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    Had a great ride Saturday 9/5 @Skinny guy starting in Carrollton. Stopped at the big muskie bucket. Route 43, 171, 542, 39, 751, 93, 83, 78, 564, 145, 821, 60, 26, 800, 145, 9, 164, 43
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    The Pirelli Angel GT tires give excellent traction even with under 100 miles on them. I also added a R&G rear hugger and some heat protection for my exhaust as well as a full Guhl Motorsports tune to my 2010 Honda VFR1200F. Despite having full power in first and second gear now with full throttle control I feel much safer and more in control. The stock tune had a huge lack of power and throttle control as a makeshift traction control. The first trip out was a huge success. I was very comfortable at lean and able to give full throttle with minimal tire spin thanks to the Angel GT traction.
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    I'll let you know when I get around to it. A 3rd hand is always helpful mounting tires. How are your angels working out?
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    Wait for them to buy it and then rob them. F'n newb.
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    I washed and waxed it. I also cleaned, adjusted, and lubed the chain. Hopefully everything aligns with my schedule and the weather next Saturday and I can get a long ride in.
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