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    Went to ride the quad this morning on my track since the ground is frozen. I’ve been having an intermittent running issue with it. It started fine and made it a quarter lap then started spitting and sputtering, then died. Got it to fire back up, spit and sputtered for another quarter and died. I had to push it probably 500 ft back to the garage. I discovered my stator and crankshaft sensor wire were rubbing on the frame and had been nearly cut in 2. After an hour or so of splicing some wires back together she was up and running like a champ. Ground was still frozen and I got to put in some much needed time on the track. Power sports are such a great way for me to escape the craziness of the world.
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    Well the dash was all done in cheap looking unfinished black plastic. So I painted it same color as the body. Gonna do a touch of audio work while I’m in there. dash fitted tonight
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