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    buy some tread locker, you are going to need a lot of it. My 98 S3T shakes like a dog shitting razorblades.
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    I disagree. Some crotch rockets are bigger than others. Some can go for miles and miles, some use all their gas fast. Some have short shifting some long shifting, some go mach retard some just retard.... Some are white, some yellow, some black, some mixed... Not all crotch rockets are the same. That's like saying all Mustang's are the same.
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    somehow OR ends up with nukes
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    I can't believe you walked right past this.
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    Had an opportunity to pick up a one owner, garage kept Buell Cyclone M2 with 18K miles. Guy worked as a HD mechanic and bought it new in New York. Added a bunch of factory options like the tach, Buell-branded soft luggage, flat-slide Mikuni. Wasn't really looking but it kind'a fell in my lap, so to speak. Color is "Molten Orange". Pretty much unmolested. 430# dry weight with 91 HP and 85 lbft of torque sounds like fun....
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    Not a racism issue, though.
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    Yeah, this whole situation is just glaring fubar! I just don't know what world I live in sometimes.
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    Time to burn some shit down. Enough. https://portcitydaily.com/local-news/2020/06/24/fired-wilmington-cop-we-are-just-going-to-go-out-and-start-slaughtering-them-f-ni-i-cant-wait-god-i-cant-wait-free-read/
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    No kidding since a big part of their job results in massive amounts of liquids from peoples mouths being vaporized into the air then spread around by the HVAC. Mine is wait in the parking lot, masks required. Temp taken before you get through the door...straight to your room. Staff coordinate patients coming and going so you never pass others in the hall. They have this giant vacuum cleaner thing they put by your mouth to suck in the mist they create. Their HVAC system has been modded so all the air they recirculate passes through UV A, B and C before it goes back out. When you pay, you stay in your room and they take your credit card up front and run it for you then bring it back. So no waiting around the desk. Dude is f'ing serious about this shit. I like that, wish more people were. I got my cleaning and none of the above cause me any problems, discomfort or hassle. No reason not to.
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    I do where a mask when I need to. Sat in the dentist office waiting room yesterday I was the only one including the women working the desk that had one on. I'm not going to wear a mask to keep me from getting it. I will wear a mask if i'll be in close proximity to folks I wouldn't want to give it to in case I would have it.
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    That's it, there is nothing left to say. Mods, lock this thread.
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    Part one of my weekend videos is up. Still learning this whole thing but getting better...i think. Enjoy and check out the other videos on my channel like and subscribe for the next parts and any future videos. https://youtu.be/Jh7KvSo3zrg
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    I think its time to shake up the Mod's in this place. Make me a Mod - I wont close shit besides fs threads.
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    Going from 5 to 10 people is a 100% increase so percentages don't influence me much.
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    @redbarron77 has all the images. Gist of my understanding of ORdN. Don't use real names or call people by them Leg hump until the girl leaves or toughens up... or Stay in the kitchen until given a pass Go 1.80 on the highway doing a wheelie and flipping the bird It's Dads fault All sales are GLWS LBTS No thread is permitted to stay on topic Hookers and blow Gen got peni and left CBR girl requested a few to leave... And they are gone If your ex-boyfriend has your bike, don't play with midgets First one to pass out gets the hotdog photo .... There are more rules but this will get you started... Last one... Nothing is to be taken serious on the internet ORdN will protect, help and share all they can in real life to help someone... They are all a little soft on the inside...
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