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  1. Made it back from WVA.&VA. Loop visiting old friends from time gone by. Cold and fog the first day but two day's of warm curvy back roads. 621miles. Moto-Mac https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsBAaDfZkbxULiV3c5MohnA/videos?view=0&sort=da&flow=grid
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  2. Took the Concours out for 400 plus miles today. I’m definitely getting comfortable with the big girl. Dragging the left peg was an eye opener.
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  3. Similar ride to @Pauly... Left around 7:15 am to meet the rest of the crew in Canton at depart by 8:30. Definitely chilly this morning, makes me want to get done heated great. Headed down to 751/93/83 to the muskie bucket. Took 78/377/555/676 into Marrietta. Had lunch at Arby's took 26/260/565/145 then cut through a back road to 78/379/147/800 the bolted up 800/799/250/646/212/77 and back home. Got home at 7 pm with 458 miles.
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  4. I left the house at 7am and headed west toward 21S/585/83 and met a friend near New Concord. We then proceeded to roll across 40/265/146/800/148/26/145/556/78/536/260 back to Caldwell where we went our separate ways home. I finished my day tooling around 78/379/265 when I finally hopped on 77N and droned home on autopilot. I put in 366 miles according to my odometer. So, probably closer to 340. Great day. Little chilly at first, but heated gear makes this weather just about perfect for day jaunts to hotdog land.
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  5. Got it! Only 18 days from ordering. It's a full 1 lb lighter than the JT steel sprocket I'm currently running. Does anybody know a good place to get a DID 530 ZVM chain?
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