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    One of them was my friend Jeff.
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    Tires purchased. I’ll be at PIRC for the endurance race and sprints this weekend - getting tires mounted and spectating. Not racing. Maybe helping my friends do endurance. I doubled down and bought parts to fix my leaking MC, and then also won an auction for a 2007 R6 master. The latter is much better, but may ship more slowly... should have fresh rubber on the bike Monday, and the master cylinder should be on the bike Tuesday. Cross your fingers.
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    Speaking as someone that rides a lightweight in a sea of 600's and 1000's - it's much more fun when there are other sv's, fz's, and kramer's out in the same session that have riders of similar pace.
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    I know how much 300's/400's are raced lol. But no track org is going to cover track rental costs at a big bike track only allowing 400cc and under bikes as participants.
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    This is the best I can do. Honda NSR 250 will be fine for the track.
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    Few more weeks to go. Hopefully weather is nice! If so I'm planning on doing 9-19/20th! Hows Mid-Ohio been this season? Track any worse in spots? Have they laid down fresh pavement in any areas? Just curious . . .
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    So how many videos are there of Biden being creepy around little girls. How many aren't on camera https://streamable.com/ok7i21?fbclid=IwAR1qd0P9b2bSNB8zJOMS6zQIphNuCNxD2mBtwmYspWrmxviviAh8_K0Te9w
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