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    If you put the damn lid down when you were finished this would not have happened.
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    at least you don't have to go buy a replacement cup now.
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    Not a lot of conversation happening in this topic in the winter so I figured I would post my project. Picked up a ‘14 675R and am turning it into my track bike. Finding parts in stock for this thing is much harder than I thought it would be. Going to have to stock some spares. Kindof a shame to turn an immaculate bike bike into a track bike but also a shame if don’t use it for what is was designed to do.
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    She knew and she flushed it, anyway. Do not listen to her lies.
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    No they just spend a few hundy and their day off changing a toilet.
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    Take all the additional force (and tip inserting) you can get. "The flanks of the Phillips cross-head screws taper off towards the tip. The conical form facilitates inserting the tip of the screwdriver. In addition, an axial force is generated during tightening"
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    Yeah... what part of "hokey religions and ancient weapons" didn't Han Solo make clear in Episode IV?
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    Paint looks a little flat. Might need someone to compound and buff it before your first trip to the coffee shop. Lol.
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