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    Wish I could grow up, but the CBR is still my kind of motorcycle. It slices corners and accelerates like no other. It puts a smile on my face from ear to ear. It still runs like a champ with nearly 60,000 miles.
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    Changed the stupid dead battery. But then rode around for an hour for funsies.
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    Rode to work today. Left the house at 10am and took 77S to 800/148/145/556 and over the river to New Martinsville. I picked up 180/18/74/47/129 into Weston for lunch. Somewhere along 74 my right pannier kissed the asphalt and I believe that deserves a celebratory glass of whiskey. Guess it can wait until I get home. After lunch I just took 33 into Elkins and stayed on 250 from there all the way to Stanton, VA. Nothing but 81/64 from there to Richmond, but it was a nice wind down stretch of freeway to allow all of my muscles to atrophy and ache. I am grateful for the ability to stand and ride on this bike. It was just about 500 miles from my house to the hotel and I stopped twice. Once for lunch and fuel in Weston and once in Whereversburg, VA for hydration.
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    Work truck is loaded and ready to roll. Sometimes I really do love my job.
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    Rode the hell out of it. Same tomorrow.
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    119 west from the 23 split down towards Lynch is really nice too!
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    Really otta slip through Lynch Kentucky since you’ll be right there.
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