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    And fuck all of you that said this would never be done. I on the other hand will be hanging with the Governor Friday when he signs this bill into law. The law will go into effect 90 days after he signs it. Thank you all for the help, it has been a fun ride.
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    Did you really do this just for that lousy fucking pen? Also, it takes a pretty big ball to shoot pictures during such an important moment.
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    A great way (for me) to lose weight is a long multi-day motorcycle trip through the Appalachians. I get in the 'zone' and barely think about food until we're done for the day. I usually drop 3-4lbs on those trips.
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    He owes me since I talked you into taking his low ball offer.
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    WV. Stay a night in Elkins, and a night or 2 in Buckhannon and explore. Pretty much every state route in the area is wiggly with little traffic.
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    Suggest looking up a few job hunting groups in the Dayton area. Start with the Panerians... check panerians.com Sign up for unemployment soon.... and there's the resume on Monster requirement that goes with it. Also, get a Linked in profile going, and file a resume on indeed. I just went thru a long job hunt episode myself .. I also live in Dayton. PM me if you want to trade notes.
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    Did you give him a big hug and a kiss when he got back.
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    My buddy just flu in from there.
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