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    Got out for a little ride today, 185 miles or so. 78, 555, 550, and some others. Traffic was non existent.
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    For people with lowvoltaphobia but who also never ride their bikes
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    I think its pretty damn good considering where Motorcycle Road Racing in America is right now... basically non-existent. Unrelated: I think it's funny that all those "major" sports are cancelling their season. Players that are paid more a season than the entirety of some MA team budgets combined are saying I don't wanna play. You'll never hear that from a motorcycle racer. "Oh my arm is about to fall off? Cool good thing my 1pc suit will keep it attached. Lets go racing!"
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    Also check - www.dimecitycycles.com
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    I don't make them and the guy who made mine has moved on from machining motorcycle parts. I have a friend who has used these guys several times https://www.fastec-racing.co.uk/collections/yokes And I bought a fork extender once from here https://www.billetbikebits.com/forks Both do nice work and will do any custom parts you want.
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    the one on the right must be talking about herself
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