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    Just passed 41,000 miles on the trip. Overall she’s purring. A few issues that need addressed that I’ll take care of in Ushuaia before turning back north and into Brazil. Namely the starter needs to be removed and cleaned and maybe brushes replaced. I’ll need another rear tire in a few thousand K’s. I’ve been told tires I want are in Punta Arena which works out well. The chain I installed in Lima Peru only 6500 miles ago is already going away and may get changed in Ushuaia (JT X ring ) LED turn signal relay is fried and is unobtainium. Just have to flick the lever back and forth. That’s hardly an issue and has been that way since Ecuador many months ago. Recently had the front rotor warp so badly it cut a groove in the caliper body (pad was so badly worn it cocked sideways a bit and jammed against the rotor and wouldn’t retract). I was stuck in Mendoza over a week and lucked into a used EBC in Santiago as well as a female solo rider who mule fit across the border into Argentina for me. That’s fine now. Fresh fluid and pads. hmmmm. Aside from a set of front wheel bearings that fried in Argentina (was carrying SKF spares) and countless tires lol, that’s about it. She needs a valve check too, but she’s running real well, and that can wait for the starter rebuild, as it also requires TDC and fairing/seat/tank removal (as well as lower crash cage and header pipe and CCT removal)
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    Damn. First time I wish I was there in a long time. That pork shank!!!! Enjoy. Maybe next time.
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    Sent this to my father in law.. He's in Ohio and wants an FJR.. Not sure if he's ready to buy one right now or not though. You forgot to post the mileage, btw.
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    This would be me on a grom but I still smile when I see them at IP. The Monkey reminds me of the beater Trail 70s that a friend had when I was a kid.
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    A grom would be totally fine on a 1400 mile 8 day trip.
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    I don't like the powered running boards... They get in the way. My truck has a huge double moon roof but I'll probably never use it... My luck it'd get stuck open or start to leak lol. Never been a sun roof person, if I could snap my fingers and have a solid roof I would do it. However, the glass roof helped sell it to my wife... So 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣
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