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    This hits at the core of our current political crisis. Kasich wasn't 'right enough' to get the nomination last time, so now we got Trump. Our nomination process does not reflect the needs of the country, it reflects the needs of the extremists in each party. At this point we may end up having to choose between Trump and Bernie. That is no choice.
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    I can hustle that bike just fine. I just do it with a little self-preservation instinct. Your skull, unlike your scrotum, is chock full o' nuts.
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    Right. I need a tumor. Real nice, Jim. Way to take shit too far.
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    I road that bike like I did for 75 thousand miles so and did just fine. I will text you the number of the doc that removed my ball, he will give it to you. You need it.
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    Congrats on your purchase! Keep in mind I sell Goldwing parts too.
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    While I still think this was a dumb fight to pick, it's awesome to see the system work for the little people 😂. Congrats to everyone who put in the effort on this. Special shout out for having to deal with Tonic so much through the process.
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