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    Black 2019 Ninja 1000 abs with 4711 miles on it. I have several add ons that include: Corbin 1up seat with a rear seat cowl. Stainless steel dual Urban Brawler exhaust pipes. Factory panniers keyed the same as the bike. Hepco & Becker sport rack with a 30L top case also made by Hepco & Becker that attaches In the same location as the rear factory seat. Integrated tail/turn/brake light. Tires are roadsmart 3’s at 70%. Givi 5L tank lock bag Factory seats and exhaust pipes included Clean, clear title and in excellent condition...just time for a change. $8200
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    You do realize that by following the cult of trump and believing everything they say that you yourself are a sheep being led right?
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    You one them sheepdogs I hear about? Ever vigilant.. waiting and watching in the darkness like Batman. Do you have a cape and fancy car with missiles and switches?
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    Fully submersed in the deep ruby red, that vivid scarlet sweet delicious nectar. The kool-aid.
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    Healthcare is a fiasco starting with Obamacare. Trump's only mistake there was fighting to get it removed instead of producing a viable alternative. I laugh when people say government is wasteful and corrupt but want more government control over healthcare and education. Australia used gun buy backs to take about 1/3 of the guns the country had. I'd bet it's the law abiding and people that don't have them "high on the list" that it affected most. Criminals certainly didn't give up theirs. Mattis fanboy...Trump has allowed the military to all but eliminate the al-qaeda that Obama and neocons empowered. Trump is letting the generals run the military and it's gained ground by leaps and bounds. But if you're watching CNN, you won't hear about it. Are you a neocon or something? We don't belong policing the world. If you argured that Trump is still hunting down al-qaeda leaders you'd be right, but they are backpedaling on their heals. We need to get troops back home. Mattis knows what chain of command is and he broke it. Biden will continue to sell out this county to foreign influence. Our economy will crash except for government employees. When you control a man's paycheck and healthcare, you have total control over them. You should read history books and learn.
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