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    Nice day for a ride from Lake Erie down to Mohawk Dam. Hit some of my favorite roads in the area and explored some of the gravel roads off of 715. And finally, rode the gravel road that accesses the base of the dam. Only 225 miles, but hey, I’m retired. I can go again tomorrow. 😎
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    I used to have an EZ pass mounted to the top of my front brake reservoir using 3M dual lock fastener. It worked pretty well.
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    Thanks for the offer, but I’m not going off road on this whale. I’m too old to be picking this thing up.
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    Hmmm... headed to Colorado ( trailering dualsports ), hopefully we can still go. Guess we’ll see. Plan B was heading to Vermont, New Hampshire on Adventure bikes... Screw Covid!
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    Slabbed to meet the Wunderboys last night. Today was 438 miles of Appalachian shenanigans. Had some river trout. Showed Tony the race line on WV-20. Time for a shower, some beverages and maybe a cigar to reward a ride well done. I want to ride Tony's bike, but he used up all the sticky stuff. Perhaps next time?
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    So much awesome I can hardly stand it.
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