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    Happy birthday dude. Here is your gift
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    Happy birthday, Jim. May all your future moons be shined.
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    Huge fan, when it is done right. I will hit them up!
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    Well then do yourself a favor and rent a car/jeep (or even scooters if you're brave) and circle the perimeter of the island. That's really kewl. There's a beach/park/lighthouse at the southern tip to check out, ( for a few $ entry). Then make sure you stop at the Coconuts bar/restaurant on the far side. A few good snorkeling spots too on the western side ...see El Cielo.
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    This is just about enough for an appetizer for Jim "King of Kalorie Konsumption" Kennedy. May I suggest 3 pounds of fries with gravy?
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    Last weekend my friend installed Spiegler handlebars on my 2018 Kaw Ninja H2 SX SE. The clip ons were torturous after 45 minutes of riding, the new bars are very comfortable. It was a (13) hours job, had to locate and drill holes in the bars for the controls along with rerouting wiring and brake/clutch lines. The direction were extremely vague and missing steps, like most aftermarket accessories. Really like the new bars!
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    This comment was good on 2 different levels.
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    It's going to be a long winter. We just booked a trip to Mexico in Feb to escape for a bit.
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    A ninja 400 doesn't really require any electronic rider aids (not really counting ABS here... I think looking at any sort of testing you'll find ABS outperforms non-ABS systems in stopping distance unless some sort of god is piloting the bike. Again, this is your choice/preference but not necessarily based on safety). You're not going to be spinning up the rear on corner exits or struggling to keep the front end down trying to manage drive on a 400 And yes, a ninja 400 is totally an ego bike. You bought that sucker thinking "I'm gonna go blow up those slow 1000 rider's day on this 40 horsepower mean green machine". I have the same aspirations on the grom down at deal's gap 😂
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