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    Anyone that can't take the heat should stay on reddit where they belong. Not everything needs to pander to the least common denominator. I am tired of accommodating people I do not know that feel I owe them something. The door swings both ways. Suit up, throw a leg over.. or piss off.
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    @redbarron77 has all the images. Gist of my understanding of ORdN. Don't use real names or call people by them Leg hump until the girl leaves or toughens up... or Stay in the kitchen until given a pass Go 1.80 on the highway doing a wheelie and flipping the bird It's Dads fault All sales are GLWS LBTS No thread is permitted to stay on topic Hookers and blow Gen got peni and left CBR girl requested a few to leave... And they are gone If your ex-boyfriend has your bike, don't play with midgets First one to pass out gets the hotdog photo .... There are more rules but this will get you started... Last one... Nothing is to be taken serious on the internet ORdN will protect, help and share all they can in real life to help someone... They are all a little soft on the inside...
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    Instead of fighting the trolls, I made them mods. 😂
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    Fuck yo safe space. We're on the interwebz and this is Ohio Riders.
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    How about not locking the thread in the first place. Who in the hell posts here thinking that any thread will stay on topic let alone complain that it hasn't. That's some baby bullshit and coddled by an overactive moderator.
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    We need several more white guys in the moderating pool before we upset the proper percentage balance with an Oriental. My time spent as the black moderator will be trying to defund the fun police and unlocking every single thread that is locked.
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    anyone notice how they're all white dudes? This is why I think it's finally time @Uncle Punk became mod. we need to get a black guy on the mod team. he'll be like our Obama, and then I'll bide my time until i can begin my unadulterated fascist reign of tyranny
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    If it's truly racism, it's a serious offense (suspension, ban, etc). However, 99.9999999% of the time it's just friendly banter/ribbing or someone speaking their mind on a hot topic that upsets those with a different viewpoint. We've been doing this for fifteen years. Joining this site is like joining a new group of friends, or meeting your in-laws. It takes a bit to get to know their personalities, intentions, etc. Everyone has their own opinions. Think of it as a really fucked up, dysfunctional, polygamous, exhibitionist family. Some are conservative. Some are liberal. Some are in the middle. Some try to sleep with every new person that joins. Some are happily married. Some will never get laid. Some sleep with sheep (you know who you are *cough* Fonzie and Sam *cough*). Some ride sport bikes on the track only. Some ride Harley's to the local bar. Some sold their bikes years ago but still hang around for some reason (looking at you Bad). Some can handle it. Some can't. As TimTheAzn so eloquently said, this is not a "safe space". Everyone is free to have their own opinion and speak their mind (within the rules). We don't censor or over-moderate. That said, we do NOT tolerate blatant racism, sexism, violence, etc. If anyone sees anything that breaks the rules, you're encouraged to report it (Report post link in upper right of every post).
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    Going forward in cases like this I think rather than hiding the thread we should lock them, with a brief explanation posted in the thread.
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    Fall would be a good time, better odds of getting people. We only show up to cancelled rides, too.
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    This is the content I live for.
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    Just because something somewhere is standard practice doesn't mean it's a well thought out policy. Following along what others do is a lazy way to process issues when there are entities involved with corporate forums and they can plug in any warm body as a moderator. We only answer to a single entity around here. Giving the current moderators some credit I would guess you all can think for yourselves. Locking threads at the OP request makes sense if they have made an incriminating post that has the possibility to put them in some sort of legal issues. Locking a post because they don't like the replies or they have changed their mind isn't necessary. I get changing your mind after the fact but man up and say that instead of having a moderator bail you out. Other people contributed to the discussion and could have moved it forward without the OP being further involved after they stated that they no longer wished to be involved. Another policy that is unnecessary is the locking of for sale threads after the item has been sold. I don't get the point of doing this at all. Leaving them open allows follow up questions that could lead to another discussion on the topic instead of someone starting a new thread addressing the for sale topic. You need to find better places to hang out on the internet then if this statement is true for you. There are forums that aren't moderated unnecessarily. Yes, I consider this place to be on the medium side of moderating but for what I'm paying to be around here I only complain when it doesn't make sense.
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    You should be honored. It took a long time for someone to take Tonik's spot.
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    I am so offended, outraged and horrified by your micro aggression's towards me and everyone on the OR. I know ToniC enjoys banning people, I will ask him to eliminate every comment you have every posted on the OR!
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    OH SHIT - I made it into the signature
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    I'm glad you took that the way I meant it to be taken. As a joke. 👍
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    Those are not brakes, it is a really fancy brake light switch. Duc's only have front brakes.
