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    Took it out for almost 300 miles
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    Got my first ride in yesterday. 18 miles and I was beat. Never dreamed a head wind made that much difference. I’m sore today, but I guess that’s that’s part of adjusting to something new. I know I can’t wait to go out and ride again.
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    they brought him out of the coma after 16 days.
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    Yes, but not so eloquently.
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    The Fucking Quarantina DeWine Mixer NEO Meat and Greet Extravaganza.
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    I usually find the member I'm looking for hanging between my legs.
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    I gots you. At first I gave warning points then I realized they had multiple accounts under the same IP address advertising their leathers. That gots them the Ban Hammer.
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    This! I started racing on an SV and loved it, learned a lot about carrying speed and race craft. But at track days every goon on a 600+ will fly by on the straights and park you in the corners. And then riding them in advanced gets dicey with the speed differences imo.
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    CA was a nightmarish hellscape long before this.
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    I’m not going to assert that the response has been overblown, but it has been very much based on fear and speculation. The fact is that there isn’t enough data to support that the measures taken have been absolutely necessary. I’m not horribly inconvenienced or financially impacted, but i’m Guessing the folks who are will be mighty pissed off if we come to learn that closing so many things and laying off so many people was indeed an overreaction. Again, i’m Not pretending to know. The governor, etc. is/are. that bothers me. They’re utilizing fear as a means of control. That bothers me. Millions of people are going to be financially ruined for the better part of the next decade. That bothers me. We’re restricting the freedom of 100% of the country to preserve the lives of 1% and being told it’s for the greater good. That bothers me. i would like additional data to support the projections on which these measures are being based. The most recent article i read says that confirmed testing might be only accounting for as little as 6% of cases, meaning the lethality rate, and even the occurrence of severe symptoms could be far far lower than we’re being scared into believing. again, “might.” I’m not advocating making any sweeping changes without more data
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