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  1. I got my pants exempt card. Makes it easier for the Covidiots to blow me.
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  2. Found a dead one in the backyard this morning with its eyes gone. Looks like the local red tail hawk’s diet has progressed from doves (appetizer) to squirrels (main course). one down, four to go. 👍
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  3. I rode all over Amish gravel country and did a lot of standing. I need the bar slightly higher than it is. I have to crouch to reach them and that is getting old. So, some Rox risers will be here on Wednesday. I ordered a new saddle for the Voyager. It arrived last week, but it is still in the box. I will get to it, eventually. Lastly, I figured out the hill hold feature. I was using it incorrectly. I was leaving it engaged and trying to launch, which works.. but is not fluid. Now, I come to a stop, keep the clutch in (dont have to, but I dont often put my bike in neutral at stops), apply the hill hold. When it is time to go, squeeze the brake lever to release the hold and off I go. I never thought a parking brake on a motorcycle would be a thing, let alone something I love and wish the Voyager had.
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  4. Death rate is only accurate and relevant if everyone that's had covid19 is accounted for.
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