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    I just want to take a moment to thank @TimTheAzn and @Jester_ for pulling into track days after nearly 9 -10 yrs since last track day. Without tim making the day easy to sign up and join etc i would never have been able to join. Whats with these asian guys helping you to make your first track day easy - must be a culture thing. Hi ... How you doing.... let’s go for a track day ? ( @jbot ) Last year end on a cold fall day got to do one in PIRC. Wanted to do one more with you guys before i left But i couldnt. But i really enjoyed the day, less stressful and lot of fun all because you guys and big timmy and others where there. And i went ahead and did one more this summer here in NC and just wanted to share a brief write up. Even for this one, tim made it easy by arranging sign up all the way from ohio short review of track day day I did before the blistering summer heat started. This first para for who ever dont want to read big wall of text: I will never be a track junkie , will always enjoy street ride. I don’t have the competitive edge or aggressiveness or the desire for high velocity straights, but corners.... man corners I love them. And the big difference is i think i will slow way down in the streets and enjoy the destination and travel and leave the speed and adrenaline to the track where it was safer. Is track costly, repetitive and boring for a street touring fan, yes if you look at it that way. But if you look at it in a way where you pay speeding ticket money up front for a max speed licence and pushing your limit with as much protection as possible. Exorcism of your speed demon in a chapel meant for it. Big win long version The track : NCCar is all about smooth flat rounded ones. There are tricky ones like double apex decreasing ones and my favorite an almost 360 non stop circle. A very high horse power liter bike friendly track. Covid difference: I can almost say this was perfect place to be for a covid time entertainment. every one is restricted to their own individual canopy spaced at least 10 feets apart and carrying your own food. The rider meeting was open space short and spread out. Few including me still wore a mask and plus the quintessential funny look due to that from few. Otherwise there is never a moment where you interact or have contact with others, except the bathrooms where you have to be careful. The rider: The bike handled so beautifully that after couple warm up session I am literally passing everyone in novice without even trying. Esp on the outside of the long 360. (the only place where they allowed corner passing) Destroyed the pucks by the end of the day, again remember I am no track junkie and this technically first track day in a year and first time in this track in this bike. Still the bike gave me so much confidence and it’s so fluid. Body position is difficult compared to full sports bike but manageable. Race tuck and straight ways I will need suspension adjusted for me and a heavy oil mod for steering dampener. A set of adjustable rear set might help, I was able to improve my bad habit of toes sticking out a bit by the end of the day still not 100% confident in these rubber pegs and still dragging end of toe sliders. The bike: Tires full grip from power cup2 front and Michelin GP rear. Pics of the tires at the end of the day attached. Ran a higher cold pressure of 31 33 and it still gripped well and didn’t get destroyed. No mechanical issue, heating never went above 4 bars. The small screen definitely helps me. Brakes never faded but I hardly used it except for the long straights. But thats mainly due to the track layout. Everywhere else it was almost throttle play to keep it smooth. QS works best in this high speed high rpm Environment. Flips through the corners Easy, transition in S turns is a breeze, late brake into corners inside other high power bike and still no panic and can make the corner without running wide. All in all, makes it enjoyable and not intimidating to do a track day. Logistics: just a short word on this, bike is so light that this is the first bike I felt comfortable loading on to the back of truck. Very easy to just push it around and work with it. At the end of the day when your dead tired this was quite helpful. Final verdict: this bike just went from 10/10 in my favorite list to 11/10. it made me love something I never thought I would like, ... track days. Now I am kind of hooked. Definitely this bike made it a very enjoyable experience. Will be making at least a handful of track days if schedule and budget allows.
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    @kbrok let me take his Aprilia out a couple weeks ago and had a blast. I "rode" Derek's GSXR1000 for a session last year, but I felt more comfortable on this thing and boy howdy was it a hoot. I mean, it's no 900SS, but what is, honestly? Maybe they'll do a refresh in a few years and could pick up one of this gen on the cheap.
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    ok boys I had to post it as im super happy.... Last fall I yard sale'd my bike counterclockwise at Grattan during a WERA race. the Covid made getting parts a bit difficult at first but here she is in 99%of her glory... -Decals by Pop Shadow Decals -Bodywork and paint by MotoXpRicambi everything else was sourced as I normally had them. vortex, renthal, driven, woodcraft, Penske , GP suspension and misc other goodies.. still a pump gas 126hp at the rear monster SuperStock motor Still have to get the wheels Powder coated to the same neon flouro orange and some misc decals and new seat pad Everything off that was broken
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    Relax, this isn't meant to be a pissing contest. Andy, You were 6 seconds off the pace from Farkas who rides almost an identical bike to you (1.11.8 vs 1.17.6). Yes, you have a weight disadvantage, but there is lots of time to be made up in places. Maybe his suggestions will help or maybe you have the best line, but I will admit the bike does look pointed in the wrong direction. No sense in having a pissing contest to prove you being right or him being wrong. Just take it with a grain of salt and see if it helps. If it doesn't, congratulations. None of us are going pro, so no sense in not just listening and trying to improve. Prime example for me was seeing this photo I realize I wasn't getting the bike turned even though I thought I had the best line. Made some adjustments and cut a good amount of time off my laps from last year. The community is small and we all need to support everyone in getting better.
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    Did you get that brake guard to match your gloves?
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    Shot from the private day on Monday.
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    There is a lot to be learned from Craig. Now since you cant remember if this is 15 or 16 I drew lines for both. Regardless of what corner you're in - your bike is pointed in the wrong direction. Black line is where your bike looks like it's pointed and green line is where it should be pointed as your stand it up from apex while you reduce lean angle and give it gas. Look at the next picture, this kid has his bike pointed in the direction he wants to go. The red line shows where your grom was pointing. May not be the exact same corner but your bike is so far off direction wise this can be used as an example.
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    The fact that you are turning in early which it's causing you to point the wrong direction. But hey, you know it all.
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    Oh I understand the pic, what I don't understand is your lack of wanting to learn.
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    I apologize for posting a photo that you find hard to understand, here's one more your speed:
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    Yes to heat gun and the kit came with a plastic scraper card. It had some velvety material on it also. But the heat gun was incredibly overkill. A hair dryer would probably be just fine. My heat gun has a Hot and Lava setting. Hot was plenty. Definitely better with 4 hands instead of 2. One guy holds the sheet while the other does the sticking.
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    Anyone a member of the Columbus Riders facebook group? Constant entertainment. What a dumpster fire. @DerekClouser @jacobhawkins @what
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