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    Yes until you or someone else brings Covid in from somewhere else. As to your original question "Am I an idiot". Sorry man, at this point I have to go with yes.
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    I glimpsed someone wizzing right in front of the trailhead on my ride Monday. The ride sucked.
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    No. I am done. All the evidence is available. Anyone not convinced already cannot be convinced.
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    You regularly ride your bike to southern Ohio in areas where the infection rate is spiking pretty rapidly, stopping for gas, some snacks and lunch. And even though you are careful you are surrounded by idiots not wearing masks. Then you come back to your safe little county, and don't wear a mask when you are around other people. You are the poster child for why people should wear masks, as are most of us.
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    IMO, the best solution to avoid getting COVID is to distance one's self from EVERYONE, wear a mask when it becomes necessary to go out, and not engage in any conversation with others. Get in, get it, and go home--then wash yer hands. Same as it always was when this bullshit started months ago. Those who "don't do the right thing" are setting us back big time, but there's not much we can do about that except stay home and hope that the insanity blows over.
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    My name is Mike. I used to frequent the forums before Facebook and then I stopped giving a shit about the time I had kids. I got a new bike last week and have started to enjoy riding again. My old bike is a runner and she was not real comfortable. The new bike is an old man bike, but her guess what? I'm fucking old. Anyways, hello! Picture of my new bike - 2014 Honda CTX 1300 My old bike some might remember - 1988 Honda Hawk GT
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    Sorry lengthy PSA.... So have to make a post about this because maybe some don't realize this when they do it. If you go the store and park in the end painted area that a car can not fit in I feel that is okay. I actually feel this is best because one your not taking up a whole spot a car could park in. And two somtimes when you do park in a regular spot people in cars might not see your bike and could hit it. So I'm fine with it even do it myself. I park in these half spots or end areas that are usually painted or checkered. What I'm NOT okay with is the motorcycle riders that park in the ones right next to the handicapped spots. Especially the handicapped spots that are right in front of the entrances. If you do this you are an asshole. Folks with handicapped vans sometimes have ramps the need to deployed and need these areas to exit their vehicles. So as in the picture of my bike I think the is is acceptable. I'm off to the side of the entrance out of the right of way and most importantly not beside a handicapped space. Now as in the second pic the folks are just assholes. There is absolutely no reson to park where there are. While pulling out of the parking lot there was another bike in one of these spots and the guy was walking up to his bike. So I pulled up and had a conversation with this gentleman and explained my thoughts on this. His reply is why I'm making this post. He said "damn im sorry, I actually never really thought of it that way". So maybe there are lots of folks that have never thought of it before and a PSA was in order. So here it is. So if you do this please stop, if you see someone doing this please explain to them why it not the right thing to do. And feel free to pass this message on and on. Thank you!
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    Everyone has to make their own decisions based on their vantage point, Rick. Just remember, not everyone gets to avoid the population or work from the safety of their Amish community. My point of reference is a little cluttered with self-entitled, spoiled assholes that feel the world shouldn't stop churning out their cheap, plastic goodies just because people are dying. It's cool, though. I don't mind not seeing my kid for a few months, missing his 21st birthday or being stuck in a hotel away from my home for weeks at a time, eating in my car because everything is locked down, driving 18 hours to a job site because somehow designer purses and makeup are essential to the American public. Hey, so long as you can all can wipe your asses with clean toilet paper, buy all the booze you need to cope with your boredom, or get your motorcycle tires on time... I know I can sleep at night. I am mostly salty about the shitty looks and comments I get when I try to keep others safe by masking in public... but I am sure I won't catch anything. Totes appreciate the support, though. Speed safe and maybe I will catch you on a ride next summer.
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    I knew I could count on you to tell me how you felt. I appreciate that about you. You used to be so nice to me, though. Guess the honeymoon is over. Since you called my county safe. I would say we agree .44% is not something to be concerned about. You mentioned that I travel to SEO which is currently a hot zone. I had not heard that. I did some number checks there for Marietta where I have stopped for lunch and dined inside at Subway the past 2 trips. I know I’m certifiable at this point. If I did it right Washington county I believe is where Marietta is located. 127 cases, population 59,911 = .21%. It’s safer than my little county. Now I had heard Cuyahoga was bad. As of last night .55%. I still would not call that worrisome. Realize these numbers I’m reporting are since the start of the pandemic I believe. I’m guessing folks have gotten healthy and there may be less people running around that are contagious. .34% safer than Ashtabula County Gentlemen I’m not try to piss anybody off. Jim and @Pauly you had me wondering if I should be concerned. I’m just reporting the numbers I see. Pauly you may be right. Maybe there is no changing my mind, but you made me question my thoughts, think about what was being said, and do my own research. I’m just trying to do the same for you as well as others. Feel free to speak your mind. I don’t see me crying or going away. Remember I asked multiple times for this thread to end. I have typed multiple posts to this thread and just deleted them. I get your frustration/anger. For example I just deleted my opinion outside of less than 1% not being much of a concern to me. The night @Steve Butters was getting ripped I must have typed out 5 different responses and just deleted it.
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    Welcome back. Not much has changed...
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    Rick, doesn't it all boil down to relative risk? If the only criteria on which to base your decision is the ODH daily statistics, you are most likely going to be safe--at this point. Respectfully, I ask why take an added risk? And why risk the health of others? You have no idea if you are shedding the virus asymptomatically. Why not hedge your bets? As a teacher, you are a role model. And I don't see your (or ANY) school districts waiving the option of masking up around students, so you will eventually have to wear a mask, at least at work. May as well get used to it.
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    FYI...the rear stock kawasaki brake pads on a C14 will last 82k miles Need to make a trip to pony in mansfield tomorrow morning. They are holding a set of EBC HHs for me.
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    Have this exact soft pannier set. Bought 'em used many years ago and have made many multi-week trips to NC/GA, CO/UT, and FL. The rain covers aren't totally water-proof so I always pack my clothes in 1-gal zip-lock bags. Still work and function as new, although a bit sun-bleached. These will outlast your prostate gland....
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    That was much more polite than what I originally typed. You can do all the talking from now on. Thanks.
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    They're fucking stupid. It's as simple as that.
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    Just rode 555 June 30, 2020 from Rt 78 to Rt 550. Everything has been repaved and shoulders are tarred to keep gravel down. Great condition but the sphincter still puckers a little as you approach tops of hills and not sure which way the road breaks. I’m a 58 year old with a 2006 Goldwing. Take it easy and enjoy the ride! Ed Nagle, Perrysburg OH
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    I followed him on that trip. Those bags are fast as hell, would recommend.
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