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    Well if this couldn't get messy quick... Pauly Ninja Doc Al-z-heimer Jester_
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    Lat Saturday (2/13/21) I test rode a Zero SR/F motorcycle and this is my review. I rode by myself to Buckingham, Florida. The ergonomics are very similar to my 2017 Yamaha FZ10, the seat height is lower. Turn the key on, flip the power switch as we do our ICE bikes. Here is the difference, turn the twist grip and go. Even in an automatic transmission car you have to shift into drive. Immediate torque and acceleration, it really has power and speed. This is very fast bike! The bike is like EV cars, extremely smooth. Kept reaching for a clutch lever and up shifting with my left foot. Just a different feeling not having to operate a clutch & shift. The only noise you hear is the whine of the motor. It’s belt drive so this also makes my it smooth. The handling and braking were similar to my FZ10. I rode five miles the way we ride and noticed the ranged dropped 16 miles. I couldn’t go mach retard because it was governed at only 108 MPH. I did hit the limit several times. When I started the ride the dash indicated a range of 87 miles. After riding for 30 miles the dash showed 24 miles range left. The battery degradation was 73 miles in my 30 mile test ride. As with EV’s cars the motorcycle range anxiety is a deal breaker unless a person commutes a short distances. If you like to go for day rides of 250-350 miles EV bikes are not an option. The economics also don’t make sense, the Zero SR/F I test rode is over $21K. Zero does offer a base model for $9K with a lower range. In the future EV motorcycles might appeal to some people when the battery technology improves, but the range will have to increase monumentally to have the convenience of ICE bikes. I don’t believe EV bikes will ever be a consideration in my motorcycle riding lifetime. JMHO! Link to Zero ST/F specs: https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/model/zero-srf/
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    I did this in 2018. Bought a bike in Dallas. It worked out mainly because I had a bud there who helped me with the transaction. Sent him a check, he bought and picked up the bike, mailed me the title and pics of the bike and the VIN. Took those to a MC dealer here (who I have had several dealings with) to get the VIN verified for in-state inspection, then transferred the title into my name and bought an OH plate. Put it on the bike before the ride, rode it to CA and then back across UT/CO/AZ/NM to home. It obviously worked well because of the help I had with the out-of-state purchase. FYI...avoid riding across west TX at all costs. Truly the armpit of the US. Far worse than Kansas.
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    Tonik - donuts Pauly - made my hubby crawl up a hill Helmutt - my better 2/3 Ninja Doc - Dream/epic rides
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