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    The math isn't that hard.
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    Can't help it if we're in advanced math and those other commie bastards had to dumb it down for themselves 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Suppressed 22 is significantly stealthier
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    Side by side before and after....
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    Is that one of those special 5 quart gallons?
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    I've passed full-dresser cruisers on the Skyway with my bicycle. I do not know what looks they were giving, because I was too afraid to move my head.
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    Riding a grom to the top of the Cherohala would be... painful.
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    It in great shape, nice leather, all the armor is there. Size 42, cut for a slim build. It's been sitting in my closet. Pickup in N Ridgeville.
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    Yes, I agree. Had no idea until I sighted it in at dad's. Much louder than anticipated. Oh well, I let the cool neighbor know what I was up to. Should be ok.
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    Years ago I tried them when they first came out but I felt two restrictive. Now that I haven't aged well and need frequent urination stops I free-ball/commando on my bicycle so I just stop place my member leg down and know one can tell the difference. unless of course I am in city traffic and you are in behind me.
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    And yea I cut a hole in the new ones for my frame sliders. That was literally a 3 hour long decision...and I cried a little when I drilled the hole. But figured it was for the best.
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    They are all 5qt gallon jugs..right @JustinNck1?
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    Either of you use padded bicycle shorts? It makes a huge difference for me. I ride the cbr with the stock 2x4 seat. I can go 500 plus miles with bicycle shorts. Without them 100 miles feels like 1000 miles.
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    I hear ya. I have a Sargent seat but still do my Bead Rider for long days or trips.
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    Uh... ft/lbs are irrelevant. It's a soldered wire and not a rigging chain. It should never see tensile stress.
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    YAAAAAASSSSS, this is the ONLY appropriate way as far as I'm concerned.
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    YYYYMMDD Then you can sort by date in a text field.
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    I made the best of the crap weather I was dealt for my weekend, and rode 502 miles of West Virginia (and Maryland!) mountain roads. Only got about 30 minutes worth of rain the entire day.
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    As I have said many times. Groms are Harleys for young people.
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    I wasn't running into groups that large, mostly under 10 at a time. I mostly had issues with the ones by themselves. They are riding as fast as the bike can go, taking up the whole road and can't imagine someone wanting by. Slow cruiser guys are predictable and it's easy to pass them when they don't notice anyone behind them. The Grom nuts are all over the road and can't believe someone is behind them since they are going as fast as that bike can go.
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    99.5% of grom/z125 owners are no-talent asshats that the only reason they are even on two wheels at all is because of the price point for those little bikes. Especially true for those people that do those grom rallies down there. Theres that video out there of them... heres one...
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    well I am officially out, moved to NC yesterday night. Give it couple more days and Ohio weather Will soon become outstanding. NC is expected to have hurricanes or something starting in few days dont forget guys, in few months towards fall may be, when things look like it’s normalizing let’s do a WV/ VA Marion weekend get together. Hopefully by then I would have memorized all the great loops in that area just like in Ohio
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