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    I went to many places in Buenos Aires yesterday looking for oil for a much needed oil change. The last three I used Motul 300v in 20w-50 the ONLY shop that had Motul only had the 5w-50 in the 300V (it’s getting much warmer as I continue north and 5w-50’s starting viscosity is too thin). And they wanted the equivalent of $52 US for two freaking liters! I knew BA was known for high costs but that’s crazy. So Sunny got Motul mineral oil in my desired weight. Also chain cleaned and lubed well, brake pads inspected, one side’s petcock got a new base gasket (was seeping) and a few other things were cleaned and lubed. Ready to go again.
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    I decided to join the forum, and thank you for allowing me. I'm a retired 70 year old, having lived my entire life outside of Malta. Well, except for that period when the army said "I want you!" Like I had a choice, in 1968. My first bike was a 1966 Honda Dream 300. I purchased that in 1972. I am currently riding a 2000 Honda Magna, and occasionally tow a mono-wheel trailer full of camping gear.
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    Could always sell a nut on the Black market
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    I just got a phone call from an old Hayabusa buddy. He is going to the Hayas in the Hills rally 5/10- 5/17. He is staying at the Phillips motel in Robbinsville. I am going to start planning to go down there for this. Anybody interested?
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    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
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    Raise your hand if you’ve never blown a curve and ended up off roading 🙋🏼‍♂️
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