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    I took my usual route down to Zanesville and headed out 146. Jumped on 284 south, it was in bad shape from mowing and storm debris, plus a lot of gravel. Took 78 to 536 south. The first 2/3rds of 536 was nice, after that there were two spots that were one lane from construction. Stopped at the locks in Hannibal and then headed north on 800. 350 miles for the day. The bike turned over 95,000 miles today.
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    Well stepped up my game today with a 3rd camera and new laptop. My old dinosaur computer just took way too long to import, edit and export. the new computer is 4 times what the old one was. So maybe ill get less frustrated while editing now. Also might need to look into a different edting software because I've found limitations on the VIRB Edit software I can't seen to get around. Which is a bummer because im getting really fluent with it. For the ones that haven't seen my other post with recent trip videos check out my channel and subscribe. Still learning and still figuring things out but im honestly enjoying the new side hobby. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCztXuEWA499C22dwW0zYb5Q?view_as=subscriber
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    I grabbed a Portillo's Chicago style hot dog in Crystal Lake, IL at the start of my trip home. It was a challenge keeping the toppings on the hot dog. Good flavor.
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    I worshed all the dirty south off of them. Now we need to go back to resoil them.
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