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    Not trying to stir the pot, and I did not get to read the full thread before it was closed so I don’t know what transpired in there that it deserve to be closed. So I’m not pro or against closing as I don’t have enough information. Just as a continuation of discussion, posting up my thoughts. most forum esp OR is an eclectic group of folks coming together and sharing ideas / discussion / arguments etc a thread and it’s further reply constitutes a conglomeration of ideas from various individuals. The whole thread takes a meaning of it own, has a value of its own. Thus the Value of whole thread with its replies takes a far more value than just the opening post, opening post is just what it is ...an opening , like some guy who walks into a hall full of people and saying “hey what’s up, how’s weather” The thread belongs to everyone who posted in there and even a bit to every member in forum who joined / logs in daily and reads these. They all have their own value in keeping this place rolling. my humble opinion (which prolly doesn’t matter) is going forward in future let’s keep the threads open, if OP wishes to erase his post and thread mods can help him. Let the rest of the discussions which folks put effort to come up with ideas and took time to type it out stay here. If majority of thread is highly inflammable and pure toxic with no productive value what’s so ever, I agree closing and hiding makes sense. But for OR that’s a pretty high ceiling to touch. By now literally all of us know each other on personal basis and know exactly where the posts are coming from. From a funny angle or vicious Inner negative angle. As for this thread the last I seen was all productive posts, esp a planing and involving thread with many folks who are usually silent coming forward to participate to bring together a ride. That should have stayed and the requested posts or dubious post could be edited out. Anyways I don’t know the specifics nor the technical difficulties in achieving that, genuinely trying to discuss pros and cons.
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    I disagree and stand by the moderator that did it. Locking threads at the OP's request is standard practice everywhere. It is their thread, they own it. Their reasons are theirs and though we may not agree it is their choice. Honestly, getting pissed off because some of our mindless drivel went away is some pretty baby bullshit too.
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    Follow up CT scan today. All clear. Now switching to 6 month scans.
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    Wow! This is seriously scary shit. When OR folks start getting butt-hurt from other postings, the world has truly gone mad.
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    Had an opportunity to pick up a one owner, garage kept Buell Cyclone M2 with 18K miles. Guy worked as a HD mechanic and bought it new in New York. Added a bunch of factory options like the tach, Buell-branded soft luggage, flat-slide Mikuni. Wasn't really looking but it kind'a fell in my lap, so to speak. Color is "Molten Orange". Pretty much unmolested. 430# dry weight with 91 HP and 85 lbft of torque sounds like fun....
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    Good to see all the faces pop up, Few more folks reply to this thread and we can declare OR is back in full swing. After all this whole fiasco was not in vein
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    YOU swing both ways! 😘 Is the NUoSU thread still open somewhere?
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    When I started the thread for the epic ride, I was hoping to have a big turnout like we used to have for the epic rides. When it became obvious that it was not going to be a big turnout for it, I made other plans. That is why I asked @2talltimto hide it.
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    I just hope you tell him all the hurtful things I said about your penis, in graphic veiny detail
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    I have a single sided swing arm, and none of these problems.
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    roll wheel off, caliper stays in place. roll wheel on, caliper stays in place. it's also important on modern bikes because of wheel speed sensors being in the line of fire and very fragile if a person isn't careful putting the wheel back on.
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    it's always a good thread when @Uncle Punk has to come on to say his bit about how over-moderated this site is. someone types up greatest hits highlights list of memorable OR moments, and @NinjaDoc writes up a nice long heart felt love letter to OR, and somebody has to appeal to our good nature for the sake of the noobs. also, it was 1.86$ or however idiotic way that dildo wrote it back then
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    what if instead of disappearing threads, we just replace all the text with boobies?
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    Just some questions that I thought might have some bearing on the discussion. What face does the OR forum want to present to new members? Without historical context, new members can't read between the lines and assign meaning to the intentions of commenters. Shouldn't the establishment and protection of an inviting, safe and comfortable environment be the objective? Would this further the desire to expand participation and grow membership? I don't know, not saying that the original thread prompted these questions, but these occurred to me as the discussion unfolded here in this thread. Food for thought
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    We don't change what people have written. That would be very unethical. We can lock this thread for you if you wish. However, great guy that I am I will follow your request for my posts.
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    This place is no where near over moderated compared to other sites. There is literally the 3 things us mod do on this site. Clean up the spammers, lock for sale threads(when item is sold) and grant request of OP's that they posted or mod a post that member might wish to be changed with in reason. That's about it. Nothing is gone, nothing gets deleted it's just hidden. And like Jim said with past practice if the OP request something to be hidden we usually do, we always have. It just so happens if the OP was the first post in the thread it hides the entire thread. But it's still there, we can undo it.
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    It was done at the OPs request. It is pretty traditional on message boards that if an OP requests it then it is done. I believe it was because it had in general gone off the rails, not any one person or comment. The above is as I understand it, I was not involved.
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    You good panda, no worries. But Yes i can’t get any sleep thinking about this, someone explain
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    Short bread will be next.... Then French bread... Where will it end? The best qualify should get the job, no more tax credits for minorities. The best essay, athletes, gpa, etc. should win the scholarships. Grants should not rely on race, sex, or if you have kids. Just income.
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    We just did the back of the dragon. We haven’t hit anything but minor showers. BBQ in Marion.
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    2ish years old when that happened to you.
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