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    I walked up to her, first apologized for ignoring her these past four weeks, gave her a pat on the saddle, opened both petcocks, pulled the choke out and she fired right up. Choke back in, and let her warm up to 200deg. Then shut her down. Thursday I am doing a 250km loop with a guy from a local motorcycle group. As part of our loop he'll show us his summer house on the ocean, as he's offering to rent it to us for less than we're paying now. Hopefully it's nice. It'll sure be nice to get out riding again.
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    CA was a nightmarish hellscape long before this.
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    1% of 330 million is 3.3 million, which is 10x worse.
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    My old helmet timed out last September so had to replace it for this years riding season. I will be spending the rest of tonight updating the software for my Navigator VI and the Sena 30K then installing the speakers and microphone in the new helmet. I'm going to miss the old helmet, spent many fun miles looking out of it over the past couple years.
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    MDK2 from the year 2000. One of the end bosses you jump in his mouth and punch his eyeballs from the back.
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    I'm running a force 22 yaw. I feel like I just mounted it and it worked.the top google one?
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    I don't think it will either. And even in those places I haven't heard of civil unrest. This virus sucks. I wanted zombies.
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    I've got 2 turn tables and a microphone. Think that will be ok? Honestly I don't see Ohio becoming a nightmarish hellscape like LA/San Francisco/NYC/Chicago might turn into. But who knows.
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    Remember you can order two carryout drinks per entrée.
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