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    Added a german touch Ventilanschluss! I had swapped a spare schwinn pumps double head on my bontrager dual volume pump's single head before. Didn't hold pressure readings between pumps This new one has a very easy lever. Less fingernail hammering, but it locks opposite which will be a pain to get used to.
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    It's supposed to be really nice out this week. I'll definitely be out riding
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    Got the R1 out one last time this season at NCM over the weekend with @jacobhawkins and another buddy. Weather ended up decent. Most fun I've had on halloween since I was a kid. Surprise cameo by @Hoblick picking up a sweet new race machine.
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    Rode the ZR bent 24 mi. on the TJ evans trail from Newark to Johnstown. 1.5 mile from the trailhead my chain came off the single ring. As coasting to a stop I saw the chainring wobble. 3 aluminum chainring bolts were gone, 2 loose. The 2 piece spider was also loose. Glad this happened before I sold it. Also checked out the Horns Hill downhill runs in Newark. They are no joke, steep ,gap jumps, lot of loose rock berms though.
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