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    Hey all. I'm planning to host at least one group ride a month next season. These rides will be very beginner friendly, but not at all boring. There are roads around here that are low traffic, decent pavement and good signage and sightlines. These are the roads upon which I built my fundamentals. I was privi to some very cool riders that were more than happy to offer help and correct mistakes before they became muscle memory. I still ride with a couple of these riders fifteen years later and we still have a great time. I want to invite you to that brotherhood. I am grateful for the friendships I have with these folks and the folks I have met on this board. I know we seem to be at each others throats this season. I am certainly in the camp of brown crayon mouth and letting shit get to me that I cannot control. No good ever comes from trying to bend the will of natural law. It's been a long, hard 6 months for me. For perspective, I rode almost 20k miles last season and even a couple work trips were taken on my Voyager. This year? Maybe a couple thousand? I have noticed the lack of time in my helmet equals less time for me to decompress and work shit out. My brain gets cramped with minutia and other people's bullshit. I enjoy life a little less. I am less grateful for what I have. I lose myself for too long. Riding is the treatment for what ails me. It forces me to focus on right now. Right here. If I blew a corner, I have to let it go. I can't think about the next corner, either. I have one two seconds from now that requires all of my focus. The only thing that matters when I am in "zoom" mode, is the here and now of Pauly's life. No distractions. I said that so I could say this.. I know three kind of new riders. The first rider is the one looking to become a better motorcyclist. They want to enjoy the sport. These are teachable riders. The slightly less teachable riders are the riders that can't check themselves and those that refuse to push themselves. All of these rider styles are welcome on these rides. I bet the title to my bike that I know something you don't that can change riding for you in a positive way. These rides will be focused on the new riders. They will be tailored to suit your comfort level so you can focus on fundamentals of street riding. If you wish to discuss your particular trouble areas before that day, feel free to PM me and we can chat about it. Whatever makes you more comfortable and able to focus on the task at hand. Riding changed my life for the better. I would like to help you along the same journey to being alone in your helmet. Disclaimer: The racetrack is the ideal environment to learn the fundamentals of street riding. I plan to ride this Monday. I am extending this invite to everyone, but take note that if a new rider RSVPs, the ride will be tailored to that rider. Feel free to PM me and RSVP in private, too. I am cool with whatever makes you less apprehensive. I am also willing to meet you where you are comfortable riding to, within the NEO limits. I can't be riding to Columbus or Dayton. Maybe someone from that region will start their own rides. Groups will be small, though. Large group rides are distracting enough for veteran riders. These are rides that can be done comfortably in jeans, boots, jacket, glove and a helmet. No land speed records are being set. Just a nice ride across some tasty curves to preferably somewhere not disgusting to have lunch, and back on the road for the home stretch. Nothing fancy. No bait and switch, either. I can guarantee no matter how fast the rest of the riders go, I will stay at your pace for as long as you feel comfortable. This has been a problem in the past and I feel too many new riders are left out due to one reason or another. I can't promise great weather, but I can promise crooked roads, tasty food and a relaxed pace. Lastly, as long as the doctors are recommending masks, I will be wearing one. You can do whatever you want, but please be courteous and respectful to me and other riders. Also, this is a ride. It is not a Biden/Trump death match and politics are verboten. I get enough of myself and the rest of you online. I do not care who you vote for. I care that you want to ride bikes. I hope to see you outside next season.
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    Nope. Cross my heart and hope for pie. Nobody wants me to spill coffee on my velcro sneakers.
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    I'm a firm maybe, depending on if it is going rain!😁
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    If you donate blood, red cross gives you antibody test results.
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    Spent last weekend getting used to the new bike. Overall a much better platform me.
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    I really want to be ^this^ person but I just can't right now. Too many issues and time constraints that make it almost impossible. I am almost on self destruct mode this year and none of my riding is for group consumption. Time will quelch the issues and this too shall pass. I am the benefactor of good people spending their time and knowledge with me as Pauly is offering above. I hope to someday have the opportunity to repay that generosity in kind. I do know that he has the knowledge and skillset to help anyone that will listen and try what's being offered.
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    No, we wear masks because we want to help protect the weak. We care about others. You on the other hand are a piece of shit that only cares about themselves.
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    "I’ll walk in there. I’ll kiss everyone in that audience. I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women, and every mouth, I’ll give you a big fat kiss.” The stable genius speaks to you.
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    The reality is the radical socialists have spent 4 years trying to create division in America. They've had small successes, but nothing greater than this pandemic. And sadly everyone has bought into the division over a piece of cloth. Liberals like more government and don't mind being told what to do. Republicans are free thinkers and don't want to be controlled. And this thread exemplifies that division. There is still a lot of common ground on both sides of thought, we need to unify those thought patterns and rid America of this true radical "resistance" that is currently plaguing our country. The great thing about America is, for now at least, we are all entitled to our opinions and choices and that's protected by the constitution. Where some are comfortable wearing a mask and think it works, wear one. Those that don't, their choice. Theres so many articles, studies, and opinions arguing both sides. No one can really say if it does or does not work. Let's look at history maybe...like most things in life, we've had pandemics before, what worked and what didn't in years past? So go on with your life and try to get along with everyone. If we argue and hate, that breeds anarchy and that's what the true radical left wants.
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