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    Resprung the suspension on my e-bike. Serviced the forks and bearings.
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    I didn't realize that explanations were due for such things. But if you need one, I'll oblige. I think the hiding game is a waste of our time and is killing the economy. There is no vaccine and never will be one. Or like the flu vaccine, it will be worthless. You can sign up for the Bill Gates inoculation if you want, I'll pass. He can't keep computer programs straight, I'm not trusting him in any way shape or form with my medical treatments. I tried to explain herd immunity before but everyone jumps on the "feelings" and "selfishness" bandwagon. F that. I'm not destroying my life over a virus that has a 1% mortality rate. Every organization keeps changing their numbers weekly if not daily. They keep changing what they know weekly if not daily if not hourly. There is no plan, there is only from the hip regulations. I am a free man. I shall behave like a free man. Those that are scared of the virus are also free to hide in their homes and keep their old and feeble loved ones with them so I can't infect them. Call me mean, call me selfish, call me whatever...but I call myself free. I'll add an edit here: People die of a lot of things every day. No one cares because the media hasn't told them to care and that's what people are following. Not common sense, the media. I also don't like arguing on the internet. It's a waste of time. Some people just have it in their minds that you have to save humanity at the expense of humanity. You can't debate with someone that has zero logic on that level. No kings, no masters.
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