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    As I crossed into Brazil from Argentina yesterday their computer systems on the Brazil side crashed (I had already stamped out of Argentine and cancelled and turned in my Argentina TIP [temporary import permit allowing my bike to be in their country. Standard border crossing bullshit]). Myself and the German guy I’m riding with ended u sitting for four hours in the office of the head Federal Policia at the Brazil border chatting with the guy, who had nothing to do. He told me he had an email that the entire Argentina border was shutting down in 48 hours. It was just made official that it’s closed after midnight. Peru the same. Ecuador following. So I’m stuck in Brazil for the time being. multiple Central American countries are closed too so even if I was further north the path home isn’t clear. Supermercados here are open and very busy. Local tiendas are normal. But stocks are getting low on any veggies or fruit brought in. Might try to find a nice Airbnb apartment in Rio and chill a few weeks and see how things change. Am already being way more careful as far as what I touch etc and washing.
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    I appreciate the updates, @NinjaDoc, I like knowing your thoughts on this as it unfolds. It has an influence on my decision-making.
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    It’s snowing... WTF man!
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