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    Whoops, thought Tim was talking about John's bike. Didn't realize we went off topic to UPs bike. Since we went off topic John you want me to lock this? Your choice.
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    The way they two toned them works really well, they blend in....they don't grab your eye and detract from the rest of the bike.
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    I disagree. Some crotch rockets are bigger than others. Some can go for miles and miles, some use all their gas fast. Some have short shifting some long shifting, some go mach retard some just retard.... Some are white, some yellow, some black, some mixed... Not all crotch rockets are the same. That's like saying all Mustang's are the same.
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    If there is no post, can it be a repost?
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    Had an opportunity to pick up a one owner, garage kept Buell Cyclone M2 with 18K miles. Guy worked as a HD mechanic and bought it new in New York. Added a bunch of factory options like the tach, Buell-branded soft luggage, flat-slide Mikuni. Wasn't really looking but it kind'a fell in my lap, so to speak. Color is "Molten Orange". Pretty much unmolested. 430# dry weight with 91 HP and 85 lbft of torque sounds like fun....
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    The earth is not flat. I don't think I saw any flat ground in 5 days in Tennessee. Duh.
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    Nope. 85 and sunny. I went back and checked for dirt, sand, or oil. The rear was slipping on other roads, too.
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    Ive ran a couple sets of these and haven't had any of these issues. just had a new front put on at wheelers last weekend and railed it everywhere.I do know they are a very heavy carcass tire and it takes extra time to get any heat into them. But at the same time they last monger due to this too. Me and @JustinNck1 ran them for our trip out west and I ran a set for a gap trip the month before. maybe the heavier bike helps them perform better not sure.
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    I have never liked the look of side bags on bikes and have always been able to use rolls bags secured on the back seat during warm weather, summer here or Florida in winter. I can go five days with storage of summer light clothes. I went on a May trip to the BRP and the dragon and had to take cold weather clothes, just in case. I couldn't stuff all the gear in my roll bag and had to ask others in the ride group to put things in their bags. I just had the side bags installed yesterday, they don't look bad, more importantly I can remove them in minutes. I will only need these bags for 20% of my riding, but I can imagine getting used to the storage capacity and keeping them on the bike.
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    Goldwing bashing is always on topic. We don't want this site to become just for the old codgers.
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    Plus my bike is faster, has more ground clearance, weighs less and stops better. It's a real panty dropper.
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    The H2 SX SE was at the top of my list when I was looking for a bike. I couldn't find a decent deal on one when I stumbled on the deal on my current bike that I couldn't pass up. I would like to have the faster Kawasaki and can wait until the right deal comes along to pick one up. I always ride with a top box on my bike and occasionally have the side cases on for trips which has only been three times so far. I have more storage capacity with the three cases than a Goldwing.
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    Looks good, but can't that bike out run cold weather?
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    Looks good Ricer. 👍
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    I’m usually not a fan but some bikes really pull them off and yours looks nice!
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    I agree with Tonik on this one. Bike looks good.
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    Meh... if you've seen one crotch rocket, you've seen 'em all.
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    When this thread hits 88mph...
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    You reposted a picture of a future post. That takes talent, sir.
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    Sold, thanks @Grokked nice to meet you!
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