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    I put a new battery in the FJR and took my first ride of the year. A little less than 800 miles and she will have 100,000 miles on her. Enjoying my Terry’s custom seat.
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    Installing ADV Parts from T-Rex Racing on my wife's Monkey. Skid Plate, Eng./Body Guards, Rear Rack, Center Stand. Bark Busters Hand guards will wait for the heated grips.
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    Rode to work today. Left the house at 10am and took 77S to 800/148/145/556 and over the river to New Martinsville. I picked up 180/18/74/47/129 into Weston for lunch. Somewhere along 74 my right pannier kissed the asphalt and I believe that deserves a celebratory glass of whiskey. Guess it can wait until I get home. After lunch I just took 33 into Elkins and stayed on 250 from there all the way to Stanton, VA. Nothing but 81/64 from there to Richmond, but it was a nice wind down stretch of freeway to allow all of my muscles to atrophy and ache. I am grateful for the ability to stand and ride on this bike. It was just about 500 miles from my house to the hotel and I stopped twice. Once for lunch and fuel in Weston and once in Whereversburg, VA for hydration.
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    I did nothing But I picked This old man cruising bike up this old man cruising bike and rode her around Pennsylvania today Felt like I was cheating on my banana
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    I rebuilt my seat/helmet lock. Mine puked the lock cylinder out last fall when the casting cracked. I got hold of a newer one from a guy on another forum and had to completely disassemble it. Of the 4 tumblers this lock uses, I found 1 that was correct for my key so I pulled the other 3 and tossed them. Now I have a lock that works with my key (and probably thousands of other keys as well), but at least I have a seemingly secure place to hang my helmet when I'm going into a store or restaurant.
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    Congrats to you and Morgan on your beautiful daughter! I found out a few weeks that I will be a great grandfather in November.
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    Picked up a new bike for the stable. Presented it to my wife on her birthday today. Going to try and get her back on Two wheels and off the Spyder for some lite Forrest service road ADV riding. If she takes the bate I will buy another and build the shit out of it for me. Two Monkey will fit in the back of the truck and pull the camper to parts unknown.
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