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    About 30 seconds. I also ran it for about 5 minutes before I drained both plugs. While it was draining, I rocked the bike back and forth to be sure all of the oil drained before reinstalling both drain plugs. I have a hard time believing I all of a sudden have no idea how to change oil on a motorcycle. I have no problem believing you have done it wrong for 70,000 miles.
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    If I get Corona/China/Foreign/Non-PC virus I'm going to be just fine. But I'd feel fucking terrible if I spread it to your kid/parent/grandparents and they weren't fine. About 33,000 confirmed cases in the US...that still 1-hundredth-of-a-percentage-point of the US population. Those numbers will double or triple in the next 2-3 weeks. That's as much a function of more tests being conducted as it is actual spread of the virus. I've talked to more than a few people in health care. Once they see the groups of people that have it and the limited supplies the reality of the situation really seems to sink in. More masks, test, ventilators are being produced...Remdisivir, Chloroquine, or some new drug will make a difference...There will be some relief, eventually. In the mean time we can't overwhelm the Health Care Industry's ability to scale. No one in health care wants to be forced to make decisions on which critical patients can be treated and which have to be turned away due to lack of ventilators.
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    https://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/cheap-thrills-better-skills-the-fun-and-benefits-of-mini-road-racing A good article on OMRL and several quotes by @what I still havn't made it down to a race but will some day.
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    If it is full correctly and you check it after it sits overnight you may think it is a quart low. In these colder temps, run 10 to 15 minutes, let it sit 30 seconds then check it. I think you are .2 to .5 over full. But that is just a guess.
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    NPR is neither sponsored nor run by the government. Just sayin'
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    "Government makes shit up"...which is why i refuse to listen to NPR. More importantly, How legit is it to ride a motorbike on public roads now? If i keep my panniers on, and look like i'm headed to the store, is that good? OTOH, I'm really afraid of being in an accident and being taken to a hospital, which is the last place I want to be right now. (God Bless the folks that work in them).
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    Maple Spicy Chicken Oat-Flax Belgian Waffle
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    Always flicking off the photographer... Camera takes good photos though.
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    I made a pancake sammich.
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    16k miles. New Angel ST tires. Ducati Performance tank bag. Ducati Performance panniers. CRG mirror (I have the OEM mirrors). BangFab aluminum rear rack.
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