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    The modern, “aggressive” infusion treatments are pretty impressive for a lot of people. That’s what i’m Hoping to start in the next few weeks. I hate IVs and pass out frequently with blood work, etc. I have 5 IVs in 8 days last week. I chose this treatment plan, in part, because infusions are twice a year. its not cheap, but my girlfriend has already insisted that we not even consider the cost, when quality of life is at stake. Turns out that i chose a pretty good insurance plan. Total out of pocket for me after 10(?) appointments, including an ER visit, CT scan, and MRI is stil well under $300. Obviously the drugs could balloon that to my out of pocket max REAL quick, but even that’s totally acceptable to stay active. I have 5 kids who think i’m Invincible. Planning to maintain that illusion for as long as possible. 💪🏻
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    Got the beast out of storage today, rode a few hours and put on the rear seat cowl I bought back in december. Forgot what an absolute monster this bike is...
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    I’m really optimistic right now. Physical activity is suddenly much harder, but if this is the most i ever recover, i’ll Survive. Confident that i’m Too stubborn to be very limited. Glad to have been diagnosed so quickly. In hindsight, i have likely been having symptoms for almost 2 years, but with only one pretty minor relaps in September 2018, when they thought i had Bell’s palsy.
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    Wow.. your approach to this entire ordeal is incredibly brave and humble. You have all of my respect (if that means anything?). Attitude and perspective make all the difference. You are one seriously hardcore mother fucker, Chris.
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    None. They only had 16k on them. I have pushed belts to 24k miles, before. I just want it done so I can still leave it for sale while I ride it this summer. I was going to have the Duc shop do the service, but this virus has me home for some time. I am not sure I have the same skillset as the dealership, though. I only install one gasket on my drainplug. That must be why they charge $1300 for this service. Extra attention to detail...
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    Sorry to hear. A friend of mine said the swank diet saved him and has helped him manage his MS. He was at the point of needing a wheelchair when he started the diet. He was also in his 50s when it all started and is still working in machining. http://www.swankmsdiet.org/the-diet
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    I am very glad that you have the support of these people. As you say, it's been a big shock--I certainly get that. I know a few people who have MS, and they have found a way to manage it.
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    I don't know any of my passwords.
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    Corona isn't Trump's fault. Ebola wasn't Obama's. SARS wasn't Bush's and only a handful of cases of herpes were Clinton's
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