked around an Indian dealership just to stretch my legs and this was the end result
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    Miss all you guys 😞 Not anymore, back to resident like salary and I am fiscally responsible now hehe still thank you but not come again 🤣
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    Here's a fun comparison - 2 years ago vs last month
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    That’s some ballsy talk from a uniball
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    Managed another clean sweep and picked up A superbike and A superstock novice championships and pulled out a personal best lap time of a 1:08.1. It's been a fun year.
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    You would've probably been lapped by him on your r1.
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    2nd on saturday and a 3rd on sunday. I had a better race that was way more fun on sunday. Wrapped up 3rd overall in the North Central Region in LWT SS. Depending on who shows up to the GNF I might get a 3rd overall nationally. I'm hiding behind Ian in this photo from Sunday.
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    Actually remembered I still owned a bike and took her out to smash some bugs.
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    Thanks Gary and Pauly. The bike is sold.
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    Those grips are tiny and not very comfortable for long rides. I had grip puppies on the Hyper but they were too bulky for my preference. I wanted to increase the grip circumference without negatively impacting my abiltiy to operate the motorcycle. The idea popped into my head the last WV trip I did on the beemer. Those grips are too small, as well. I just got to these grips first. The results are satisfying. The tape is Lizard Skinz and it's 2.5mm thick. The tape is very grippy, but not sticky. They were super comfortable on the trip and I never noticed them until I sat on the bike to take off. 750 miles and not thinking about them says a lot to me. It tells me that fixed my issue perfectly.
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    I saw this Classic in Germantown on my Motorbike Excursion last week. It was in the shop for some minor maintenance.
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    Keep telling yourself that, Sonny. I'm gonna toss a snow tire on my gOLDwing and show you how we do it back in the holler.
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    You own a child's bike.
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    Better not be voting for Biden if you think that. If he gets in I think you will see the end of the 2nd amendment before his first term is up.
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    Really? Buying a bmw adv and goldwing didn't already have you age yourself?
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    It rained most of the night in Robbinsville. Left the hotel at 8 am. It rained pretty steadily until almost Ohio, didn’t see blue sky until I was halfway through Columbus. It is a little less than 500 miles from Robbinsville to our place by 75/71. I did it in 8 hours. I was only off the bike twice. I rode for 4 hours straight before I took a break off the bike. The new Terry’s seat was well worth the money! 1400 miles in 80 hours, not too bad for a 61 year old man.
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    927 miles for 3 days. It’s been drizzling on and off all day. The further south the worse the rain was, didn’t make it to Georgia. I did manage to get a nice run on the Skyway and the Dragon. Had to get a new rear tire at Wheeler’s, a Dunlop RS3. Heading towards home tomorrow.
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    Day one road to Slade, KY. with friends on back roads. Great Ride. Day2 Adventure: I split from BRM and the Scooter Trash Twins this AM from Slade and headed south in the Daniel Boon NF thru Irvine, McKee, Livingston. Then SE Thru London, Harlan, Little Shepherd Trial, Cumberland, Black Mountain and ended the day at 16:30 in Big Stone Gap, VA. 245 Miles. Day 3, Road out of Big Stone Gap, VA. and Climbed up to High Knob Lookout via Big Cherry Reservoir. Road the Mountine tops and the curvy connector roads. dropped over to Dungannon and headed back NW to Haysi, Matewan and Home for a 359 mile day of some great riding. Moto-Mac https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsBAaDfZkbxULiV3c5MohnA/videos?view=0&sort=da&flow=grid
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    Funny, I just replied in the Chinese Grom thread about this. Another vote for Vessel crosshead drivers. Best I've ever used. I have both of those impact drivers you just ordered. From my research, JIS has merged with DIN to reduce confusion since they were almost exactly the same anyway. Phillips is the same as it has always been. If you only work on Japanese or European bikes & cars, throw out your Craftsman and Snap-On Phillips drivers, they just don't fit the screw heads. Vessel has adopted the new, more universal standard, at least for advertising purposes. I have some of the older JIS and some newer but I haven't used the newer ones enough to be able to tell if there's any difference. Here's how well a Vessel tip fits. Yes, that is a 150mm #2 being supported in a hose clamp screw by the tip only!
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    I was at Nelson’s last weekend and missed ya all. It was a fun day and perfect weather I had a oh shit moment going onto the back straight on my Ducati when I hit the pavement seam
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    This entire thread makes me wish I was a homosexual living in a Pence-Utopian nightmare so someone would gimme, gimme shock treatments.
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    That's some real bullshit right there.
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    All this masking/antimasking is one thing, but don't start with City BBQ! I love that place. Now, how do I upvote my own post?
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    Since unfettered drama mongering isn't panning out, I guess I'll have to start writing fanfiction of Casper and Tonik and Pauly going on a most excellent polar bear adventure.
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    So, yer sayin' an average individual in Ohio has 5,174 X chance of dying from Covid 19 than winning pick 6 Ohio Lottery if they buy a ticket. (pick 5 of 6 : 21X chance, pick 4 of 6 0.38X chance). Guess I'll continue to wear my kn95s until the situation improves. [edit- oops, this was fake news. Not being a lotto player I didn't realize that Ohio doesn't call their game where you pick 6 numbers "pick 6" but calls it "classic lottery" . The odds comparison is correct, only the names have changed.]
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    I just want that quoted. And for the rest of ya'll selfish fools that are in the "but, it doesn't affect me" camp. I sure hope you find some empathy someday, but I think it'll take something that'll rock you to the core before you get it. Ohh, and don't forget the long-term affects of organ damage for those that it doesn't become fatal for... https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/in-depth/coronavirus-long-term-effects/art-20490351 ...good thing we live in a country that wouldn't count that as a pre-existing condition for your future health insurance premiums. /s Go ahead and google "coronavirus long term effects college athletes" to see how this silly liberal hoax affects what is arguably the healthiest among us. Even if it isn't fatal, losing cardio and lung capacity would be a real kick in the nuts for those of us that enjoy an active and fitness-oriented lifestyle.
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