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    So as the title says, is anyone working on any project bikes, scooters, quads, side-x-sides? Here's what me and my little brother been working on. In chronological order.
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    And there are no blind hills or curves!
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    I used to love riding at night, as others have said though it would be City riding and not so much out in the country.
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    Cruising around in a lit city/highway at night is enjoyable sometimes. Any type of aggressive riding - nope.
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    We have a spot reserved. On the pavement in the “new” paddock area, I think. Bought the camping spot and tickets two months ago.
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    I enjoy some easy cruising in town in the evenings. It's cooling down from the day and traffic is light.
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    Why I don't commute on my bike. Too many critters out here in the Stix to worry about.
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