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    LOL. You got me pegged, brother. I espouse the base human qualities of greed and fear and prey on feeble old ladies by stealing their SS and pension money. Seriously, I don't day trade--ever. I'm a buy and hold guy that favors quality stocks that pay regular and increasing dividends, plus a relatively boring mix of low-cost broad-base MFs or ETFs. I buy on the dips and sell when I need to generate cash. I was kind'a unceremoniously pushed into early retirement in 2006, just 6 years after building my dream home on 10 acres. Had planned to work for another 8-10 years, but that didn't play out quite like I thought. Looked at my savings and IRA and made the decision to give up the dream of the yacht on the Riviera and drink cheap beer on the back deck, and it's worked through 2 major downturns over 14 years. The market was pretty damn kind to investors from 2009 thru 2019, if they were willing to take on some risk. I paid off my house as quickly as I could, making double principal payments from month 1. Turned a 30 year mortgage into a 13 year mortgage. Now, I earn more money in dividends than I need to live on so I donate to local charities and make sure my kids and grandkids have milk in the fridge. Still live pretty close to the bone, but I have 3 motorcycles and a newish truck, I'm totally debt free, and go where I want when I want, and can't really think of anything more in the way of "things" to acquire or aspire to, other to stay healthy and keep on enjoying life. Dad lived to 93, and I'm hoping to beat that mark!!! I'm lucky in some ways, but I've created most of my luck and worked hard at doing the right things at the right time. May you be as lucky and astute!
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